SFS Minor Seminary, situated 50 km away from Thiruchirapally (Trichy) is the first institution of MSFS in Tamil Nadu. It was originally started in Kalifnagar where the present SFS School stands. It was named ANBU ILLAM. It was started in July 1982 with 6 brothers and 2 priests. Fr.Joseph Puthiyaparampil was the first Rector and Fr. Peter Chakkulickal was the vocation promoter. Bro.Xavier Michael was the Regent. It was started to promote vocations from Tamil Nadu. Till then the Candidates from Tamilnadu were asked to go to Kerala to do Minor Seminary. Due to lack of water facilities, the seminary was shifted to Thirukogarnamafter a year. Today it has the entire infrastructure to impart the initial religious formation to 60 brothers and it has become the Alma Mater of 900 young men up to this day. It has also fostered an English Medium School (SFS School, Pudukkottai) and a Parish (SFS Church, Thirukogarnam).

Details of the students

In the beginning,the Tamil speaking candidates belonging to different provinces were trained here. At present, we have candidates only for our province. After a year of initiation, these students were sent to various schools in the town such as TELC, Model School in the town, and to St. Antony´s School in Venkidakulam. From 1992 onwards regular academic subjects are taught in the Seminary itself and the brothers appear as private students for their HSc. Public Examination. Meanwhile it was decided to recruit only the students who have passed HSc. This policy was in place for three years (2006-2009). After this period of experiment, the seminary adopts the previous method of recruiting both the SSLC and HSc candidates and teaching the academic subjects in the seminary itself.Vocation camp is conducted every year during the summer holidays.

Later Developments

In 1999, the staff felt the need of protecting the land from the encroachers and safeguarding our property from thieves and so built the compound wall around the Seminary land. Fr. S. Joseph Henry, the Rector, Fr. S. Arockia Samy,the Procurator Fr. George Kootinal, the Dean of Studies and Fr. A. John Peter, the Vocation Promoter took strenuous efforts to complete this huge project in spite of the opposition from the locals, especially from the Hindu fundamentalists. On this account, the staff had to undergo several trials including legal cases. More or less in the same period, a well-planned shed was built for the cattle. In 2004, some parts of the seminary building were furnished with tiles and granites and later it was continued in 2008. In 2010, a cemetery for the members of the Province was made in the campus of the seminary. In 2011, a major renovation of the entire building of the Seminary was undertaken which includes also the new roofing.

Various Apostolates

Other than the regular curriculum, the Seminary is also engaged in some other social and religious ministries. From the very beginning the staff renders pastoral ministry in the surrounding villages. Some villages were taken care of by our priests even on long term basis. Thirukogarnam, which was eventually entrusted to the MSFS, Chettiyapatty, Arasaradipatti, Rajagopalapuram, Machuwadi and Arimalam are a few to name, besides many other places where we help occasionally. From the very beginning onward there exists dairy, which sells milk to the neighbors. This creates a platform to build up a good relationship with the neighborhood. With the same aim, we also offered tuition for the children in the neighborhood in 1992. It was organized by Fr. S. Joseph Henry. Later on it was given up.

Silver Jubilee

SFS Seminary in Pudukkottai celebrated its Silver Jubilee on 16 April 2007 with boom and gaiety. The joy was shared by her sons, who were trained by her for the last 25 years. The stalwarts were honoured. Most Rev. Dr. Devadoss Ambrose, the Bishop of Thanjavur and Rev. Fr. Thomas Perumalil, the Provincial of Vizag Province were the chief guests. The celebration was marked by a memorial arch. The house was further renovated and had an elegant look. To make this event memorable, the seminary also organized the priestly ordination of 5 deacons. The entire programme was well planned and executed by Fr. George Kootinal the Rector, Fr. G. Visuvasam the Procurator, the staff and the Jubilee committee.

Academic Programme

The students who join after SSLC are coached up to appear for higher secondary after one year of Initiation. During this time, they are taught English: speaking, reading and writing; Bible, Catechism, Life of SFS and Mermier, History of MSFS, Music, Good manners, etc. And those who join after HSc undergo two years of Initiation. But from 2012 onwards they are sent to Bangalore for the second phase of minor seminary.


Fr. Joseph Puthiyaparampil (1982-1988), Fr. George Pullat (1988-1992), Fr. Raphael Karekat (1992-1995), Fr. Mani Malana (1995-1998),Fr. S. Joseph Henry (1998-2001), Fr. George Kootinal (2001-2008)Fr. S. Amirtha Nathan (2008-2011)and Fr. A. Lawrence (2011-2014), Fr. George Kootinal (2014-Priests in other responsibilities:Fr. Peter Chakkulickal, Fr. Kurian Poochavallel, Fr. Joseph Britto Francis, Fr. M. Victor, Fr. M. Sahaya Raj, Fr. S. Arockia Samy, Fr. A. John Peter (sr), Fr. A. Justin Diraviam, Fr. P. Maria Pushpam, Fr. A. John Bosco, Fr. S. Alphonse, Fr. A. Patrick, Fr. S. Arul Selvamani, Fr. S. Christu Raj, Fr. M. Rayappan, Fr. M. Darline Joseph, Fr. S. Alexander, Fr. G. Visuvasam, Fr. M. John de Britto, Fr. AJR. Benedict, Fr. M. Rajkumar, Fr. D. Arockia Raj, Fr. P. Paul Samy, Fr. B. Francis Xavier, Fr. A. Maria Selvan, Fr. S. David Vincent, Fr.Arul Sundaram, Fr.Sheen Prisal singh, Fr.Prem Kumar.

Vision and Mission Statement

SFS Minor seminary is purely a formation house. We impart different kinds of formation. They are of spiritual, mental, academic and of human values.

Spiritual Formation

  • We wish to make this house a center for grooming disciples of Jesus.
  • Spiritual formation and formation of the mind is the priority.
  • To animate and guide the candidates with the help of the spiritually oriented, experienced and enthusiastic spiritual leaders through monthly recollections, spiritual conferences and retreats.
  • Spiritual renewal and refreshing courses for the formators.

Religious Formation

  • To form the formees to be responsible and committed.
  • To impart the spirit of belongingness in a family atmosphere where distance between the formators and formees are less that one can be what he is and at his best.
  • To foster the sense of working together.
  • To have meetings with students for their well-being.

Academic Formation

  • To make our aspirants academically competent and create in them intellectual-culture and thirst for knowledge.
  • To equip the staff competent to handle the required secular subjects.
  • To integrate Salesian studies into the curriculum.
  • To equip in-house library with relevant reading books and facilities and to have regular elocution, debate, seminar and exposure to the media.

Formation of Human Values

  • To teach them the human and religious etiquette of life.
Thirukogarnam P.O.
Tamil Nadu, S. India
PP. Kootinal George, Superior & Rector
Clement Prem Kumar S,Dean
Arul Sundaram L, Procurator