My dear Confreres,

The 20th General Chapter 2019

The 20th General Chapter of our Congregation has just concluded. As you all know, the 20th General chapter of our Congregation was held from 1st to 13th of February, 2019 at MSFS Provincialate, Guwahati, Assam, India. As it is known to all of us, the theme of the Chapter was “MSFS, Wake up to the Basics”. The General chapter comprised of 16 Ex-officio members and 24 elected Delegates. That apart, 13 special invitees also attended the General Chapter for 5 days. It was a great spiritual event. Through the General Chapter and by coming together of confreres from different provinces from different parts of the world; living together in close communion; praying together; discussing and discerning together etc., the Congregation was bearing collective witness to our Lord Jesus Christ in the spirit and spirituality of St. Francis De Sales our Patron and Fr. Peter Mermier, our Founder. The theme “MSFS, Wake up to the Basics” permeated the entire Chapter in all its discussion and deliberations, particularly, the four pillars of our Charism – Consecrated community life, Mission, MSFSness and SFS Spirituality.

I thank God for all his blessings particularly during the Chapter days. The grace of God permeated the entire chapter. All the discussions and deliberations were focused, qualitative, fruitful and productive. There was a deep sense of sharing, caring, dedication and commitment. The 20th General Chapter was a great success and has inspired the entire Congregation.

At this moment, I thank the General Administration and Fr. Saji George Puthiyakulangara and all the members of the Pre-Capitular Commission cum Steering Committee for their meticulous planning, execution and successful conduct of the General Chapter.

In a very special way, I thank the North-East India Province, Fr. George Panthanmackel, the provincial, the Provincialate community and all confreres of the province for the excellent ambience provided to the smooth conduct of the General Chapter, including accommodation, transportation and all the logistic support.

Dear Confreres, the 20th General Chapter has given us its discernment that every community and every confrere in the congregation must wake up to the basics. The General Chapter has given us the orientation that every confrere and the community must interiorize the Charism with its four pillars and live them in our personal and community life in the spirit and spirituality of our Patron and Founder and thus bear collective witness to our Lord Jesus Christ through our apostolates and ministries. I call upon all the confreres to listen to the voice of the General Chapter and faithfully follow its discernments, directives and decisions.

New General Administration Team

  1. Rev. Fr. Abraham Vettuvelil, Superior General
  2. Rev. Fr. Yves Carron, Assistant Superior General
  3. Rev. Fr. Johnson Kallidukil, General Councilor (Mission)
  4. Rev. Fr. Jacob Karamakuzhy, General Councilor (Education)
  5. Rev. Fr. Suresh Babu Baviri, General Councilor (Formation)
  6. Rev. Fr. J. Stephen, General Councilor (Social Apostolates & Innovative Ministries)
  7. Rev. Fr. Jose Cheriantharayil, General Bursar

On behalf of the South-East India province, I congratulate the members of the new General Administration and wish you all the best. We assure you of our communion and co-operation.

Thanks and Appreciation

At this juncture, on behalf of the South-East India province, I place on record the yeomen services rendered by the outgoing members of the General Administration, Rev. Fr. Thumma Mariadas Reddy, Rev. Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, Rev. Fr. Noel Rebello, Rev. Fr. George Parampukattil, and Rev. Fr Augustine Mangatt and also Rev. Fr. Jayaseelan (who served as General Councilor for some time). With their experience, wisdom, dedication and commitment,they have guided the Congregation for so many years. They have contributed a lot for the Congregation and we have benefited immensely from them. On behalf of the province, I thank them wholeheartedly and wish them in their future endeavor.

The following is the approved text of the Call of the General Chapter, 2019 for all the confreres of the Congregation. Kindly take sufficient time and go through it. I request you to interiorize the Call of the General Chapter 2019 and let us all live it in our communities and missions through our apostolates and ministries. Thus following the spirit and spirituality of our Patron and our Founder, let us bear collective witness to God.


We, the members of the 20th Ordinary General Chapter of the Congregation of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS), assembled at MSFS Provincialate in Guwahati, Assam, India from February 1-13, 2019, greet all our confreres with fraternal love and affection.

The theme of our General Chapter, “MSFS, WAKE UP TO THE BASICS,” invited us to a deep soul searching, a renewed fidelity to Jesus Christ, an attentive listening to the voice of the Spirit, and a zealous living of the Charism of our Congregation and the spirit of our Founder, Fr. Peter Mary Mermier. The General Chapter, the supreme legislative and teaching authority in the Congregation, reiterates the collective conviction of the confreres that it is a joy to be an MSFS, and firmly resolves to strengthen our community life and existing ministries. Heeding the call of the Church, especially, the Second Vatican Council and the Exhortations of Pope Francis, we also resolve to continue to read the signs of the times and respond to the needs of the Universal Church in new ways.

To commit ourselves to these resolutions, we hereby present the following Statement, Directives, Decisions, and Implementation Mechanisms.


