My Dear Confreres,
Greetings of peace and joy to all of you my dear confreres!

As we have begun the yearlong celebration of the 450th Birth Anniversary of our beloved Patron St. Francis De Sales, a special greeting to all of you! In this month of September, we are also going to celebrate our Patroness’s day on 15th and Founder’s day on 30th

Any celebration is an occasion for retrospection of our religious life. Let the celebration be not a mere formality or some unconnected events. During the yearlong celebration, let us mark it with both interior renewal and exterior manifestations of that interior renewal. I exhort all of us to make every effort to reach out to the people we serve, with our exemplary life and people centered ministry.

Let our Patron, Patroness and Founder continue to pray and intercede for us!


HARONY: A Pastoral – Theological Institute – Belgaum of our Pune province hosted a maiden two day seminar for the MSFS NEW PRIESTS of all the Indian provinces on 1 st and 2nd of August 2017, on the theme, “ST. FRANCIS DE SALES’ THEOLOGY AND SPIRITUALITY – a GUIDE FOR PASTORAL LEADERSHIP,” specially marking the 450th year of the birth of our Hallowed Patron St. Francis De Sales. The seminar began with half an hour of prayer session. The inaugural note was addressed by Fr. Vincent Lourdusamy, the provincial of Pune Province. It was followed by the reading out of the messages of Superior
General and the Assistant General, after which Fr. Mario D’souza, the director of Harmony addressed the gathering.

The resource person for this seminar, Fr. Jacob Parappally MSFS, an experienced guide, formator and a theologian with his proficiency, vast knowledge and experience inspired the newly ordained priests with insightful talks and workshops. The thrust of his message was to search and know that our core identity is essentially TRINITARIAN – i.e., the Father Dimension
always indicating our “ability to go beyond”, the Son Dimension our transparency/ openness to God, human and nature and the Spirit Dimension our capacity for immanence (to go within and discover oneself).

On the first day, the Holy Eucharistic celebration was officiated by Fr. Jayaseelan, the provincial Elect of Pune Province. On the second day Most. Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, the Bishop of Belgaum celebrated the Eucharistic celebration. The presence of Msfs veteran Fr. Armind Nazereth enhanced the spiritual ambience. And the seminar came to an end by the eve of 2 nd August. The whole seminar was meticulously planned and arranged by the Harmony institute. Congrats and thanks to Fr. Mario and his team.

Fr. D. Jaya Kumar

ON-GOING FORMATION SEMINAR FOR PRIESTS, 2017(to go within and discover oneself)

The On-Going Formation Seminar Program for the priest of three batches from 2014 to 2016 of our province was organized by Rev. Dr. A. Santhiyagu, Msfs, the Councilor in-charge of formation on 15th and 16th of July in the MSFS Provincial house, Nagamangalam. The program started on the eve of 15th July with Rosary and welcome by Fr. Santhiyagu.

On the following day three input sessions were conducted. The resource person for the first session was Rev. S. Soosai Raj, a renowned priest of our province. He presented his reflections on the theme: “Role of the Pastor”, and he explained the core identity and the role identity. He encouraged everyone to be sincere and authentic. He inspired everyone by his words and way of life.

The second session was animated by Msgr. Gnanaprakasam, VG, diocese of Thanjavur, on the theme: “Spiritual Renewal And Personality Development.” It was indeed a great learning and sharing experience. The third session was animated by Fr. Santhiyagu on common sharing. With various practical examples he motivated the participants to focus on the core values of priesthood and on celebrating the sacraments meaningfully. The program came to an end at 5.30pm with the words of gratitude from the participants. We had a great time together and it was a motivating experience which would be very much helpful to us to face the ministerial challenges with positive approach

Fr. C. Martin Kumar, Msfs


Dn. M. John Fernandez, Msfs hails from keezhvailamoor, Villupuram (DT), Tamil Nadu. His parents are Mr. Z. Martin and Mrs. Mariammal. He has two elder sisters one younger brother and one younger sister. He had his primary school at R.C. Little flower school and R. C. Primary School and high schooling at Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School at Anilady. He began his Minor Seminary Formation at S.F.S. Minor Seminary, Pudukkottai in 2005 and had his Novitiate at Salesianum, Visakhapatnam. He made his First Profession on 10th June, 2009. He pursued his Philosophical and B.A. studies at Suvidya College, Bangalore.

He did his Regency at SFS School, Bazar, Arunachal Pradesh and theology at Oriens Theological College, Shillong. He was ordained a deacon by his Grace, Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Mores, the Archbishop of Bangalore at Tejas Vidya Peetha, on 18th February, 2017. He will be ordained a priest by his Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. A. M. Chinnappa, DD., SDB Archbishop (Emeritus) Madras – Mylapore at Sagaya Matha Alayam (Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church), keezhvailamoor (Anilady Parish) on 27th September, 2017.




