My dear Confreres,

Greetings to you all! Today is a special day for our Congregation, as we are celebrating the feast of Mother of Compassion, patroness of our Congregation. In another fifteen days, we will be also celebrating our Founder’s Day. These two feasts in the month of September have a special place and meaning for our Congregation and for us.

The feast of Mother of Compassion has many traditions. The names of Mother of Sorrow and Mother of Compassion, being interchangeable indicate the different aspects of our Mother. Mary Mother of Compassion gives us at least two messages. One is that she suffered with Christ our Saviour and her suffering has a purpose and noble objective. That purpose or noble objective is the salvation of humanity. She did not suffer for her sake or for her benefit, but her suffering is for the sake of others. As such, her sorrow/suffering is altruistic. Secondly Mother of Compassion indicates that she feels one with others – compassionate, empathizes, and sympathizes with those who suffer and tries to alleviate their sufferings. Our Venerable founder had great devotion to Mother of Compassion and every time uses the term Mother of Compassion. It is very apt that we have her as Patroness of our Congregation.

In the same way, Founder’s Day is very special for us, as we re-call his exemplary and praiseworthy life, founding the congregation, his missionary life etc. He had profound and deep experience of God. This experience of God led him to the signs of the time and the need for revival of Christian faith among the people in the parishes. His entire life was dedicated to mission and this he did not by himself alone, but as a community. That is why he gathered others and that gave birth to our Congregation. In its very foundation, our congregation and its ministry are community-based.

Dear Confreres, these twin feasts have great value and meaning for our Congregation and for us confreres. We must imbibe the message of the feast of Mother of Compassion and the spirit of our Founder. Like Mary Mother of Compassion, all our apostolate, ministries and endeavors etc must be altruistic and for the good of the humanity. Like our Founder, we must do our apostolate, ministries etc not as individuals, but as a community. It does not mean that as of now, we don’t live in community or involve community based ministry. We need to curb the creeping individualistic tendencies and deepen our religious life in the communities and community-based ministries. This is also emphasized in the Call of the General Chapter, 2019. Let us imbibe the message of the feast of Mother of compassion to be altruistic in all that we do and let us also like our Founder focus on the community living and community based ministry.


The “Call of General Chapter 2019” is a very special document for each confrere. In order to ensure that it reflected, assimilated and interiorized both at the personal and community level, animation and meetings have already been conducted in the Apostolic Community level. Every apostolic Community meeting was animated a Capitulant of the General Chapter, 2019. There are so many decisions taken by the General Chapter, 2019 as specified the Call of the General Chapter, 2019. Many of the regular decisions of the General Chapter, 2019 are being implemented. However some of the specific implementations are the following:

i. Forming more Local Communities and Reducing Neighborhood Local Communities

(Ref: Clause 5 under sub-title our Consecrated life in Community of the Call of the General Chapter, 2019) We have taken up this in our province this academic year of 2019 – 2020 for implementation. As such, the erstwhile single member community of R.S.Nagar parish, Mariapuram parish and Othayal parish have been converted into 2 member communities.

ii. Sending Confreres for Specialization

(Ref: Clause 5 under sub-title Msfsness & Spirituality of St. Francis de Sales of the Call of the General Chapter, 2019) In order to build up an intellectual culture and specialization including spirituality of St.Francis De Sales, this academic year, we have sent 7 confreres for specialization in different discipline

iii. Adequate Planning, Preparation and Formation of Personnel for Overseas Mission and Establishing Local Communities.

(Ref: Clause 4 & 5 under sub-title Mission of the Call of the General Chapter, 2019) For more than one year, we took adequate time for planning and preparation of personnel for Malawi mission. Finally we have taken up our first mission of Livingstonia in the Diocese of Karonga in Malawi on 5th of May, 2019. We have also formed the first local community of Livingstonia with three confreres. That apart, there are also 7 scholastics under formation, who are doing their studies in Tanzania.

iv. Ongoing Formation/Programme for the confreres

(Ref: Clause 11 under sub-title Formation of the Call of the General Chapter, 2019) In order to ensure that the priest-confreres continue to get ongoing programme, this academic year, a number of programme are organized by the Councilor in charge of Formation.

v. Minimum Teaching Experience before Appointment

(Ref: Clause 4 under sub-title Education of the Call of the General Chapter, 2019) The minimum experience of teaching as stipulated in the Call of the General Chapter, 2019 is already being implemented in our province

vi. Regular Degrees and Specialization

(Ref: Clause 5 under sub-title Education of the Call of the General Chapter, 2019) In order to ensure the culture of excellence and competence, the irregular and correspondence studies/specializations are not encouraged and are not permitted.

vii. Forming Physical Local Community in GAH

(Ref: Clause 2 under sub-title Germany, Austria, & Holland (GAH) of the Call of the General Chapter, 2019) As per the Call of the General Chapter, 2019, steps are being initiated in GAH to establish physical local communities.