Gathered as one family by the Triune God with our unique identity as Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, we firmly believe that we are called to grow in communion with God and with one another through a life of prayer, participation in the mission of the Church, living the Salesian virtues, and through fraternal love and sharing.

Our Charism calls us to live the spirit and spirituality of St. Francis de Sales in our community and mission as envisioned by our Founder, Fr. Peter Mary Mermier. The four basics of our Charism: Community Life, Mission, MSFS-ness, and Spirituality of St. Francis de Sales, are to characterize our daily lives and apostolates. In living these basics, we follow the Holy Trinity as our model and reference point, and strive to live as brothers united in love, valuing the uniqueness of each member and remaining united as one family. The General Chapter upholds this family spirit and emphatically affirms the need for strengthening our communion with the Lord and with one another.

Jesus Christ being the source and summit of our mission, we re-affirm our commitment to Him by being effectively available for the apostolic activities of the Universal Church through our three foundational Apostolates of the Renewal of Christian Life, Overseas and Pioneering Evangelization, and Education and Formation, especially of the Young. Imbibing the vision and missionary spirit of our Founder and all other confreres who have gone before us, we resolve to continue the rich legacy of our Congregation in being missionaries who Live Jesus and thus
make a difference in the life of the Church and the world.



  1. Our Community being our family and support, we will continue to strengthen our community life by participation in daily community prayer, Eucharistic celebration, Eucharistic adoration, common meal, monthly recollections, and annual retreats. Implementation: Local Superior & Provincial.
  2. All communities will form themselves into disciplined and healthy communities with Local Superiors and the members remaining accountable to each other regarding their duties and responsibilities to the community. Provincials will ensure providing orientation and training regarding the same to the Local Superiors and members. Implementation: Local Superior Provincial.
  3. Confreres in multi-cultural communities in the Congregation will use a common language for communication. Implementation: Local Superior.
  4. Without being extravagant, Local Superiors will organize and facilitate programs and events for the members to promote recreation, personal development, fraternal bonding, manual labor, sports and games, and family spirit. Implementation: Local Superior.
  5. Provincials will ensure the establishment of more Local Communities in view of gradually reducing of “Neighborhood Local Communities.” Implementation: Provincial.
  6. Provincial Secretaries will ensure that all documents coming from the General and Provincial Administrations reach all confreres either electronically or by regular mail. Implementation: Provincial.
  7. All our communities and places of ministry will display in their respective places the articulation of our Charism with its Four Basics, our three foundational Apostolates, our Vision, and our Mission. Implementation: Provincial & Local Superior.


  1. Experiencing a sense of joy and pride in being MSFS, we will continue to strive to be true Fransalians in our presence and conduct wherever we are, and intensify the effort to disseminate our Congregational values and spirit through our writing, preaching, and animation of groups.
  2. All confreres will promote the Cause of our Founder, Fr. Peter Mary Mermier, share in his spirit for missions, and pray for his beatification and canonization. Implementation: Local Superior & Members.
  3. While the contributions of confreres need to be duly acknowledged, no living confrere will receive or demand undue prominence in terms of exhibiting their photos, naming projects and institutions in their names, or any other. Implementation: Provincial.
  4. Every confrere has a right to privacy and protection of his good name. Therefore, all confreres will honor and promote the good reputation of other confreres. Any violation of it will be subject to the remedial measures laid down in the Code of Ethics. Implementation: Provincial.
  5. Provincials will identify and send confreres who can do research and pursue higher education in theology, philosophy, and other disciplines, with a special focus on St. Francis de Sales, Fr. Peter Mary Mermier, our Constitutions, and the History of our Congregation. Implementation: Provincial.
  6. All communities will make effort to promote the establishment of Fransalian Associates. Implementation: Provincial.
  7. Provincials will ensure the promotion of Congregational undertakings such as Salesian Program Annecy (SPA), De Sales and Mermier Resource and Animation Center (DSM), Bible Diary (Joy of the Gospel), Congregational Retreat, Salesian Retreat, Salesian Seminar, and the
    Spiritual Directory. Implementation: Provincial.
  8. The next revision of the General Directory will include a mention of the Cause of our Founder, Fransalian Associates, DSM, MDO, and JPIC. Implementation: General Administration.
  9. Seven Dolours Rosaries and Wooden crosses for Perpetual Profession will be made at the Congregational level and distributed. Implementation: General Administration.


