Even before Sendurai was raised to the status of a parish, there was a move and pressure from the people to begin a School. With this background, Fr.P. Stephen began to admit Pre-KG and LKG Students which numbered around 20. Initially the school was run in the church campus itself. The School witnessed slow and steady growth during the time of Fr.S. Soosai Raj, even though it was without the approval of the Region. A Study committee was formed to find out the possibilities to continue. The report of the committee presented the pros and cons but finally with perseverance of Fr.S. Soosai Raj, Region decided to approve the school.

After the approval by the Region, Fr.S. Soosai Raj bought the present land of 5.43 acres. Fr. A. Antony Christopher was appointed as the principal of the school in 2010. The ground floor was inaugurated by the bishop of Dindigul in the presence of Rev. Fr.A. Lawrence, the Provincial in September 2010.

The school has begun to grow in strength and structure every year.The first floor was inaugurated by Rev.Fr. A. Dharmaraj, theProvincial on 17 August 2011. Presently the second floor is also being constructed as the need increases heavily.

 Name  Year
 Fr. Antony christopher  2010-2013
 Fr.Innaci Muthu  2013-2014
 Fr.C.Sebastian  2014-2015
 Fr.Doss  2015