  1. Education Forum Meeting – 9th Sept 2017
  2. Formation Forum Meeting – 11 th Sept 2017
  3. Mission Forum Meeting – 13 th and 14th Sept 2017
  4. Social and Innovative Ministry Forum Meeting – 15th Sept 2017


  1. Sept 26th to 27th: Regional Forum (India) Mission Forum with General Secretary in Bangalore
  2. Sept 28th to 29th: Regional Forum (India) Education Forum with General Secretary in Trichy
  3. Oct 4th to 5th: Regional (India) Stewardship Forum with General Bursar
  4. Nov 20th to 21st: Regional (India) Social Apostolate in Vizag
  5. Nov 22nd to 23rd: Regional (India) formation Apostolate in Nagpur


  • Oct 7th to 12th – Poondi Madha Basilica, Thanjavur (DT)


  • Oct 14th to 16th – Msfs Provincialate, Kunnathur, Pudukkottai


There must be community meeting every month. And a copy of the minutes of the Community meeting has to be sent to the provincial on or before 5th of the following month.


Fr. H. Ebin Christopher Staff in Suvidya College, Bangaluru Superior of Provincialate community,
And Correspondent & Procurator of SFS CBSC School, Nagamangalam
Fr. A. Santhiyagu


Fr. C. John Britto – 78678 39240


Fr. H. Ebin Christopher, who has been doing his Studies in Rome for the last few years, comes back to the Province on 12th September, We extend him a hearty welcome


5/9/2017 Fr. F. Xavier Daniel Raj
Fr. S. Abin
6/9/2017 Fr. P. Maria Pushpam
8/9/2017 Fr. A. Arockiam
17/9/2017 Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan
18/9/2017 Fr. D. Arockia Raj
Fr. A. Jerome
20/9/2017 Fr. K. Ignaci Muthu
28/9/2017 Fr. A. Patrick
Fr. S. Arockiam

We Congratulate and Pray For Them

1/9/2017 Fr. Mathew Naduvilekoot
Fr. Kevin O’Neill
4/9/2017 Fr. Lucien Favrat
6/9/2017 Bro. Justin Amoudry
7/9/2017 Fr. Abraham Puthenkulam
Fr. Joseph Parapally
8/9/2017 Mgr. Alexis Rccaz
Andre Degrave
10/9/2017 Bro. Guerin Vanaeften
Fr. Marius Vignoud
11/9/2017 Fr. Henri Petitjean
Fr. Joseph Chamot
Fr. Henri Grepillat
12/9/2017 Fr. Francois Serme
Bro. Joseph Marie Buinoud
Bro. Joseph Hyvert
Fr. Pierre Vermot
13/9/2017 Fr. Jean Baptiste Benistrand
Bro. Herbert Sheehan
16/9/2017 Fr. Eugine Coutin
Fr. Patrick Kinoulty
Fr. Francois Meynet
17/9/2017 Fr. Marc Muffat-Joly
Fr. Joseph Horace Moret
Fr. Charles Semellaz
Fr. Francis Moget
18/9/2017 Fr. Thomas Malapravanal
20/9/2017 Bro. Alfred Demanelli
21/9/2017 Bro. Ambrose Xavier
Bro. Jean Charles
23/9/2017 Fr. Etienne Blanc
24/9/2017 Fr. RaymonStern
25/9/2017 Bro. James Stott
26/9/2017 Bro. Islari Lucas
27/9/2017 Mgr. Jean marie Tissot
Fr. Victor Gangloff
Fr. Kenneth W. Bayer
29/9/2017 Fr. Felix Gonsalves
Fr. Martin Clerc
Fr. Georgekutty Puthiyidom
30/9/2017 Fr. Peirre Marie Mermier

Let Us Continue To Pray For the Deceased Members of Our Congregation


  1. Mr. Savaria Picchai Fernando, the Father of Fr. S. John Wilson Fernando, aged 88, expired on 14th August, 2017.
  2. Mr. Rayappan, the Uncle of Fr. J. Stephen, aged 82, expired on 22nd August, 2017.
  3. Mr. Chinnapan, the Grandfather of Fr. A. William Joe Xavier, aged 91, expired on 23rd August, 2017.

May I request those who have not fulfilled the suffrages to do the same at the earliest. (Const. No.118; General Directory No.98)

May their souls rest in Peace


7/9/2017 Mariapuram Parish
8/9/2017 Feast Day Mass at Kunnathur, Mariapuram Parish
10/9/2017 Council Meeting
17/9/2017  -04/10/2017 Canonical Visitation to USA


Yours Fraternally in Christ,
Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, Msfs
Provincial Superior