I undertook the canonical visitation of confreres doing their pastoral ministry / studying in Europe from 27th of June to 31st of July, 2019. It was the first visit. The purpose of the visit was two-fold. One is to meet the confreres individually and in common. The second is the animation regarding the Call of the General Chapter, 2019, especially regarding forming physical communities in GAH.

Apart from visiting GAH, I also visited Sicily in Italy, where three of our confreres are doing their pastoral ministry. I also visited Generalate houses in Rome, Annecy community in France and Fribourg community in Switzerland. I also visited two parishes in Plymouth diocese in England, where two of our confreres are doing their pastoral ministry. I had the joy of meeting our Assistant General Rev.Fr.Yves Carron in Fribourg.

The canonical visitation consisted of visiting the parishes, where our confreres are serving, personal meetings with each confrere, meeting the diocesan officials and common meetings of the confreres. I met 5 dioceses officials – Eisenstadt, Regensburg, Fulda, Munster and Passau. Apart from the diocesan officials, I could also meet two Bishops of Eisenstadt and Fulda. I also had the occasion to meet the Bishop of Plymouth in England. All the bishops and the diocesan officials have great appreciation for our MSFS confreres serving in their dioceses. That apart, the parish priests, with whom our confreres are working, are also appreciative of our confreres. The parishioners also shared a lot of good things about our confreres.

The visit was very enriching, as I had personal experience of their life and ministry in Europe. It was arranged well. All of them took a lot of effort to make my visit fruitful. I am very greatful to all of them. I thank Assistant General Rev.Fr.Yves Carron for the inspiring meeting we had. I thank Fr.Amalraj, the Delegation Superior, who made all the arrangements and the schedule during my visitation. I also thank Rev.Fr.Augustine Mangatt, Rev.Fr.Jose Cheriantharayil, Rev.Fr.Kurian Poochavalel, Rev.Fr.Samuel and other confreres of Generalate houses in Rome, Annecy community, and Fribourg community for their warm love, welcome and accommodation.


On 24th August evening, a farewell mass was organized at Trichy by the provincialate community for three of us namely Bros. C.Arun Raj, A.John Britto andS.Vimal Raj. The Holy Eucharistic Celebration was presided over by Rev.Fr.Provincial and the sermon was preached by Rev. Fr. Santhiyagu. After the mass, all those who were there wished us a safe journey and studies.Fr. Santhiyagu, the Councilor in charge of Formation joined us in our travel to Africa. We reached Tanzania on 27th early morning. Frs. Clement, the Provincial Secretary of the East Africa province and Fr.Arockia Samy picked us from the airport. We reached our Theology study house at Morogoro by evening. We thank Fr.Provincial, the Provincial Councilors and all the fathers for their valuable prayers and support for us. We also thank the Provincialate community for the good accommodation and hospitality.

Bro. Vimal Raj MSFS


Fransalian Youth Ministry of South East India Province along with Family Prayer Peak, Kalai Ulagam and fathers of St. Thomas Apostolic Community Chennai arranged retreat for the youth in St. Thomas Mount on 20/07/2019. Three hundred youth from our Msfs parishes, colleges and schools participated in the retreat. The Theme of the retreat was LIVE JEUS, the very words of our Patron. The main celebrant Rev. Fr. J. Stephen Msfs,the General Councilor and General Secretary for Social Apostolates and Innovative Ministries of our congregation in the homily preached on theme BE WHAT YOU ARE AND BE AT YOUR BEST (SFS) and exhorted them to be the best of themselves by using their talents and abilities. Indeed it was inspiring and challenging. We thank Fr. Alexander Msfs the Superior of St. Thomas Mount Community, Fr. Jeyakumar Msfs the Director, Family Animation Centre, Fr. Jeyaseelan Msfs, Director, Kalai Ulagam, Fr.J.Stephen Msfs, Fr. C. Sebastin Raj Msfs,Fr.Flex Msfs, Fr.I.S.Yesu Raj Msfs and Fr.Anand Msfs,Fr.Jerome Msfs and Hendry Msfs for expertise, arrangements and cooperation for the successful conduct of Fransalian Youth Retreat.

