S.F.S.HSc School, Janathapuram had a humble beginning on 5 July 1995. It was Fr. A. Dharmaraj, the then parish priest of Mary Help of Christians´ church, who took the initiative to buy 5 acres of land in Janathapuram, Vaniyambadi. In the beginning, our Fathers managed the Kindergarten in the church premises itself. Seeing the hard work of the management and staff, and the need of the place, the Province of Visakhapatnam granted permission on 6 July 1997 to construct the new school building. Initially the fathers were residing in Vaniyambadipresbytery. Later on they decided to build a residence in the school campus and it was built in 2005 by Fr.K.Ignaci Muthu. The dedicated service of our school management encouraged many to join our school from far and wide. Today, because of the well qualified, dedicated management and staff, the strength has increased to almost 2000.

This increase of strength compelled the management to build a new wing. On 15 August 2010, the newly built Mermier block was inaugurated and blessed. Fr. F. Emmanuel was the principal then. Now we have 56 class rooms with a laboratory and a library. Our sprawling playground attracts all those who step in our school premises. The management had plunged into the new venture of starting smart class to all our children from December 2011. The parents and students are very appreciative of this new venture.

Vision Statement

SFS School, Janathapuram, has a non-Christian ambience surrounding it. Christian presence is neither felt nor acknowledged. Having been placed in the midst of such a social set-up, our VISION is to make the Christian presence real and tangible through our imparting of an integrated, qualitative, service oriented and Fransalian education, whereby, we become catalyst of change of social awareness and consciousness.

Mission Statement

To transform this vision into a living reality, our mission is first of all, to make ourselves beacons of Christ’s light by our conduct and being, and then going further, to embark upon the task of rendering selfless and dedicated service in the school environment, guiding the teachers in their work and making the children participate in this transformation process. To facilitate this being and becoming, we familiarize both of them with Christian values, the teachings of St. Francis de Sales, our patron and Fr. Peter Mary Mermier our founder.


Name Year
Fr. R. Mathias 1995 – 1996
Fr. S. Joseph Xavier 1996-1997
Fr. J.B. John Thadews 1997 – 2001
Fr. A. Arokia Samy 2001
Fr. K. Ignaci Muthu 2001– 2005
Fr. C. Sebastian Raj 2005-2008
Fr. F. Emmanuel 2008 – 2011
Fr.S. Arockia JohnBritto 2011


Name Year
Fr. A. Dharma Raj 1995 – 1996
Fr. S. Joseph Henry 1996 – 1997
Fr. A. Arockiam 1998 – 1999
Fr. A. Arokia Samy 1999 – 2001
Fr. D. Robert 2001 – 2002
Fr. K. Ignaci Muthu 2002 – 2004
Fr. F. Emmanuel 2004 – 2005
Fr. M. John de Britto 2005 – 2006
Fr. X. Vincent 2008 – 2010
Fr.George Kootinal 2012



Name Year
Fr. M. John de Britto 2005 – 2006
Fr. A. Jeya Seelan 2006-2008
Fr. G. Jagannathan 2008–2009
Fr. V. Vedharaj 2009 – 2011
Fr.A.Innaci Muthu 2011