My Dear Confreres,

We have just celebrated our Founder’s day on 30th of September, 2018. It was a special day for all of us in our parishes, institutions and centres with lot of activities. At the same time, any such celebration cannot confine itself to just few external activities. Rather, it must focus on the missionary zeal of our founder and re-energize ourselves with the same zeal.

Our venerable Founder, Servant of God, Fr. Peter Mary Mermier, having witnessed the aftermath of the French Revolution in his early childhood, and the persecution of the Church, grew up in missionary spirit and zeal for the revival of Christian faith. After his ordination and as priest, he was relentless in his missionary spirit and apostolic zeal. He was untiring and firm in his approach.

His zeal for revival of Christian faith is through sanctification of people. In his letter to Fr. Lavorel, on 28th of July 1852, he states that “…we should begin by having some zeal for ourselves, for our own sanctification.” He further states that “If we wish to enkindle the divine fire (of love) in the hearts of men, it is necessary that before all else our heart should burn with these divine ardoures. It is the zeal which we have for ourselves that will legitimize our zeal for others, that will regulate ours for others, that will render efficacious the motives which we will present to the faithful for urging them to be zealous for their own sanctification.”

Our venerable founder insists on personal sanctification so as to lead the faithful to their own sanctification. In other words, we must become worthy of our vocation as religious. This personal sanctification, as exemplified by our virtuous living, will in turn make the faithful to be zealous for their own sanctification.

Dear confreres, the words of our Founder call for personal sanctification. Unless our life is exemplary radiating sanctification, our missionary endevour will be shallow. More than our words or deeds, our very life must motivate the faithful towards the path of sanctification. Our very life must exhibit those virtues and values of God, as lived by our Patron and our Founder. Our celebration of the Founder’s day must lead us to sanctify ourselves, which will be an inspiration for the people, whom we serve, to sanctify themselves and receive God’s blessings.

Congregation Matters

The 20th General Chapter 2019

As scheduled, the 20th General Chapter 2019 is to be held from the 1st of February, 2019 to the 13th of February, 2019 at Msfs Provincial house, Guwahati, Assam, India. All the preparations are underway. As part of the preparation, Rev. Fr. Abraham Vettuvelil, our Superior General by his Circular dated 08.09.2018 in SG-AB 18-96 has appointed the Pre- Capitular Commission (PCC) in preparation of the general chapter, 2019. This commission consists of the following confreres:

  1. Fr. Saji George Puthiyakulangara, Secretary General of the Chapter (SGC),
  2. Fr. J. Stephan,
  3. Fr. Suresh Babu,
  4. Fr. ManojTirkey,
  5. Fr. George Panthanmackel, Provincial of Northeast India,
  6. Fr. George Parampukattil, Representing the General Administration

This commission will be involved in matters relating to preparation and organization of the General Chapter, 2019.

Let us continue to pray for the success of the 20th General Chapter 2019.

Province Matters

Priests’ On-going Formation Program for Second and Third years of priests

As part of on-going formation, a day of renewal seminar was organized for the second and third years of priests from the South- East India Province at Beschi College, Dindigul on August 13th to 14th, 2018. There were six priests from second year batch and one from third year batch, namely, Fr. Yesu Raj, Fr. Jayakumar, Fr. Jerome, Fr. John Peter, Fr. Arockiam, Fr. Anish and Fr. John Fernandez. All together we were seven of us.

We started the program with the Eucharistic Adoration on 13th August from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, which was conducted by Rev. Dr. A. Santhiyagu, Msfs. After which, we had dinner and followed by the night talk. The night session was animated by Rev. Fr. C. John Britto, Msfs, the parish priest of Nalattinputhur, from 8:30 pm to 9: 30 pm. He focused his talk on the “Pastoral importance and expectation of a Priest and Priesthood” in this present scenario. He really spoke out his personal convictions. It was a thought provoking talk for each one of us. On the following day, August 14, 2018,we had morning prayerat6:30 am, and thanksgiving Holy Eucharistic celebration at 7:00 am, which was presided over by Rev. Fr. John Fernandez, followed by breakfast at 7:45 am.

