Infant Jesus Parish, Semmedu is located on a range of hills which form a part of the Eastern Ghats. The original people on this hill are the local tribals called “Malayala Gounders” who according to the legends were ruled by Valvil Ori. The presence of the Catholics here began with the arrival of Mr. Savari Muthu and his family in 1972. In 1999,the SMMI Sisters formed a communityhere and lived in a rented house in Cholakkad.

Fr. S. Antony (sr) msfswas sent to this mission on 12 June 2001. The Province bought 4.18 acres of land on 9 October in the same year. Later a few more cents of land was bought. Our presbytery here was inaugurated in July 2002 with the purpose of enhancing socio-economic development of the locality. A Hostel was constructed for the tribal children. On 07 December 2007, it was blessed by Most Rev. Dr. Singaroyan, the bishop of Salem and was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. A. Lawrence, the Regional Superior. There used to be about 25 inmates every year. Semmedu was erected as a parish on 10 October 2004 by the Bishop of Salem and Fr. Antony assumed the office as the first parish priest. Then a land was purchased by the diocese in view of building a church. A revetment wall was built in this land in order to avoid mud-slide. He bought a few cents of land in Semmedu town with the help of the Province, and started a tuition center. Fr. S. Antony in collaboration with the diocese and SMMI Sistersbuilt 9 houses adjacent to the church land for the catholic families. Social works of Fr. S. Antony received good appreciation from the local people.

The construction of the Parish Church was initiated by Fr. S. Antony in 2008 and was completed by Fr. A. Patrick. The churchwas consecrated by Most Rev. Dr. Singaroyan, the bishop of Salemand was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Dharmaraj, the Provincial on 07 February 2011. This parish does not have any substation. However there is a private chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health in Ariyur (Cholakad) owned by Mr. Norman Bendinck, Pondicherry. Mass is celebrated once a month in that chapel.

In November 2011, the Province bought 6 acres of land at Othakadai 35 km away from Semmedu.

Vision and Mission Statement

We, the Fransalians at Kolli Hills resolve to bring the Good News of Christ to the neglected people of this area using Fransalian methods, namely enlightenment through teaching, social work and education. We desire to build up a Christian community that is humane, fraternal, all-inclusive, and a catalyst of the Christian values, while we appreciate the local culture and the people. Along with the local Christian community, we desire to educate the local people through tuition and career guidance.

Parish Priests:

 Name  Year
Fr. S. Antony (sr) 2001-2009
Fr. D. Robert 2009-2010
Fr. A. Patrick 2010-2011
Fr. F. Immanuel 2011
R. C. Church, Kareyankadu
Shemmedu P.O., KOLLI HILLS
Nammakkal Dt – 637 411
Tamil Nadu, S. India
Tel: 04286 – 247497
P. Edward A, Superior & Parish Priest
S. Arokia Chinnappa Raj P, Regent