  1. Remaining ever committed to the mission of Christ, we will continue to be zealous missionaries through our lifestyle and apostolates.
  2.  All formees, at all stages of formation, will be helped to cultivate a missionary spirit and love for the missions by listening to the testimony of missionaries, reading the history of the Congregation, and exposure to our missions and ministries. Implementation: Rectors.
  3.  All newly ordained priests will serve in our missions as part of their pastoral formation for a minimum of 2 years, and they will be placed under the guidance of a senior confrere. The mission units to which they are assigned could be across Provinces. Implementation: Provincial & PCIC.
  4. All the existing and new missionary endeavors of the Congregation are to be treated and envisioned as community-based endeavors rather than as individual concerns, and Provincials 6 will ensure establishing Local Communities where they are non-existent. Implementation: Provincial.
  5.  Adequate planning, preparation, and formation of personnel will be ensured before launching into any pioneering or overseas mission. Implementation: The General and the Provincial Administrations.
  6.  Heeding the exhortation of Pope Francis, all Provinces and mission units will initiate more ministries directed to families, and those on the periphery, rural areas, and economically poor. Implementation: Provincial & PCIC.
  7.  All Provinces will promote and take advantage of the services of the Parish Mission Preaching (PMP) team. Implementation: Provincial.
  8.  The General and the Provincial administrations will continue to strengthen our Provinces and communities in Africa, North America, Europe, and Oceania, and will open new missions in Latin America and South-East Asia in view of implanting the Congregation, with community based apostolates, and promoting local vocations. Implementation: The General and the Provincial Administrations.


  1. Formation being the responsibility of the whole Congregation, we, under the direction of the Provincials, will continue to provide encouragement and support to our formators and formees. Implementation: Provincial. 
  2.  Recognizing the importance of having quality candidates, we will intensify our efforts in identifying and assisting our Vocation Promoters in promoting good Vocations to our Congregation. Implementation: Provincial & Vocation Promoter. 
  3.  All Provinces will implement the newly introduced Graded Integral Formation program, giving special focus to the study of the Word of God, Teachings of the Church, Sacred Liturgy, Life and Works of St. Francis de Sales and Fr. Peter Mary Mermier, the History of the
    Congregation, and the Constitutions and the General Directory. Implementation: Rector & PCIC.
  4. All formees, at all stages of formation, will be provided with opportunities for mission awareness and exposure to the missions and ministries of the Congregation. During Philosophical or Theological formation, this mission exposure could be conceived as a 2-credit
    course that the formees are required to complete. Implementation: PCIC & Rector.
  5. The formation program will specifically focus on inculcating moral consciousness, loyalty to the Congregation, missionary zeal, and accountability. Implementation: PCIC & Rector.
  6.  A pool of confreres from various ministries will be constituted at the Province level to function as non-resident formation team. Every month, Rectors of seminaries will ensure a presentation or sharing by one of them on their specific ministry. Implementation: PCIC &
  7. All formees, during their Philosophical and Theological formation, will gain proficiency in one mission language of their respective Provinces and a basic knowledge of French and Latin. Implementation: Provincial & Rector.
  8. All formators will complete a Formators’ training program, including some basic training in Psychology and Counseling prior to their appointment. Implementation: Provincial.
  9.  A background check of the formators will be completed before their appointment to ensure that confreres with integrity become formators. Implementation: Provincial.
  10. Provincials will organize update and renewal programs annually for formators. Implementation: Provincial, PCIC, & Rector.
  11. Provincials will organize ongoing formation programs for all confreres at least once a year. Implementation: Provincial.
  12. Provincials will encourage all confreres to use the Spiritual Directory as part of their ongoing formation. Implementation: Provincial.
  13.  In the background of declining number of vocations and lack of formation personnel, Provincials will promote inter-province formation houses and pooling of formators. Implementation: Provincials.
  14. All Provincials will make effort to strengthen the faculty and staff of Suvidya College and Lumen Christi Institute (LCI) by making available the services of a greater number of competent confreres, especially Spiritual Directors. Implementation: Provincials.