Fr. A. Christu Raj -Fransalian Youth Director of Tamil Nadu


MSFS Kalai Ulagam has conducted Yesu Margam which is a Solo bharathanatyam dance recital on Christian Themes by Selvi. Laura Rose Selvakumar (D/o Smt. Nancy and Shri. M.S. Selvakumar). The Chief Guests were Smt. Y. Sunitha, Asst. Professor, Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts, Trichy, Smt. G. Reshmi, Director, Natya Mandir,Chennai, Smt. Sunija Binu, Artistic Director Glasgow, UK., Rev.Fr.J.B. John Thadews, Rev. Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan, and Rev.Fr.G.Victor Roch, SJ. There were many professors, teachers, dancers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers and MSFS Mount community members on the audience. The Historic spectacular unique event was colored with rhythmic and divine singing and music orchestra of Indian Traditional classical concept.


Best Teacher Award

The International Association of Lions Clubs in Chennai has awarded Rev.Fr.A.Jeyaseelan for the Best Teacher Award for his immense contribution for promoting indigenous Indian culture of Art and Dance. The awarding function was held in Honor of Teachers Day Celebration on 8th September 2019 at DG Vaishanav College in Arumbakkam, Chennai.


Fr. A. Jeyaseelan, MSFS Kalai Ulagam



As part of the on-going formation programme for the priests, a three day seminar (8th to 10th of August) for three-year priests of our province was organised by Fr. A. Santhiyagu, the Councillor in charge of Formation at Claritian Life Centre, Nochiodaipatty, Dindigul. There were 8 participants. We began the seminar on 8th evening with an orientation sharing, animated by Fr. Santhiyagu Msfs. On the second day, Fr. Santhiyagu CMF animated on the theme, “Personality Development through Psycho-sexual, Psycho-social and Psycho-spiritual Integration,” and on the final day, Dr. Wilson CMF gave motivational talk on the theme, “How to be an Organised Priest?” The seminar ended with a sharing session in which the participants shared their experience of mission and life in the communities. The sessions were indeed beneficial and motivating. The resource persons with their knowledge and expertise on the topics did inspire the participants. The whole programme well prepared and organised. Thanks to Fr. Santhiyagu MSFS for organising this programme and thanks to the resource persons and the Staff of Life Centre – Nochiodaipatty.

Fr. D. Jayakumar

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”


The first Educational forum meeting for the current academic year 2019-20 was held on 12th of August in our provincial house at Trichy. After adoration, conducted by Frs.Amirthanathan and Simon, the members of the forum gathered in the seminar hall. Fr. Thadews, welcomed all the participants specially Rev.Fr. Provincial and those who joined the forum newly. Fr. Lawrence was congratulated on his ordination anniversary. The minutes of the previous meeting was read and was unanimously approved by the forum. The members expressed their anxieties and fears over the recently published new Educational policey draft. After a detailed discussion on it, the forum moved to the next point, namely the inter school competition to be held this year in Pudukottai. The SFS school community at Pudukottai expressed their inconvenience in conducting this year due to the silver jubilee celebration. Take into account of the above reason, the forum decided that the SFS school at Pudukottai will host the inter school competitions next year. Fr.Thadews clarified the apprehensions raised by the members regarding the common uniform. The proposal, asking our printing press to take up common order for Belt Tie and extra was discussed in length and the SFS printing press community was asked to study and inform the forum in the next meeting. Fr. Thadews thanked the participants and the meeting came to an end.

Fr. Simon Prabu

“Everything is formed by habit, even Praying”


Congregational Retreat is going to be held from 22nd to 27th of September, 2019 at Joe Beach, ECR Road, Krishnan Karanai, Mahabalipuram. It is animated by Rev. Fr. Jose Parapillil, MSFS.