We had second session on “Christian leadership” from 9:00 to 11:00 am animated by Rev. Dr. A. Santhiyagu, Msfs, in which he elaborated his reflections and discussions on the Three Temptations of Christ: The Temptation to be Relevant, to be Popular and to be Powerful and the three demands of Jesus’ call to discipleship and its commitment. After our tea break, we had the sharing of our pastoral experiences, our future aims and goals. We had lunch at 1:00pm, and after that we all departed to our respective places of mission and ministry. As a whole, it was a short and neatly organized programme. It was really a great time for all of us to come together to evaluate and share our pastoral experiences. We sincerely thank our provincial administration and specially Rev. Fr. A. Santhiyagu, Msfs, for making all the arrangements. Thank You.

Fr. Yesu Raj

Congregational Retreat – 2018

The Congregational Retreat was held from 19th evening to 24th afternoon of August, 2018 at Vidivelli Retreat Centre, Sundampatty, Krishnagiri. It was animated by Rev. Fr. Edathumparambil Binu, Msfs& Fr. Austin Joy, Msfs. The theme of the retreat was “WALK THE WAY AND LIVE THE GRACE”. To be spiritually healthy one should establish a triangle relationship that is union with God, others and oneself.

On the first day, we began the retreat with the reflection on the topic forming religious and missionary conscience. Religious life is a consecrated life. And Pope Francis says, “If the consecration is a celebration and the beauty of the consecration is the joy the celebration.” Religious life demands first of all clarity of focus. Religious life and mission go together. We can’t separate the religious life and mission.

On the second day, we began with the reflection on St. Francis de sales on the Self- Transformation. It involves three fold formations:

  1. Spiritual formation reflecting on the love of God
  2. Human formation reflecting on the love of self
  3. Missionary formation reflecting on the love of neighbour

In the evening, we reflected on Fr. Peter Marie Mermier’s views on religious life. Religious is a symbol of love command and his life is consecrated to God.

On the third and fourth day, we focused our reflection on the community life and vowed life. Consecration is as availability to God through community. Pope Francis says that community life is an invitation to wear God’s smile.

One note on each Vow:
Vow of Poverty involves two dimensions: Freedom from graving for possessions and Solidarity with the poor and the marginalized

Vow of Chastity involves two dimensions: To love God with an undivided heart and to love every one with Christ on love

Vow of Obedience: obedience opens up flexibility and it is the mark of identity of Jesus’ mission. There is twofold obedience: Necessary obedience to the Ecclesiastical Authorities and Voluntary obedience on one’s own choice

On the final day of the retreat, we focused on the theme Frontier mission which includes four things:

  1. Coming out of our own comfort zone
  2. Ministering to the most vulnerable of the society such as children, women and elders
  3. Extending the apostolates into new areas
  4. Being availability for foreign missions

We concluded the retreat with the most Holy Eucharist presided over by Rev. Fr. k. Ignacimuthu, the Provincial Superior of Southeast India province. Then we had a short felicitation program in which Fr. Provincial expressed his heartfelt thanks to the preachers of the Congregational Retreat and Fr. A. Christuraj proposed the formal vote of thanks.

Fr. S. Santhanam

Farewell Mass for the Missionaries Designated To Africa at Msfs Provincialate

On 27th August 2018, it was a very memorable day for the South-East India Province, as we had the farewell mass in the provincial house, for the new mission team to Malawi consisting of Frs. Anand Raj, Packia Sathish Kumar, Nelson, Arockia Dass, Berin, and Bros. Jerald, Marshal, and Adaikala raj. The solemn celebration began at 6.30 pm. In gratitude to God and to one another, the new mission team celebrated their farewell Eucharist partaken by many of our fathers and religious from neighboring communities, including Fr. Agnelo, the General Councilor and Fr. Augustine Mangatt, the General Bursar.