  1. Education of the young being one of the prime apostolates of our Congregation, and considering it as a sacred call for evangelization, we will continue to provide encouragement and support to our confreres who are involved in the apostolate of education. Implementation: Provincial.
  2.  Recognizing the educational and formational value of our presence as priests and religious, Managers/Correspondents and Principals will make every effort to create a Catholic culture and ambience in our schools and colleges by their conduct and appearance. Implementation: Principals and Managers/Correspondents.
  3.  Principals of schools and colleges will ensure the display of Biblical verses and quotes from St. Francis de Sales and Fr. Mermier in our educational institutions through banners and wall hangings. Implementation: Principals & PCIC.
  4. Only those who have completed a minimum of two years of teaching experience and a minimum of one year as Vice Principal will be appointed as Principals of High Schools, Higher Secondary Schools, and Institutions of Higher Education. Implementation: Provincial.
  5. To establish a culture of excellence and competence in our educational institutions, Provincials will ensure that those who have obtained degrees through private studies, correspondence courses, and honorary conferral, and do not have professional degrees obtained
    through regular College programs are not appointed as Principals. Implementation: Provincial.
  6. A background check of the confreres working in our educational institutions will be completed prior to their appointment to ensure that confreres with integrity are in our schools and colleges.
    Implementation: Provincial.
  7. The office space of Principals and Vice Principals in our educational institutions will be simple, devoid of luxury and extravagance. Implementation: Provincial Bursar.
  8. Academic programs being the main responsibility of Principals, the Office of Principal will be delinked from the management of temporal goods of our schools and colleges. Implementation: Provincial & Provincial Bursar.
  9. Managers/Correspondents of schools and colleges will be involved in the functioning of those institutions in a greater way by way of teaching, spending a day during the week with the school
    community, or any other. Implementation: Provincial & PCIC.
  10.  Integrating, the Christian, Salesian, and Mermierian values and teachings, the Education Forum at the Congregational level will explore the possibility of preparing a Moral Science Book. Implementation: General Secretary for Education & PCICs.
  11. Our school and college buildings and other facilities will be used after the regular working hours for the education and formation of less privileged children and people in the neighborhood. Implementation: Provincial & Principal.
  12. Social awareness programs will be part of our school and college curriculums, and Provincials will ensure an increase in the concessions and scholarships given to poor children in our schools and colleges. Implementation: Provincial & PCIC.
  13. All our educational institutions will constitute Crisis Management Teams and Redressal Forums as per the Education Policy of the Congregation. Implementation: PCIC.
  14. All our educational institutions will strengthen the Alumni Associations as per the Education Policy of the Congregation. Implementation: PCIC.
  15.  All our educational institutions will establish a student wing of Friends of Fransalians (FoF) as per the Education Policy of the Congregation. Implementation: PCIC & SAIM.
  16. The Principals/Head Masters of the established and aided educational institutions are to be given a period of break after a tenure of 9 years for mission service. Implementation: Provincial PCIC.


  1. Reading the signs of the time and responding to the needs of the Church in new and creative ways, we will continue to promote social and innovative ministries in our Provinces and mission units, and adequately train confreres for the same. Implementation: Provincial & SAIM.
  2. All Provinces and mission units will give adequate attention to specialized ministries such as Social Work, Media and Communication, and Youth Ministry, and train confreres for the same. Implementation: Provincial & SAIM.
  3. The General Administration will establish a Global Media Center under the General Secretariat for SAIM, to assist and enhance the Media and Communication ministries of individual Provinces and mission units. Implementation: General Secretary for SAIM.
  4. Provinces will establish Province-level units of the Mission Development Office (MDO), and make use of its services to further our social and innovative ministries. Implementation: Provincial.
  5. Wherever necessary, Provinces and mission units will initiate ministries in the area of health care such as, establishing clinics and hospitals, and train confreres for the same. Implementation: Provincial.
  6.  Provinces and mission units will initiate ministries for the care of the physically and mentally challenged, especially the special-needs-children. Considering the unique nature of such ministries, those confreres who have an aptitude for and are involved in such ministries could be given extended terms of appointment. Implementation: Provincial.
  7. Provinces and mission units will strengthen the functioning of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Commission. Confreres will be trained in Law and other related disciplines to enhance its functioning. Implementation: Provincial.
  8. In collaboration with the SFS Publications, Bangalore, India, Provinces and mission units outside India will explore the possibility of printing and distributing the Bible Diary (Joy of the  Gospel) in their own countries. Implementation: General Administration & SFS Publications, Bangalore, India.


  1.  Aware that we are stewards and not owners of what God has entrusted to us, we will continue to foster a sense and culture of stewardship, accountability, transparency, and simplicity in our Provinces and mission units. Implementation: Provincial.
  2. The formation program in our seminaries will include stage-appropriate training in accounting and finance management, and legal and civil matters of the respective countries. During 10
    Philosophical or Theological formation, these programs could be offered as 1 credit course that the formees are required to complete. Implementation: Provincial Bursar & Rectors.
  3. Every community will prepare an annual budget and get it approved by the Provincial Administration. Implementation: Provincial, Provincial Bursar, & Local Superior.
  4. All our communities will ensure the implementation of Financial Accountability System for Transparency (FAST) and the presentation of the statement of accounts in monthly community meetings. Implementation: Provincial, Provincial Bursar, & Local Superior.
  5. Provincials will ensure that all confreres follow the Provincial Statutes with regard to ownership of vehicles, property, and other matters concerning temporal goods. Implementation: Provincial, Provincial Bursar, & Local Superior.
  6. Every Province and mission unit will constitute a Land and Building Committee with experts in Engineering, Architecture, Accounting, Business Administration, and Law, who will oversee all the major projects of the Province such as purchase and sale of lands, construction of buildings, and concerns regarding Trusts and Registered Societies. Implementation: Provincial & Provincial Bursar.
  7. Every Province and mission unit will enhance their resource mobilization efforts to identify benefactors and raise local funds. Implementation: Provincial & Provincial Bursar.
  8. Provinces will explore the possibility of constituting inter-Province internal auditing teams. The internal auditing team will audit accounts, property documents, and other matters concerning temporal goods. Implementation: Provincial & Provincial Bursar.