The following are the participants:

Fr. George Kootinal  Fr. Arockia Christu Raj
Fr. S. Alexander Fr. S. Arul Selvamani 
Fr. D. Robert Fr. P. Felix 
Fr. S. Antony (Tony) Fr. S. Sahaya Wilson 
Fr. A. Santhiyagu Fr. A. Selvaraj 
Fr. A. Arockiam Fr. P.S. Joseph 
Fr. A. Luckas  Fr. K. Joseph Xavier 
Fr. K. Ignaci Muthu  Fr. A. Jayaseelan 
Fr. X. Vincent Fr. D. Tharcius 
 Fr. Jerry Louis  Fr. A. Innaci Muthu 
 Fr. A. Michael Fr. D. Johnson 
Fr. M. Sahayaraj Fr. J. Savarimuthu 
Fr. S. Amirthanathan F. V. Vetharaj 
 Fr. A. Christu Raj Fr. S. Britto 
Fr. M. Nicholas Fr. A. Christopher 
Fr. S. Antony (Jr)  Fr. S. Stephen Xavier 
Fr. S. Antony Raj (sr)  Fr. Martine Kumar 
Fr. A. Charles Michael Raj  Fr. L. Jaya Raj 
Fr. D. Sheen Fr. D. Jaya Kumar 
Fr. S. Prem Kumar Fr. M. Anish Kumar 
Fr. V. Yesuraja Fr. L. John Peter 
S. Arockia Charles  Fr. S. Ashir Johnson 
Fr. A. Edmand Fr. M. John Fernandez 
Fr. M. Simon Prabhu Fr. D. Britto 
Fr. I. Jone Gragori  Fr. A. Motcha Richad 
Fr. M. Maria John Franklin  Fr. Anantha Prabu 
Fr. K. Domic Savio 


i. Regents’ Meet

Date : 29th to 30th of November, 2019
Place : MSFS Provincial House, Trichy
Participants : Regents

Bro. D. Carmel Raj Bro. Mathew Jutto
Bro. Arockia Renold Anand Bro. V. Ajin
Bro. Sesu Prabhakaran  Bro. Renold Regan 

ii. On-going Formation Programs – I

For Whom : For the priests from One year to Ten years
Date : 13th to 15th of January, 2020
Place : Conzaga Renewal Center, Pondicherry
Resource Person : Rev.Dr.Thomas Kalariparambil, Msfs

Fr. S. Arockia Charles Fr. K. Martin Anand
Fr. S. Abin  Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan
Fr. M. Maria F. Britto      Fr. A. Maria John Franklin 
Fr. A. Charles Fr. S. Santhanam
Fr. A. Jeganathan  Fr. A. Chinnasamy Yesuraj 
Fr. D. Sheen           Fr. C. Martin Kumar   
Fr. M. Benjamin  Fr. K. Dominic Savio    
Fr. S. Prem Kumar  Fr. L. Jaya Raj   
Fr. V. Yesuraja Fr. M. Joseph Anish Kumar
Fr. X. George Navin  Fr. S. Arockiam
Fr. A. Edmand  Fr. A. Jerome   
Fr. M. Simon Prabhu    Fr. D. Jaya Kumar    
 Fr. I. Jone Gragori  Fr. L. John Peter   
Fr. S. Ashir Johnson Fr. D. Britto
Fr. S. Antony Raj   Fr. Anantha Prabu
Fr. M. John Fernandez    Fr. Motcha Richard 

iii. On-going Formation Programs – II

For Whom : The priests from Eleven years and above
Date : 25th to 27th of November, 2019
Place : Conzaga Renewal Center, Pondicherry
Resource Person : Rev.Dr.Naveen Saldana, OP

Fr. Kootinal George Fr. S. Joseph      
Fr. S. Alexander   Fr. S. Alphonse  
Fr. A. Lawrence  Fr. M. John De Britto 
Fr. C. Sebastin Raj  Fr. A. Arul Francis           
Fr. D. Robert   Fr. M. Nicholas 
Fr. S. Antony (Tony) Fr. A. Jeya Kumar
Fr. A. Arockiam      Fr. I. S. Jesu Raj
Fr. K. Ignaci Muthu  Fr. S. A. Christu Raj        
Fr. A. Santhiyagu   Fr. A. Jeyaseelan 
Fr. A. Luckas    Fr. P. Felix  
Fr. C. John Britto  Fr. S. Sahaya Wilson 
Fr. J. B. John Thadews          Fr. A. Selvaraj          
Fr. P. Johnson Jeyabal Fr. V. Vedharaj 
Fr. X. Vincent  Fr. K. Joseph Xavier 
Fr. Jerry Louis         Fr. D. Tharcius 
Fr. A. Michael     Fr. A. Innaci Muthu       
Fr. J. Stephen     Fr. A. Maria Selvan
Fr. M. Sahaya Raj         Fr. D. Johnson   
Fr. S. Amirthanathan Fr. G. Jagannathan      
 Fr. A. Christu Raj      Fr. H. Ebin Christopher  
Fr. C. Sebastin Robert      Fr. J. Savarimuthu 
Fr. D. Kanikkai    Fr. S. Britto 
Fr. S. Antony (Jr)  Fr. D. Amirtha Rajan       
Fr. P. S. Joseph Fr. A. Christopher 
 Fr. S. Arul Selvamani  Fr. S. Stephen Xavier
Fr. S. Antony Raj

