• To be men of deep faith sustained by the daily experience of communion with God and realisation of God‘s presence in our life, in the community and in the events of history.
  • To live the Salesian Charism of
    • Intense love of God and Neighbour
    • Joyful Holiness and Confident Optimism
    • Profound Humility, Simplicity and Firm Gentleness
    • Cheerful Availability and Hospitality
    • Genuine Humanness and Positive Regard for the Other.


  • To fulfil radically the mandate to proclaim Christ crucified to all humans especially to the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized
  • To participate in the mission of the Church through the
  • Apostolate for the Renewal of Christian Life
  • Apostolate Overseas and Pioneering Evangelization
  • Apostolate of Education and Formation especially of the Young
  • Creative Apostolates according to the Needs of the Church in the Changing situations of the World.


Living the Spirit and Spirituality of St. Francis de Sales in our Mission is our Charism. It unfolds by the Study of St. Francis de Sales, Imitation of his virtues and forming our method of guiding people on his: full of gentleness to sinners.