  1. The General Chapter reaffirms the Congregation’s commitment to strengthen the USA Vice Province, especially with regard to personnel.
  2. The USA Vice-Provincial will ensure to establish Local Communities* both among the permanent members and temporary members.
  3. The request of the USA Vice Province will specify to the Assistant Superior General certain essential components such as: 

                    i. Number of confreres required
                  ii. The type of the ministry for which the personnel are required
                 iii. The type of competence/experience needed
                 iv. The suitable age group
                  v. The type of the training required (* The term “Local Community” refers to physical Local Community constitutionally established by a Major Superior.)
               vi. The duration of the training
              vii. The expenditure for the training etc.

  4. Upon the request of the Vice-provincial concerning the needs of the vice-province, the concerned provincial will identify confreres to be designated, whether they are from outside USA or from those who are already in ministry in USA.
  5. A confrere who is designated for USA Vice Province will go with an initial mandate for a term of 3 years, and he enjoys both active and passive voice in USA Vice Province from the beginning.
  6. Following due procedures, within 3 years, the Vice Provincial and the concerned Provincial will complete the process of the designated confrere’s full integration into the Vice Province.
  7. Regarding the salary of the designated members who join afresh, it will be equally divided (50- 50) between the Vice Province and the Province of Origin for the first three years. After that, the Vice Province will pay 10% of the confrere’s salary for another five years.
  8. The temporary members in USA Vice-Province enjoy both the active and passive voice in their respective Provinces of origin. The “10-year policy” is applicable for the temporary members.
  9. The Vice-Provincial curia comprises of confreres only from the permanent members.
  10. Two representatives from the short-term members will be elected from amongst them, whom the Vice-Provincial will consult at least twice a year on matters concerning them.


  1. General Chapter 2013 mandated the General Administration to constitute Delegations (Neighborhood Local Communities in case of Provinces with insufficient number of confreres for a Delegation) under the Provinces in view of establishing Local Communities* .
  2. General Chapter 2019 mandates each province to ensure the establishment of Local Communities consisting of at least 2 confreres through its respective Delegation as early as possible and latest by the next General Chapter.
  3. For those who are integrated into these communities, the 10-year policy will not apply. The Provincials are authorized to give a period of three years to those confreres who have completed eight years or more of ministry in view of integrating them into a Local Community.
  4. The Local Communities are to function as per the norms of the Constitutions and according to the specific modalities provided by Provincials’ Forum with the approval of the General Administration. (* The term “Local Community” refers to physical Local Community constitutionally established by a Major Superior.)
  5.  Until the Local Communities are established, the existing Neighborhood Local Communities are to be strengthened with measures that foster fraternal communion.
  6. Any new confrere sent to GAH is sent in view of integrating into Local Communities.
  7. It is mandatory for a confrere who is sent a second time for ministry in GAH to be part of a Local Community.


  1.  Considering the historical significance and contribution of the English Province, as well as the present crisis that the Province faces, the General Chapter affirms the urgent need to strengthen the Province of England.
  2. The General Chapter is convinced that the immediate concern of the English Province is to establish strong leadership and appropriate structure at the earliest possible opportunity.
  3. Towards the realization of this end, the Chapter authorizes the General Administration to propose to the members of the Province a list of 4 names, which may be from within and outside the province, for the consultation and appointment of the Provincial.
  4. Therefore, with good leadership, backed up effectively by the General Administration, provinces are asked to send confreres to help. These confreres should be initially vetted to ensure that they have the aptitude to thrive in the context of English Province.


  1.  The General Chapter recognizes and affirms the legitimate right of the Provinces to seek division of the Province in accordance with the norms of the MSFS Constitutions for administrative feasibility and missionary effectiveness.
  2. The General Chapter approves the request of the North East India Province for the division of North-East India Province into two Provinces.
               i. The General Chapter authorizes the General Administration to initiate the process as
    prescribed by the Constitutions and the General Directory.
            ii. The General Chapter also authorizes the General Administration to implement the decision as early as possible.


  1.  General Chapter 2019 authorizes the General Administration to appoint an expert commission to study and present the following matters at the Congregational level and bring clear proposals
    and possibilities to be voted for in the next General Chapter and for eventual amendments in the MSFS Constitutions and/or the General Directory:
                         i. Election of Provincial
                       ii. Election of Provincial Councilors
                      iii. Age & Eligibility for all the above offices
                      iv. The need for the office of Provincial Vicar
                      v. Election of Provincial Bursar
                     vi. Provincial’s term of office
                    vii. All Regional Superiors as Ex-Officio members of the General Chapter                                                                                                                                                                                                               viii. The choice between Provincial Congress and Chapter based on the number of confreres in the Province.
                    ix. The active and passive voice of General Councilors.
                     x. Any other matter pertaining to the Constitutions and the General Directory
  2. General Chapter 2019 authorizes the General Administration to appoint an expert commission to study the following matters:
                    i. The MSFS Constitutions and the General Directory
                   ii. The Spirit of our Founder
                  iii. Our Charism
                  iv. The History of the Congregation
  3. Regarding the extension of the term of office of the Provincial, the General Chapter voted to delete GD 236 i & ii, and retain only GD 236 iii.
  4. With regard to cases of low turnout in voting, the General Chapter decided to leave the matter to the General Administration. The General Chapter exhorts the Local Superiors to enlighten the members to vote.
  5. With regard to the reasons for the removal of Provincial, the General Chapter affirms that there is no need to specify the reasons for the removal of the Provincial.
  6. With regard to the appointment of Local Superiors, the General Chapter directs that the appointment needs to be done according to the Norms in the Constitutions.
  7. With regard to the substitutes for General Councilors in case of vacancy of office, the General Chapter decided to add a clause in the General Directory regarding the election of two substitutes.
  8. With regard to E-Voting, the General Chapter approves it in principle, and authorizes the General Administration to work out its modalities.


