My Dear Confreres,

Fraternal greetings to each one of you in the name of the Lord!


The month of August is very special for us both as Christians and Indian citizens. August 15th is a very special occasion, because we have twin celebration of Assumption of Mary and Independence day of our country. Both give us one message, the message of liberation. The cumulative understanding of both celebrations gives the message of total liberation – spiritual liberation (assumption of Mary) signifying hope, joy and glory and political liberation (Independence) signifying freedom, equality, progress and growth.

Mary, mother of our Lord Jesus was honoured to be the first human person to enter into promised heavenly glory. This honour was given to her for her total surrender to God’s will and her service to humanity. She gives the message that all those who surrender to God’s will and serve the humanity will enter the same glory.

Independence day gives the message that liberation is a result of long struggles, persecution and sacrifice. In order to strengthen this liberation and the country with its diversity, we need to root out all the evil of the society. We as Christians and citizens of India, have a responsibility of accompanying the people to the path of total liberation by our life in accordance the values of Jesus Christ, our saviour and in accordance with the values of the Constitution of India.

Let us be proud to celebrate the Assumption of Mary our Mother and Independence Day of India!

Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu Msfs

Provincial Superior