Christianity inThiruvetriur is traced back to 1901. Frs.Maria Selvam sdb, Vengola, John Kottaram, Mathew and Joseph Katoor proclaimed the Gospel and administered the sacraments in this territory. Christianity reached R.S.Nagar in 1980 with 12 families and later it became a substation of Thiruvetriur in 1990. Fr. Philip Manathara, the founding father of this area brought together the scattered flock and began to organize them.

Considering the pastoral and social need of 300 local catholic families, R.S.Nagar was bifurcated from Thiruvetriurand was entrusted to the MSFSon 20 June 2004. Fr.S. Edward Xavier was appointed as the first parish priest.There are 3 substations scattered in 7 Nagars in the radius of 3 to 5 Km. When R.S.Nagar was erected as a new parish, there was only a small chapel along with a hall which was used for running an ITI. Fr. M. Victor took the initiative and laid the foundation stone for a new church on 24 January 2009. A beautiful and spacious church was blessed and opened on 24 October 2010. He also built a Eucharistic chapel which was blessed on 08 January 2012. The ITI hall was renovated and remodeled as marriage reception hall and a portion of the hall was converted as the residence for the Parish Priest with three living rooms.

As Fr. Victor had to leave for the West Indies, Fr.A. Christuraj was appointed as the care taker of the parishfor 3 months from February to April 2012. Fr.S. Soosai Raj took charge as the parish priest on 10 June 2012.

Vision and Mission Statement

We, the Fransalians at R.S. Nagar strive to radiate the good news of love of Jesus Christ to the people of this area. We bear witness to the people by living an authentic life of self-sacrifice and commitment. We try to build up fraternal communion with the people irrespective of differences among them. We inspire them to live some of Christian values through our preaching and our way of life.

Parish Priests:

 Name  Year
 Fr. S. Edward Xavier  2004-2007
 Fr. M. Victor  2007-2012
 Fr. S. Soosai Raj  2012 -2013
Fr.  I. S. Jesuraj 2013