Fr. Anand Raj celebrated the Holy mass and Fr. Agnelo shared his thoughts and reflections on the word of god. At the end of the celebration, Fr. Arockia Dass expressed his deep sentiments of gratitude to the provincial and to everyone present for praying for them. After the celebration,we had the cake cutting ceremony. We all wished them for the success of our mission. The celebration came to an end with the farewell dinner. Thus it was a memorable day in the history of the province.

Bro. David

Journey to Malawi

Dear Fathers and Brothers, Greetings from Malawi team. With a short prayer in our Provincialate chapel, we, Frs. Anantharaj, Sathish Kumar, Arockia Doss, Nelson and Berin, Bros. Marcel, Adaikala Raj and Jerald, began our journey on 28th August at 9:30 am. We reached our community at St. Thomas mount around 5:30 pm, where we were welcomed by the Thomas mount community confreres. Some of our Fathers came to Thomas mount to say good bye to us. We, along with the councilors Frs. Kanikkai Nathan and Santhiyagu took our flight on 29th August at 3:30 am. In Doha, Qatar we had a transit stop and then we landed in Dar Es Salaam at 4 pm (Tanzanian time). We were received by Frs. Soosai Raj, Robert and Clement. From there, we were taken to Mkuza our MSFS community to have tea break. We left Mkuza and reached the East African Provincialate at 10 pm, where we were welcomed by Rev. Fr. Mathew Thazhathukunnel, the Provincial, Fr. Jose, the Provincial Bursar and Fr. Sebastian kuzhupil. Thereafter, we were taken to different missions in Tanzania in order to have some understanding regarding the missions in Africa. Fr. Mathew Thazhathukunnel arranged an Orientation Course for all of us for 2 days (2nd and 3rd of September), animated by Fr. Mathew Thazhathukunnel, Fr Thomas kochuparampil, Fr Sebastian Anaikandathil, Fr Sebastian Kuzhupil and Fr Johnson kallidukil.

Fr Mathew, the Provincial met each one of us individually and gave us the appointments. Since all of us cannot be going to Malawi at present, Frs. Soosai, Anand and Nelson will be going over there, most probably in October 2018. Until then, they will be placed in mission stations in East Africa Province. The other priests in our team will be serving the East Africa Province until we go to Malawi. The Brothers in our team will be sent for theological studies or for regency depending on their stage of formation.

Here below are the appointments:

Fr. Anand Mkuza (until October)
Fr. Arockia Doss LIC/Ngurdoto
Fr. Berin SFS VTC Mwakata / later on in Ibihwa, Dodoma
Fr. Sathish SFS junior seminary, Morogoro.
Fr. Nelson Dumila (until October)
Bro Marcel Regency at Junior Seminary, Morogoro
Bro Adaikala Raj Regency in Ipuli

We sincerely thank the East Africa Provincialate community and other confreres here who take care of us very well. We feel at home here. At this juncture, we thank our Provincial and his council for placing their trust in us. Our sincere thanks are due to the councilors, who accompanied us. We extend our heartfelt came to bid farewell, wished us personally or over the phone prayed for us, and all those who encouraged us in one way or the other. Let’s be united in prayers. God be praised.

Fr. C. Berin

Mission Orientation Programme

The mission orientation programme was conducted on 02.09.2018 & 03.09.2018 in the Provincial House, Tanzania.

Missionary Mandate: Biblical, Ecclesial and Fransalian Perspectives (Fr. Mathew T)

Fr. Mathew began the session by congratulating us all with the caption “Live Jesus”. He spoke about the mission in general from the root word ‘missio’ meaning ‘to send’. It is God, who sends and our mission is to fulfill what God wants. God sent His Son Jesus that the world might be saved. He stressed upon the point that we must not condemn anything, but find the good in everything. Hence, our mission is to become one among the people and to empty ourselves like our master Jesus, who is our model, Christ crucified.

Challenges of pioneering missions in Africa and sharing of mission experiences (Fr. Sebastian A)

Mission in Malawi is a mission of new Chablais said Fr. Sebastian. There’s no need for uncertainties, for the Lord will write our success story when we give our 100% commitment. He encouraged everyone to be “Heartitects” of Christ and to be the builders of hearts. He insisted on knowing the history well and to be ready to undergo cultural changes. Our mission is to be with the people, to make our home their home. He motivated us to be ‘Missionaries’ not ‘Mercenaries’ because our first priority is building the hearts of the people.