Dear Brothers, please make sure that you mark the following dates and avail yourself to benefit from the programs. Thanks for your cooperation and support. If you are going to be absent, seek prior permission from Fr. Provincial.

Rev. Dr. A. Santhiaygu, msfs

10. THE FORUMS FOR 2019 – 2020

The Forums have already been reconstituted and meetings have been held. As such, the reconstituted forums for 2019 -2020 are as follows:

i. Mission Forum

Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan (Councilor in charge)  Fr. P. Felix    
Fr. S. Antony (Tony)  Fr. S. Sahaya Wilson
 Fr. D. Robert Fr. A. Maria Selvam
Fr. A. Arockiam  Fr. D. Tharcius 
Fr. A. Luckas    Fr. S. Stephen Xavier  
Fr. S. Jerry Louis  Fr. A. Antony Christopher
Fr. C. John Britto Fr. S. Antony Raj (Sr)
Fr. X. Vincent   Fr. M. Maria Francis Britto 
Fr. J. Stephen     Fr. V. Yesu Raja  
Fr. M. Sahaya Raj Fr. I. Jone Gragori 
Fr. M. John De Britto Fr. L. John Peter 
Fr. I. S. Jesu Raj  Fr. M. John Fernandez 
Fr. D. Francis  Fr. D. Britto   
Fr. S. Anantha Prabu Fr. A. Motcha Richard 

ii. Education Forum

Fr. J.B. John Thadews (Councillor in charge)  Fr. D. Johnson Sagayaraj 
Fr. George Kootinal   Fr. S. Britto
Fr. A. Lawrence  Fr. A. Maria Selvam 
Fr. C. John Britto Fr. D. Amirtharajan 
Fr. P.S. Joseph  Fr. S. Sahaya Jerald Abin 
Fr. A. Arul Francis   Fr. M. Simon Prabhu 
Fr. V. Vetharaj  Fr. K. Martin Anand    
 Fr. J. Savarimuthu Fr. S. Santhanam 
 Fr. A. Innaci Muthu  Fr. C. Martin Kumar
Fr. A. Arockiam  Fr. A. Jerome 

iii. Formation Forum

Fr. A. Santhiyagu (Councillor in charge)  Fr. Ebin Christopher   
Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan   Fr. D. Sheen Prisal Singh
 Fr. S. Arul Selvamani Fr. Prem Kumar 
Fr. A. Michael  Fr. Chinnasamy Yesuraj
Fr. S. Arockia Christu Raj   Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan 
Fr. M. Joseph Anish Kumar Fr. D. Jaya Kumar
 Fr. S. Arockiam   Fr. S. Antony Raj 
Fr. C. Sebastin Robert 

iv. Stewardship Forum

Fr. M. Nicholas (Convener)  Fr. A. Charles Michael Raj      
Fr. S. Amirthanathan   Fr. M. Benjamin
 Fr. P.  Johnson Jayabal  Fr. S. Arockia Charles
Fr. S. Antony  Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan
 Fr. P.S. Joseph Fr. A. Maria John  Franklin 
Fr. A. Jeyaseelan  Fr. L. Jaya Raj
Fr. S. Ashir Johnson 

v. Innovative Forum

Fr. D. Amirtharajan (Councillor in charge)  Fr. A. Jeya Kumar   
Fr. S. Alexander   Fr. A. Jeyaseelan
Fr. S. Antony (Tony )   Fr. K. Joseph Xavier
 Fr. C. Sebastin Raj Fr. A. Selvaraj
Fr. A. Santhiyagu  Fr. P. Anto Leegin Rex
 Fr. A. Christu Raj  Fr. George Naveen Kumar
  Fr. A. Edmund