  1. There is no automatic, direct, or immediate approval of application for Exclaustration or  Incardination. Confreres are to respect their personnel plans.
  2. Anyone, who wants to leave the Congregation and join a diocese, must return to his Provincialate for an appointment for the discernment process for one year.
  3. It is the direction and the mind of the Congregation that any process of discernment be done within the Province or any other territory or situation that is allocated by the Major Superior.
  4. The immediacy of the presence and animation of his Major Superior, fraternal communion with the confreres in the province, and being situated within the domain of the ministries of the province can provide better opportunities to discern his vocation or reinforce his religious and apostolic commitment.
  5. It is the policy of the Congregation as reconfirmed by General Chapter 2019 that a noncompliance to this directive from the part of an individual confrere concerned amounts to:
                 i. Failing and defeating the very purpose of the mission outside the Province territory.
               ii. Disloyalty to the policies of the Congregation in the context of its life and ministry.
              iii. A breach of the Consecrated Vow of Obedience – Disobedience to the legitimate
    mandate of the Major Superior who urges him to discern his religious vocation in
    close vicinity with the confreres and the ministry in his Province.
  6. In case of refusal and defiance by the concerned confrere, despite the patient and persistent efforts at persuasion by the Provincial, the Provincial in all good conscience, can initiate the due process as prescribed in Canon 6961, Const. 284, 3.
  7. The Superior General will write a letter to the concerned dioceses regarding these policies of the Congregation.

Province Matters

Follow up to the General Chapter, 2019

As province, the “Call of General Chapter 2019” needs to be reflected, assimilated and interiorized both at the personal and community level. For this purpose, special Apostolic Community meetings are called for. Each apostolic Community meeting will be animated by a Capitulant of the General Chapter, 2019. The overseas units are also requested to come together in their own local communities for reflection and assimilation of “Call of General Chapter 2019”. The following is the schedule of Apostolic Community Meetings:

Date Apostolic Community
03.03.2019 John De Britto Apostolic Community, Pudukkottai– Animation by Fr. Kanikkai Nathan
07.03.2019 St. Thomas Apostolic Community, Chennai – Animation by Provincial
11.03.2019 St. Mary´s Apostolic Community, Villupuram – Animation by Fr. J. Stephen
11.03.2019 Fr. Peter Mermier Apostolic Community, Trichy – Animation by Fr. Kanikkai Nathan
12.03.2019 Fr. John Bosco Apostolic Community, Virudunagar – Animation by Fr. Arul Francis
26/27.03.2019 SFS Apostolic Community, Vaniyambadi – Animation by Fr. Arul Francis

The Feast of our Heavenly Patron St. Francis De Sales and the Silver Jubilee of Rev. Fr. C. Sebastin Raj

It was a time of celebration for our South East India Province as it celebrated the feast of our Patron St. Francis De Sales and the Silver Jubilee of the ordination of Rev. Fr. C. Sebastin Raj, Msfs. The celebration began with the Eucharist celebration at 10 a.m, presided over by the Jubilarian. Many of our MSFS fathers participated in the celebration. Many diocesan and religious priests, sisters and brothers were also part of the celebration. After the holy Eucharist, the Jubilarian was honored for
his 25 years of service as a priest. Fr. Abin thanked all for their participation in the celebration. Then the Jubilarian cut the cake and expressed his joy to everyone. It was followed by fellowship meal together. It was a great day to celebrate the feat of our Patron and the Silver Jubilee of our father. The day was colorful and memorable.

Regents’ meeting

The annual Regents’ meeting and orientation was held from 27th to 29th of January 2019 at Ammapatti parish. The program was organized by Rev. Fr. A. Santhiyagu, the councilor in charge of formation. We began the meeting on 27th evening with rosary. On the following day on Jan 28th, we had Morning Prayer followed by meeting and animation. We joined the people in the evening for the parish mass. The meeting was animated by Rev. Fr. Selvamani on the theme “Leadership: the Qualities and the Challenges of Leadership”. We had two talks in the morning which were inspiring and practically enriching. After the talks, we had a sharing of our experiences from each one’s ministry places. On the following day, a one day picnic to Kodaikanal was arranged and Fr. Selvamani accompanied us and we had a very good time together. 