Sharing of experiences of pioneering missions and relationship with the Diocesan clergy (Fr. Sebastian Kuzhupil)

Fr. Sebastian started with the history of the missions in Tanzania and the need to have love for the Church and the Congregation. He enlightened all to learn from the mistakes, to take responsibility for one’s action and to work for the common welfare. He spoke about the relationship with the diocesan clergy as to how we can learn their value system. He insisted on obedience to the Bishop and co-operation with diocesan clergy. He concluded with the final note on the ministry of healing.

Mission and Parish life (Fr. Jose Eriyanickal)

The very first statement of Fr. Jose was to never go back from the mission even during hard times and not to be moved by prejudices. Our mission is to be with the people. He insisted on learning the culture of the people, to greet them and welcome them. The people need our presence and prayers. He asked us to take things positively, never to complain about the things and to trust in the Lord and pray.

Sharing of pioneering missions and cultural sensitivity and learning of language (Fr. Thomas Kochuparampil)

Fr. Thomas started by asking the expectations and viewpoints of all. He spoke about the African culture and cautioned everyone never to impose anything, never to compare and encouraged us to be available for the people, to accommodative and adaptive. Initially, one should get to know the system and structure of the place, focus on the needs of the people, make periodical evaluations and never be in a hurry to do things. He emphasized that as a missionary, we should be open to learn, to admit the mistakes, to respect and honour the people. Our ultimate strength is in God, for He equips the one He has chosen and so we need faith, humility and hard work. He concluded with the emphasis on detachment from our comfort zones.

Missionary mandate in Malawi: Basically a spiritual journey (Fr. Johnson Kallidukil)

The opening statement of Fr. Johnson was ‘mission: the spiritual implication’. It is the mission of the Lord that we share and this divine work needs divine energy and so give to God the first priority. He said that as missionaries we are primarily spiritual people. In a mission land, there are challenges and blessings and therefore he advised all to have prudence, a spiritual touch in communication and to avoid all divisive spirit.

Fr. S. Arockia Doss

Canonical Visitations

1. St. James Church, Ravusapatty

Rev. K. Fr. Ignacimuthu, the Provincial made his Canonical Visitation to Ravusapatty Parish, on 5th August, 2018, Sunday. In the morning, he celebrated the Holy Eucharist in the Parish Church, during the sermon; he animated the people to have deep faith in the Lord and also in oneself (i.e. to live a meaningful Christian life). At the end of the Holy Eucharistic Celebrations, the village heads of the parish honoured and welcomed the Provincial. After the Eucharistic celebration, there was a meeting held with the village heads of all the substations. In the meeting, various things were discussed. People were highly appreciative of the spiritual and social services rendered by MSFS Priests and Brothers in the Parish for the last few years. They also requested and proposed certain developmental works in the parish. Finally, the Provincial informed the people that for the coming years, the MSFS Priests will be continuing their services
in Ravusapatty Parish as the contract has been signed with the Diocese. He also asked the parishners to continue to co-operate with the parish priest in the parish works.

The provincial also made a visit to one of the substations (Alangapatti), which is the biggest substation in the parish and celebrated the Holy Eucharistic celebration. He was very happy to meet the people there. He also visited the sisters, who are rendering their valuable services in the parish and appreciated their social services. Finally, he came to the Presbytery and went through the Parish Registers, documents and advised the parish priest to maintain properly the records of the parish in orderly manner. It was really a great blessing for the Parishners and for the Parish

Fr. A. Innacimuthu

2. Mary Help of Christian Church, Vaniyambadi

The provincial made his canonical visitation on 26th September 2018. It was a joy for the parishners of Vaniyambadi. The people welcomed him at the entrance of the church for theEucharistic celebration at 7:45 am. Fr. Provincial celebrated the Eucharist with spiritual thoughts. Soon after the mass, there was a public meeting with the parishners in the church and group meetings in the presbytery, where the people explained their Socio-Economic conditions. They also insisted on the regular scholarship for the students and other helps.