vi. Justice & Peace Forum

  • Fr. C. Sebastin Raj (Convener)
  • Fr. George Kootinal
  • Fr. K. Ignaci Muthu
  • Fr. J.B. John Thadews
  • Fr. A. Arul Francis
  • Fr. A. Jeyakumar

vii. Superiors Forum

Fr. A. Alexander  Fr. D. John De Britto   
Fr. A. Lawrence  Fr. S. Antony 
 Fr. C. Sebastine Raj Fr. A. Arul Francis
 Fr. S. Antony (Tony) Fr. I. S. Jesu Raj
 Fr. D. Robert   Fr. A. Selvaraj
Fr. A. Arockiam     Fr. A. Antony Christopher 
Fr. C. John Britto Fr. S. Antony Raj(Sr)
Fr. J.B. John Thadews Fr. S. Sahaya Jerald Abin 
Fr. J. Stephen  Fr. V. Yesu Raja 
Fr. M. Sahaya Raj  Fr. K. Dominic Savio 
Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan 

“Mind is like a clock that is constantly running down, It has to be wound up daily with good thoughts”


i. John De Britto Apostolic Community

Rev. Fr. A. Selvaraj (Convener) Rev. Fr. S. Sahaya Wilson
Rev. Fr. D. Jaya Kumar (Secretary) Rev. Fr. S. Stephen Xavier
 Rev. Fr. George Kootinal Rev. Fr. D. Sheen Prisal Singh
Rev. Fr. A. Lawrence   Rev. Fr. M. Benjamin Sunder
Rev. Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan Rev. Fr. A. Charles Michael Raj
Rev. Fr. S. Arul Selvamani Rev. Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan
Rev. Fr. K. Dominic Savio

ii. Fr. Peter Mary Mermier Apostolic Community

Rev. Fr. A. Arockiam Rev. Fr. K. Joseph Xavier
Rev.Fr. K. Ignaci Muthu   Rev. Fr. D. Tharcius
Rev. Fr. S. Jerry Louis Rev.Fr. S. John Britto
Rev. Fr. X. Vincent Rev. Fr. V. Yesu Raja
Rev. Fr. P. Johnson Jeyabal    Rev. Fr. S. Sahaya Jerald Abin  
Rev.Fr. M. Nicholas Rev. Fr. S. Ashir Johnson
Rev. Fr. S. Arockia Christu Raj  Rev. Fr. S. Arockiam

iii. St. Thomas Apostolic Community

Rev. Fr. P. Felix  (Convener) Rev. Fr. I. S. Jesu Raj
Rev. Fr. S. Alexander Rev. Fr. M. Simon Prabu
Rev. Fr. A. Jeyaseelan Rev. Fr. P. Anto Leegin Rex
 Rev. Fr. J. Stephen  Rev. Fr. A. William Joe Xavier
 Rev. Fr. A. Jayakumar Rev. Fr. A. Jerome
Rev. Fr. S. Amirthanathan Rev. Fr. Anantha Prabu

iv. SFS Apostolic Community

Rev. Fr. C. Sebastin Robert (Convener) Rev. Fr. S. Antony
 Rev. Fr. J. B.  John Thadews    Rev. Fr. V. Vetharaj
Rev. Fr. C. Sebastin Raj Rev. Fr. H. Ebin Christopher
Rev. Fr. A. Christu Raj Rev. Fr. D. Johnson
Rev. Fr. S. Antony (Tony) Rev. Fr. S. Antony Raj (Sr)
 Rev. Fr. S. Arockia Charles Rev. Fr. S. Prem Kumar
Rev. Fr. D. Amirtharajan Rev. Fr. A. Edmand  
Rev. Fr. K.  Martine Anand Rev. Fr. S. Santhanam
Rev. Fr. I. Jone Gragori Rev. Fr. Chinnasamy Yesuraj
Rev. Fr. George Naveen Kumar Rev. Fr. A. Motcha Richard

v. St. Mary’s Apostolic Community

Rev. Fr. D. Robert (Convener) Rev. Fr. A. Innaci Muthu
 Rev. Fr. M. John Fernandez (Secretary) Rev. Fr. M. Joseph Anish Kumar
Rev. Fr. A. Luckas Rev. Fr. P.S. Joseph
Rev. Fr. M. Sagaya Raj Rev. Fr. C. Martine Kumar

vi. Fr. John Bosco Apostolic Community

Rev. Fr. M.  John De Britto (Convener) Rev. Fr. D. Francis
Rev. Fr. A. Maria John Franklin (Secretary) Rev. Fr. M. Maria Francis Britto
Rev. Fr. A Santhiyagu   Rev. Fr. J. Savarimuthu  
Rev. Fr. A. Arul Francis Rev. Fr. A. Antony Christopher
Rev. Fr. C. John Britto Rev. Fr. L. Jaya Raj
Rev. Fr. A. Michael   Rev. Fr. L. John Peter
Rev. Fr. A. Maria Selvam Rev. Fr. D. Britto
Rev. Fr. M. Maria Francis Britto  


