The people of Kadayal have a long standing tradition, rich heritage and conservative practices that still keep many of the vanishing Christian traditionsalive. For years, they were the poorest and the land was considered ‘God Forsaken’. The discovery of rubber trees and the value attached with it changed the economic situation of the people. But they were strangled by superstitions, illiteracy and the exploitation by the so called privileged group.

Perceiving the grave situation of the people, Kulesekaram mission started their evangelization in the deeply rooted Hindutuva land of Kadayal. By the strenuous effort and prayer of OCD Missionaries, especially Fr. Thanislas and Sr. Emin ICMa number of the people were baptized and in 1925 a small church was constructed in Ettuveetukalavilai which had 152 Christian families. Due to the piety, love, prayer and the painstaking missionary effort of Fr. Carmel,the number of Christian families grew around 560.

In 1965, Kadayal was bifurcated and attained the status of a parish. From then on diocesan priests of Kottar laboured there till 1993.The work of three fathers are still spoken of, namely Fr. Mathias who started the Sacred Heart primary school, Fr. Francis Vincent who upgraded it into middle school and invited the Presentation Sisters of Coimbator to help him in the evangelization and the school and Fr. Anthony Muthu who laboured hard for the faith formation by starting various pious associations and the parish council.

In 1993, the entire Kadayal mission with 5 substations was entrusted to the care of MSFS congregation. Fr. S. Joseph Henry was pioneer MSFS missionary in Kadayal. He stabilized the mission work and the faith of the people. He built the presbytery in 1994, which was blessed by Bishop Leon A.Dharmaraj. In 1997, the foundation-stone was laid for the marriage hall and Fr. D. Robert completed the construction.

Fr. S. Alexander renovated the Grotto of St. George. His innovative ideas to insert the faith made many even from faraway places to flock to the Grotto. Fr. A. Michael and Fr. S. Alexander worked in their own ways and successfully cleared the loan taken by the parish on account of the Marriage Hall. His successor Fr. A. Maria John Bosco was hailed as People’s Priest as he was down to the earth and became one with the people. He constructed a beautiful Grotto dedicated to Christ the King in 2006. During his tenure in 2005, Manchakonam was bifurcated from the parish of Kadayal and became an independent parish.

As the Christian families numbered more than 950, he together with people decided to build a new church. By his effort with the co-operation of the people he collected 15 lakhs within a short span. But unfortunately he met with an accident on 28 January 2008 and succumbed to the injuries on 21 December 2008. From then on Fr.P. Paul Samy functioned as the parish priest. He took initiative to construct a new church and the foundation-stone for the same was laid by Rev. Fr. A. Lawrence, the Provincial on 30 May 2008. He built also a small church dedicated to St. Francis De Sales in Chanalkarai in 2009.

On 15 May 2009 three of our substations were formed as a new parish. Alencholai was made as the main station, with Chanalkarai and Chittar as its substations. Now Kadayal has only two substations, namely Pongingalai and Kilathur.

Vision and Mission Statement:

We maintain the rhythm with few alterations. We work hard to bring back the strayed flock. Through our house visit and visiting the sick regularly we try to foster the faith and confidence of the people. Fostering the faith in the Blessed Sacrament and in Mother Mary is the need of the hour. There are eight pious associations assisting the fathers. Through them we are able to reach many people in need, even outside our parish.We plan for the regular conventions and retreats for the people as many go to the conventions conducted by other denominations. We make visit to the orphanages and other people in need regularly

Parish Priests:

 Name  Year
Fr. S. Joseph Henry 1993–1996
Fr. D. Robert 1996-2001
Fr. A. Michael 2001-2002
Fr. S. Alexander 2002-2005
Fr. A. Maria John Bosco 2005-Jan 2008
Fr. P. Paul Samy 2008-2012
Fr. S. Sagaya Wilson 2012

Priests in other responsibilities:

Fr. A. Lawrence, Fr. A. Santhiagu, Fr. S. Joseph Xavier, Fr. D. Robert, Fr. J. Stephen, Fr. A. Michael, Fr. F. Arockia Samy, Fr. S. Wilson Fernando, Fr. S. Christuraj, Fr. K. Joseph Xavier, Fr. G. Jagannathan, Fr. D. Amirtharajan, Fr. C. Rajasekar, Fr. F. Justin, Fr. S. Arockia Charles, Fr. S. Jose Devasahayam

Sacred Heart Church
Kanyakumari Dt ­ 621 101
Tamil Nadu, S. India
Tel: 04651 – 281007
PP. Soosai Raj S, Superior & Parish Priest
Maria John Franklin A, Asst. P.P.