Fr. Provincial addressed the congregation with adequate assurances to do some help for the poor students for their studies through the parish priest. We had lunch at 1:30 pm followed by personal meeting. He went through all the records and document of the parish. He also gave some guidance for the good maintenance of the parish. Provincial’s canonical visit was really enriching and encouraging both to the parishners and the parish priest.

Fr. M. Maria Francis Britto

3. SFS Matriculation School, Vaniyambadi

Canonical Visit of a major superior is always an event of joy and inspiration for the community. The Provincial visited us on 2nd and 3rd of September, 2018. During the community meeting on 2nd of September, 2018, the Provincial encouraged and motivated the confreres. During this meeting, he listened to our concerns and each member shared their life in the community.

The next day on 3 rd of September, 2018, we had the Morning Prayer and Mass along with the children and Caretakers from friendly Home. This day was dedicated for the school. The morning assembly was organized by the green Growers, and the children welcomed Fr. Provincial with a welcome dance. During his address to the students, he insisted on the importance of prayer and discipline in life.

It was also a great day for the Friends of Fransalians, because the third batch of Friends of Fransalians was introduced on this day and in the presence of the Provincial, they took Oath to be the members of Friends of Fransalians. He took time to verify all the school records. The Teaching and non-teaching staff had great joy in meeting and sharing their concerns with the Provincial. In his meeting with the Teaching and non-teaching staff, he thanked the dedicated and committed service of the teachers and other staff. He also motivated them to be more aware of their role as teachers.

In the afternoon, the common meeting of all the communities (Both schools and the parish) was held and each one shared their concerns. During the meeting, it was agreed to appoint Fr. Jerry Louis as coordinator of all the three communities.

Fr. J. B. John Thadews

4. SFS Matriculation School, Alangayam

On 3rd of September, 2018 evening, our community at Alangayam received the provincial with great enthusiasm and happiness. Immediately after his arrival, we had the community meeting presided over by our provincial. It was a heartwarming meeting, as our provincial listened to the ups and downs of all the individual confreres’ life story in the past months. After listening to all the personal sharing, the provincial encouraged us to continue our ministry here with more passion and commitment. He also expressed his joy and happiness at the community and religious atmosphere prevailing in Alangayam. During his meeting, he also went through the account books, chronicles and visitor’s note and all the other important documents.

On 4th September, 2018 morning, the Provincial presided over the Holy Eucharist in Friendly home during which he prayed in a special way for all the children at Friendly Home. On this occasion, the Principal Fr. Jerry Louis arranged a cultural event in order to honour and felicitate our Provincial. During this cultural programme filled with colourful performance by the students, the Provincial Fr. Ignacimuthu gave an inspiring message for the children. He said every SFS Student should follow the following four ideals, e.g. to Pray, to study, to respect the elders and teachers and to have good character by acquiring right discipline. After the cultural programme, the provincial met and addressed the teaching staff.

The visit brought in very positive energy for all the confreres, students, teaching and non- teaching staff.

Fr. S. Jerry Louis

5. St. Joseph’s Church, Perungozhi

Indeed, I was very happy to receive our Provincial on 16th of September, Sunday 2018. Fr. Provincial came early in the morning and celebrated the Sunday Mass with an encouraginghomily instructing the people to face the difficulty, problem and trials with perseverance and confidence in the Lord.

After the Holy Mass, the Provincial met the Legion of Mary, the Elders of the Parish and the Catechism students. The Parishners expressed their joy and happiness to our provincial regarding his visit, especially talking and sharing about the Construction of the New Church for Perungozhi. That was the most urgent request of the whole parish. Fr. Provincial gave them the assurance that it will begin soon with the help of Bishop of Chenglepet and the local contribution and the support of the Province. The people were happy to receive this Good News from our Provincial.

Later, the Provincial visited all the Substations (Katiampathal, Nelvoy and Kunnavakkam) and our land. The Sisters had the joy of inviting the Provincial to their convent, and he met them. Then the Provincial checked all the documents of the parish and had instructed me to maintain few more documents for the betterment of the Parish.