S.No     Name of the School 10th/12th Appeared Passed Highest mark
1 SFS VIRUTHUNAGAR  X 100 100 481
XII 61 61 545
2 SFS PUDUKKOTTAI  X 248 248 484
XII 123 123 574
3 SFS ALANGAYAM X 103 102 466
XII 92 91 459
4 SFS VANIYAMBADI  X 67 67 481
XII 87 87 567
5 SFS KELAMBAKKAM  X 36 36 488
_ _ _ _
_ _ _ _
7 SFS SENTHURAI  X 11 11 465
_ _ _ _

In the name of the province, I congratulate all our fathers for their dedicated service and the teachers for their hard work and the students for their efforts.


  1. FR. R. Mathiyas, MSFS Immaculate Conception Church,
    645 S Douglas Ave,
    Three Rivers, MI 49093
  2. Fr. Doss, MSFS
    Mobile Nr: 0049 1516 6539 250
  3. Fr. Anto Leegin Rex , MSFS
    Jahnstr. 7
    D-94577 Winzer
    Mobile Nr: 0049 1516 6539 250



Sep-05 Fr. F. Xavier Daniel Raj
Sep-05 Fr. S. Abin 
Sep-06 Fr. P. Maria Pushpam 
Sep-08  Fr. A. Arockiam 
Sep-17 Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan 
Sep-18 Fr. D. Arockia Raj 
Sep-20 Fr. K. Ignaci Muthu
Sep-28 Fr. A. Patrick 


Oct-12 Fr. X. Vincent 
Oct-13 Fr. A. Jeyaseelan (Dancer) 
Oct-18 Fr. A. Selva Raj 
Oct-19 Fr. H. Ebin Christopher 
Oct-20 Fr. A.J.R. Benedict 
Oct-22 Fr. D. Amirtharajan 
Oct-23 Fr. S. Arockia Christu Raj 
Oct-27 Fr. A. Lawrence 
Oct-28 Fr. S. Amirthanathan

We wish them Happy Birthday and God’s Abundant Blessings.



Sep-08 Fr. Jerry Louis 
Sep-16 Fr. P. Johnson Jayabal 
Sep-19 Fr. A. Lucaks
Sep-27 Fr. A. Joseph Amalraj 
Sep-27 Fr. M. John Fernandez 

We congratulate and pray for them.



“To give help for the deliverance of souls suffering amidst the harsh flames of Purgatory, is it not to feed the hungry ?” -St. Francis de Sales

Sep-01   Fr. Mathew NADUVILEKOOT
Fr. Kevin O’NEILL
Fr. Anthony Lopez
Sep-04 Fr. Lucien FAVRAT
Sep-06  Bro. Justin AMOUDRY
Sep-07  Fr. Abraham PUTHENKALAM
Sep-08 Mgr. Alexis RICCAZ
 Fr. Valerian Gomes
Sep-09 Fr. François MERCIER
Sep-10 Bro. Guerin VANAEFTEN
 Fr. Marius VIGNOUD
Sep-11   Fr. Henri PETITJEAN
 Fr. Joseph CHAMOT
Sep-12  Fr. Francois SERMET
Bro. Joseph Marie BUINOUD
Bro. Joseph HYVERT
Fr. Alexander SUIFFET
Fr. Pierre VERMOT
Sep-13  Fr. Jean Baptiste BENISTRAND
Bro. Herbert SHEEHAN
Sep-14  Fr. Placie DAYER
Sep-16  Fr. Eugene COUTIN
Fr. Patrick KINOULTY
Sep-17  Fr. Marc MUFFAT-JOLY
Fr. Joseph Horace MORET
Fr. Charles SEMELLAZ
Fr. Francis MOGET
Sep-18 Fr. Thomas MALAPRAVANAL
Sep-20 Bro. Alfred DEMANUELLI
Sep-21 Bro. Ambrose XAVIER
 Bro. Jean CHARLES
Sep-23 Fr. Etienne BLANC
Sep-24  Fr. Raymond STERN
Sep-25 Bro. James STOTT
Sep-26  Bro. Islari LUCAS
Br. Lucas Islary
Fr Shijo Paul Mannachamkuzhiyil
Fr. Martin CLERC
Fr. Georgekutty PUTHIYIDOM
Fr. Prabhudas Kujur
Sep-30  Fr. Pierre Marie MERMIER
 Fr. Victor GANGLOFF
Fr. Kenneth W. BAYER
Sep-29  Fr. Felix GONSALVE