As a whole, the regency meeting was a joyful occasion of praying, sharing and living together in our parish community. It was a joyful and pastorally enlightening experience for all of us. We really enjoyed our meeting and get together in the company of our fathers in the Ammapatty parish community. It was a new experience for all of us. We take this opportunity to thank God for his providential care and guidance. We express our sincere thanks to Rev. Fr. A. Santhiyagu, Msfs the councillor in charge of formation for arranging such a wonderful meeting and we also thank Fr. Selvamani for animating the meeting and inspiring us with his talks and personal sharing. We express a special thanks to Fr. Antony Christopher the parish priest of Ammapatti for arranging our stay in the parish.

Bro. S. Vimal Raj

Ordination to Diaconate, SFS Study House, Eluru

The 19th of January 2019 was a very memorable day for the South-East India Province, as two of our brothers namely Bros. A .Desas and J. Michael Raja received Diaconate Ordination at S.F.S Study House, Janampet. From South-East province we welcomed Rev. Frs. A. Santhiyagu and Antony Raj participated in the celebration. The ceremony began at 5 p.m and Rt. Rev. Bishop Carl Alan Kemme, Bishop of Wichita (U.S.A) presided over the Holy Eucharist and shared his thoughts and reflections on the theme “I Have Called You, You are Mine”. Rev. Fr. Santhiyagu gave the commentary in Tamil for the Diaconate Ordination. Rev. Fr. Chinnappa Reddy, the Provincial of Visakhapatnam Province and many of the fathers were present for the Holy Eucharistic celebration. At the end of the celebration, Bro.Micheal Raja expressed the words of gratitude to Rt. Rev. Bishop Carl Alan Kemme and to everyone present. Rt. Rev. Bishop congratulated the newly Ordained Deacons with flowers and we had the cake cutting ceremony. The celebration came to an end at 8 p.m with a delicious meal. It was a great day for the S.F.S Study House, Eluru and for the South-East India Province.

Bro. S. Maria Arockiam.

Ordination to Diaconate, Tejas Vidya Peetha, Bangaluru

It was an unforgettable and gracious day for ‘Tejas Vidya Peetha’ as six of the conferrers (five MSFS and one OSB) were raised to serve at the altar through the ordination of Diaconate on 18th of February, 2019. It was indeed a blissful and joyous event particularly for our province as two of our gems received their diaconate ordination. “To serve the Lord in Joyful Holiness” was the theme of the diaconate ordination. Most Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Samy, Bishop of Chikmaglur, presided over the ceremony and exhorted the deacons to serve the Lord in joyful holiness and ordained them as deacons.

It was also an added delight with the presence of Rev. Fr. Benny Kootanal, the provincial of South West Province, Rev. Fr. Santhiyagu, the councillor in charge of Formation (S.E), Rev. Fr. Santhosh Kumar, Councillor in charge of formation (S.W) and many of the conferrers from far and wide. It was also encouraging as many of our conferrers were present from Pudukkottai, Vaniyambadi, Alangayam and Kolli Hills Communities. The ceremony began at 6.00 pm followed by the Fellowship meal. At this juncture, we take this privilege to thank God Almighty for his providence for the meaningful celebration and Bishop, Most Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Samy for his kind gesture of love in coming over and ordaining our brothers. We also thank all the priests, sisters, friends, relatives and well-wishers for partaking in our joy. On behalf of Tejas family, we congratulate the deacons and wish them all the best in their ministry as deacons.

Bro. Nirmal Kumar

Inauguration and Blessing of Haus Misaela of Friendly Home, Alangayam

On 19.02.2019, in the evening, Provincial of South-East India Province, Fr. K. Ignacimuthu blessed another newly built house in the Friendly Home campus. This was followed by the Felicitation programme to honour and thank all the guests and benefactors. The Programme began with prayer dance kindling the presence of God amidst all of us. It was followed by releasing of the first ever Magazine of Friendly Home with the title, ‘Knowledge the eighth Sacrament’. Mr. Johannes Blum, a benefactor from Germany released the magazine and Rev. Fr. Amirtharajan, the Councillor in charge of Innovative Forum received the first copy. We had thoughtful messages from Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, the Provincial and Mr. Siva Kalaivanan, the Chairman, Children Welfare Committee. Mr. Johness Blum gave us an inspiring message.

We also had a cultural programme starting with fusion dance revealing the Indian culture, and also the collaboration of our culture with the other cultures. We also had the Documentary Video of the daily activities of Friendly Home. The Programme had a great ending with ultra violet programme of Innovation. Then the Director thanked everyone present for the function.