It was indeed a great happiness and joy to have the Canonical Visit of our Fr. Provincial to my parish. The people were very happy to sit and discuss with Fr. Provincial. It was a wonderful visit in fact.

Fr. P. Felix

6. Our Lady of Fathima Church, Kodungal

On 23.09.2018 at 07.45 am, Fr. M. Sahaya Raj, the parish priest of Kodungal along with the parishners gave a warm welcome to Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, the Provincial Superior. Fr. Provincial presided over the Holy Eucharist at 08. am. In his homily, he preached about importance of the development of parish and exhorted to oblige the instructions of the parish priest and grow up in the spiritual activities of the parish. He appreciated the hard work of the parishioners for their contribution towards the growth and development of the parish.

After the mass, he met the heads of the parish community. He instructed how to grow in prayer life and spoke about education and our rights. Then he met Legion Mother Mary and appreciatedthe spiritual growth of the same. He also met the Vincent De Paul society people and urged them to work for the growth of the poor and raise their economic and social status. He appreciated Altar Boys and asks them to be obedient and invited them to come forward for the religious way of life.

He also met leaders of the substations and enquired about their spiritual life and their wellbeing. Thereafter he verified all the records and documents of the parish. At the end of the canonical visitation, he appreciated the parish priest for his hard work and dedication towards the wellbeing of the parish.

Fr. M. Sahaya Raj

7. Christ the Redeemer Church, Kelambakkam

The parish of Kelambakkam had a joyful celebration of the Feast of the Servant of God, Blessed Peter Marie Mermier as it was coupled with the canonical visitation of our provincial, Rev. Fr. Ignacimuthu. The celebration of the day began with the Holy Eucharist followed by the felicitation ceremony during which the 11th issue of FRANSALIAN EDUTIMES INTERNATIONAL was released in the esteemed presence of Rev. Fr. George Mathew Msfs, the General Secretary for Education. The Eco-Friendly centered volume was unveiled by Fr. Provincial. The first copy was given to Fr. George and the second copy to one of the teachers from the parish.

The important event of the day was Provincial’s meeting with various councils, groups and the pious associations of the parish during which each of them presented their detailed report on their activities in the parish. Fr. Provincial was very much appreciative of the systematic administration and organization of the parish under the guidance and the leadership of the parish priest Fr. J. Stephen Msfs and the associates Fr. Martin Anand Msfs and Fr. Simon Prabu Msfs.
As of now, the whole focus and the attention of the parish is directed towards the completion of the new church, Fr. Provincial exhorted everyone to support and encourage each other to complete the project as early as possible. People also thanked the provincial for the various developments in the parish and in particular the MSFS supporting the ongoing Church Construction.

The canonical visit continued with the community meeting and the discussion with the community members about the future projects and the ministries of the parish. The necessary documents were checked and the last updates of the registers and the bank accounts were verified. Fr. Provincial was very much appreciative of the conferrers for their dedicated service. Fr. Provincial visited Thaiyur, the substation of the parish, in the evening, along with the Bethlamite Sisters. Thanks to Fr. Provincial.

Fr. Martin Anand

New Appointments

Fr. P.S. Joseph Correspondent & Procurator, SFS School, Perumbakkam
Fr. S. Arul Selvamani On the Staff, SFS Minor seminary, Pudukkottai
Fr. V. Vetharaj Correspondent & staff, SFS Matriculation School, Alangayam

New Addresses

      • Fr. S. Simon Raja, Msfs
        An der Kirche 7
        D- 36419 Spahl (Geisal)
        Telephone Nr. 0049 36967 50376
      • Fr. B. Francis Xavier, Msfs
        Landerneaualle 2
        D- 36088 Hünfeld
        Mobile Nr. 0049 1517 1896 817