“Are you not clothing the naked when you procure for the poor souls a garment of light, of the light of glory?” -St. Francis de Sales

Oct-01 Bro. Joseph CHERADICKAL
Oct-02 Bro. Raymond BOCCARD
Fr. Ignatius PUTHUR
Fr. Georges VODOZ
Oct-05 Fr. Luke CHERUVIL
Oct-06 Fr. Theophile MUGNIER
Fr. Gilbert VOLERY
Oct-08 Bro. John AROKIUM
   Fr. Gilbert CURTY
Oct-09 Bro. Jean Baptiste DALLE
Fr. William POWER
Oct-10  Fr. Gérard van HOOREN
Oct-11  Fr. Anselme CHELVUM
Oct-12  Fr. Karl FREITAG
Fr. Howard Francis FORD
 Fr. Théodore VANNAY
Oct-13 Fr. Francis DECARRE
Fr. Francois BERARD
Fr. A. Antony Savari Raj
Oct-14 Fr. Raymond CARVALHO
Oct-15 Fr. Alexandre BOCCARD
Oct-16 Bro. Henry A CRUZ
Oct-17 Fr. Jean Marie GIRARD
 Fr. Fernand ANTHONIOZ
Oct-18  Fr. Ambroise MUFFAT-MERIDOL
Fr. Devasia KALAPURA
Oct-20 Bro. Manikya Rao TINGA
Oct-21  Fr. Francois FAVRAT
 Fr. Joseph DOSTERT
Oct-23 Fr. Xavier DIAS
Bro. Georges BOSSON
Oct-24  Bro. Antoine CROCHET
Oct-25  Fr. Eugene GOJON
 Joseph THAYIL
Oct-27  Fr. Joseph ULLIEL
 Bro. Theotonio MASCARENHAS
Fr. Thomas PIETERS
Oct-28 Fr. Alphonse BARRIL
Oct-29 Fr. Eugene CHEVALLET
Bro. Marius AVRILLON
Oct-30 Fr. Charles JOLY
Fr. Antony Mc CABE
Fr. Pierre FRONTIN
Oct-31  Fr. Alexis MANIGLIER
Fr. George D’SOUZA

Let Us Continue to Pray for the Deceased Members of Our Congregation


  • Mr. Antony Cruz (Age 63), the brother of Fr. Felix, expired on 26th July, 2019. 
  • Mr. Sebastian (Age 68), the father of Fr. S. Arockia Manoharan (Vizag Province), expired on 29th of July, 2019.
  • Mr. A. Selvam (age 28), the Nephew of Fr. Provincial, expired on 7th August, 2019. 
  • Mrs. Alangara Mary (age 90), the grandmother of Fr. D. Jayakumar, expired on 30th August, 2019.

“Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required.” Winston S. Churchill

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” – St. Mother Theresa




“Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand”.

Isaiah 41:10


“By turning your eyes on God in meditation, your whole soul will be filled with God. Begin all your prayers in the presence of God”.


“We are strong because we are united. This union of hearts is a great grace”.

[Fr. Martin to Fr. Mermier, 09-01-1846]


  • Instead of being just a church that welcomes and receives by keeping the doors open, let us try also to be a church that finds new roads, that is able to step outside itself and go to those who do not attend Mass, to those who have quit or are indifferent.
  • When we walk without the cross, when we build without the cross and when we proclaim Christ without the cross, we are not disciples of the Lord. We are worldly. We may be bishops, priests, cardinals, popes, all of this, but we are not disciples of the Lord.
  • If one has the answers to all the questions – that is the proof that God is not with him. It means that he is a false prophet using religion for himself. The great leaders of the people of God, like Moses, have always left room for doubt. You must leave room for the Lord, not for our certainties; we must be humble.

 The Rosay is a school of Prayer, it is a school of Faith. – Pope Francis