Fr. X. George Navin


Fr. M. Maria Francis Britto 03
Fr. F. Emmanuel 06
Fr. I. S. Jesuraj 06
Fr. A. Doss 11
Fr. X. George Navin 12
Fr. S. Edward Xavier 14
Fr. B. Philomin Raj 16
Fr. C. Sebastin Raj 17
Fr. A. Innaci Muthu 17
Fr. S. Prem Kumar 21
Fr. A. Charles Michael Raj 24
Fr. A. Edward 29
Fr. M. Benjamin 31

We wish them Happy Birthday and God’s Abundant Blessings upon them


01 Fr. Amedee Mermier

Bro. Louis Levet
Fr. Camille Curzillat

03 Fr. John Cowman
04 Fr. Ronald Besant

Bro. Claude Cusin
Fr. Ernest Vidonne

06 Bro. Michael Allard
07 Fr. Arthur Williams
Fr. Chacko Mulanjananiyil
09 Bro. Joseph Schumacher
10 Fr. Peter Chakkulickal
11 Bro. Nicholas page
Bro. Fortune Corboud
Fr. Polycarpe Vivot
12 Mgr. Etienne Bonaventure
13 Mgr. Joseph Baud
Fr. Sean Mason
14 Bro. Alexis Voisin
Fr. Louis Dayer
15 Bro. James Gatti
Fr. Marius Perret
16 Bro. Andre Echernier
Mgr. Francois Coppel
Fr. Francois Pallud
Fr. Alexandre Chevallier
Fr. Joseph Monnard
17 Fr. Cyrille Arind-Berod
Fr. Albino Fernandes
18 Fr. Jean Prunier
Fr. Scaria Thengumkudiyil
Fr. Paul Rime
Archbishop Eugene D’Souza
19 Fr. Joseph Bouchet
20 Bro. Antoine Pernoud
21 Bro. Ernest Paccard
Bro. Mathew Kuzhupillil
22 Bro. Clement Cottet
Fr. Joseph Dunoyer
Mgr. Pierre Rossillon
23 Bro. Francios Minoletti
24 Fr. Maurice Chamonin
Fr. Mathew Pazhedam
25 Bro. John Mary Panisset
26 Fr. Thomas Morrin
Bro.Anthony D’Souza
Fr. Camille Savoy
27 Bro.Alick Rigley
Fr. Auguste Aboulin
28. Fr. Jean Marie Debornes
Fr. Mathew Kudakacherry
29 Fr. Jacques Vuichard
Fr. Basil Luyet
30 Fr. Felix Sallansonet
Fr. Anil Francis Topno

 Let Us Continue to Pray for the Deceased Members of Our Congregation


  1. Fr. Paul Chakunny Pallikunneth, of Nagpur Province, aged 81, expired on 21st February, 2019.
  2. Fr Stephen Marayikulam, of Northeast Province, aged 56, expired on 24th February, 2019.

May I request those who have not fulfilled the suffrages to do the same at the earliest. (Const. No.118; General Directory No.98)
May their soul rest in peace!



Date Programme
03.03.2019 Blessing of New Arch, SFS ITI, Chatram
04.03.2019 Council Meeting
05.03.2019 School Day, SFS School, Perumbakkam
07.03.2019 Apostolic community meeting, Chennai
08.03.2019 First Death Anniversary of father of Fr. F. Emmanuel
09.03.2019 Education Forum Meeting, Msfs Provincialate, Trichy
11.03.2019 Social and Innovative Ministries Forum Meeting, Msfs Provincialate, Trichy
17.03.2019 Canonical Visitation, St. Mary’s Church, Mariapuram
20.03.2019 CRI, Tindivanam
23.03.2019 Meeting, Madurai
24.03.2019 Canonical Visitation, Fransalian Centre, Othaiyal
30.03.2019 Meeting, Arch-diocese of Madurai
31.03.2019 Canonical Visitation, R. C. Church, Kanankadu

Yours Fraternally in Christ,
Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, Msfs
Provincial Superior


“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

(Joshua 1:9)


“Through devotion, your family cares become more peaceful, mutual love between husband and wife becomes more sincere, the service we owe to the prince more faithful, and our work, no matter what it is, becomes more pleasant and agreeable.”

– Saint Francis de Sales

“Not all crosses are wooden ones. … I shall conclude with the saying of an old priest I knew: Crosses are to be kissed, not bitten. And I add, ‘Kissing them brings healing; they become soft and one learns to love them.”

-Letter to Fr. Francis Decompoix, India, April, 1855, (Duval, Mermier, p. 268)

Thirukkural :

நல்குர வென்னும் இடும்பையுள் பல்குரைத்
துன்பங்கள் சென்று படும்

விளக்கம் :  வறுமையெனும் துன்பத்திற்குள்ளிருந்து பல்வேறு வகையான துன்பங்கள் கிளர்த்தெழும்

Couplet : From poverty, that grievous woe, Attendant sorrows plenteous grow
Explanation : The misery of poverty brings in its train many (more) miseries

Transliteration :
Nalkuravu Ennum Itumpaiyul Palkuraith
Thunpangal Sendru Patum