Month of October

Birthdays of Our Confreres

Fr. X. Vincent 12
Fr. A. Jeyaseelan 13
Fr. A. Selva Raj 18
Fr. H. Ebin Christopher 19
Fr. A.J.R. Benedict 20
Fr. D. Amirtharajan 22
Fr. S. Arockia Christu Raj 23
Fr. A. Lawrence 27
Fr. S. Amirthanathan 28

We wish them Happy Birthday and God’s Abundant Blessings upon them

Let Us Remember and Pray For the Dead

Msfs Obituary – October

01 Bro. Joseph Cheradickal
02 Bro. Raymond Boccard
03 Fr. Georges Vodoz
Fr. Louis Latthuille
06 Fr. Theophile Mugnier
Fr. Gilbert Volery
08 Bro. John Arokium
Fr. Gilbert Curty
09 Fr. Bro. Jean Baptiste Dalle
Fr. William Power
11 Fr. AnselmeChelvum
12 Fr. Karl Freitag
Fr. Howard Francis Ford
13 Fr. Francis Berard
14 Fr. Raymond Chrvalho
15 Fr. Alexandre Boccard
16 Bro. Henry A Cruz
Fr. FernardAnthonioz
17 Fr. Jean Marie Girard
18 Fr. Ambroise Muffat-Meridol
20 Bro. Manikya Rao Tinga
21 Fr. Francois Favrat
Fr. Joseph Dostert
23 Fr. Xavier Dias
Fr. Andre Duperthuy
Bro. Georges Bosson
24 Bro. Antoine Crochet
Fr. Daian Fernandes
25 Fr. Eugene Gojon
27 Fr. Joseph Ulliel
Fr. Eugene Decisier
Bro. Theotonio Mascarenhas
Fr. Thomas Pieters
28 Fr. Alphonse Barril
29 Fr. Eugene Chevallet
Bro. Marius Avrillon
30 Fr. Antony Mc Cabe
Fr. Denis Frontin
Fr. Denis Breen
31 Fr. Alexis Maniglier
Fr. George D’Souza

Let us continue to Pray for the Deceased Members of our Congregation

My Programme

October 2018

02.10.2018 Provincial Council meeting, Provincialate, Trichy
05.10.2018 CRI meeting, Tindivanam
06.10.2018 Seminar on POCSO Act, Pudukkottai
08.10.2018 St. Thomas Mount community, Chennai
09.10.2018 Meeting of the Provincial Curia with Fr. Superior General, St.Thomas Mount community, Chennai
10.10.2018 Visiting the local communities – Chennai and Chingleput along with Fr. Superior General
11.10.2018 Leaving to Africa in preparation for taking up mission in Malawi.

Yours Fraternally in Christ,
Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, Msfs
Provincial Superior


        1. Bible Quote
          Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

          -Isaiah 40:28-31

        2. Salesian Thought
          “Just as there is a dead faith, there must also be a living faith which always bears good fruits in all seasons. It is excellent. Joined and united with charity and vivified by it, it is strong, firm and constant. It performs many great and good works which deserve the praise: So charity united to faith is not only followed by all the virtues, but from this results the multitude of good works of a living faith.”

          -Saint Francis de Sales

        3. Straight from the heart of fr. Peter Marie Mermier
          Without showing the least emotion, Monsieur Mermier went up to his young companion and said to him: “My friend, you are free, just make up your mind which side you have to take. If you leave me, after ten years’ trial. I shall be alone. My resolve is unshakeable, my longings are the same. I wand mission work”.
        4. A Thought From Great Poet Thiruvalluvar
          Thirukkural: செயற்கரியசெய்வார்பெரியர்சிறியர்
          செயற்கரிய செய்கலாதார்                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            விளக்கம் :பெருமை தரும் செயல்களை புரிவோரை பெரியோர் என்றும், சிறுமையான செயல்களையன்றி பெருமைக்குரிய செயல்களை செய்யாதவர்களை சிறியோர் என்றும் வரையறுத்து விட முடியும்.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Couplet: Things hard in the doing will great men do; Things hard in the doing the mean eschew

                Explanation: The great will do those things which is difficult to be done; but the mean  cannot do


    1. SeyarkariyaSeyvaarPeriyarSiriyar