Dear Confreres

We are in the season of Christmas and New Year 2020. I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a fruitful New Year of 2020.

Celebration of Christmas has a very special significance for us. It brings peace, joy and happiness. More especially Christmas brings peace. Today everybody is in need of peace. In every sphere of life, we find confusion, fear, strain, tension, chaos etc, in one way or the other. Every individual undergoes some sort of stress, anxiety and fear in one’s life. It may be due to any reason, like economic, social, family, financial, relationship etc. The families are struggling and stressed. The societies also undergo strain and tension due to socio-economic and political scenarios. Every country also experiences clashes, tension and strain in one form or the other. In all, we find an atmosphere of lack of tranquility, harmony and serenity in the individuals, families, societies and the nations.

In this context, celebration of Christmas signifies peace. “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men of good will” (Lk:2:14). God by his birth brings peace to humanity and the earth. He brings peace to all those people of good will. The purpose of God’s Incarnation was to bring changes to humanity and the world from negativity to positivity, from pessimism to optimism, from fear to serenity, from confusion to understanding and from sinfulness to holiness. Celebrating God’s birth gives us hope to a better life and a better world to live in.

Let the celebration of Christmas bring peace to all. Let our celebration of Christmas not be a routine affair and a habit. True celebration of Christmas is to interiorize the message of Christmas and live by the Gospel values. By our exemplary life worthy of our calling, we must experience peace in us and bring peace to all those whom we serve and come into contact. Let the New Year of 2020 be a year of peace, growth and success to everyone.

Wish you a happy Christmas and a great Year of 2020!

1. Appointment of Provincial for our Province

Rev.Fr.Abraham Vettuvelil, our Superior General has appointed Fr. K. Ignaci Muthu, as provincial of our South-East India Province for a second term of three years beginning from 24th of January, 2020.

We congratulate him and wish him all the best.

Fr.S.Ashir Johnson, Secretary

2. Appointment of New Provincials

Our Superior General, Rev.Fr.Abraham Vettuvelil, has appointed new Provincials for the Provinces Guwahati, Dibrugarh and England. They are the following:

1 Rev. Fr. Sabu Francis Manasrayil Guwahati
2 Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Mapplilaparambil Dibrugarh
3 Rev. Fr. Benny Valiaveettil England

3. On-going Formation Programs

For Whom For the priests from One year to Ten years
Date 13th to 15th of January, 2020
Place Conzaga Renewal Center, Pondicherry
Resource Person Rev.Dr.Thomas Kalariparambil, Msfs


Fr. S. Arockia Charles Fr. M. Simon Prabhu Fr. S. Arockiam
Fr. S. Abin Fr. I. Jone Gragori Fr. A. Jerome
Fr. M. Maria F. Britto Fr. K. Martin Anand Fr. D. Jaya Kumar
Fr. A. Charles Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan Fr. L. John Peter
Fr. A. Jeganathan Fr. A. Maria John Franklin Fr. S. Ashir Johnson
Fr. D. Sheen Fr. S. Santhanam Fr. S. Antony Raj
Fr. M. Benjamin Fr. A. Chinnasamy Yesuraj Fr. M. John Fernandez
Fr. S. Prem Kumar Fr. C. Martin Kumar Fr. D. Britto
Fr. V. Yesuraja Fr. K. Dominic Savio Fr. Anantha Prabu
Fr. X. George Navin Fr. L. Jaya Raj Fr. Motcha Richard
Fr. A. Edmand Fr. M. Joseph Anish Kumar  

Dear Brothers, please make sure that you mark the following dates and avail yourself to benefit from the programs. Thanks for your cooperation and support. If you are going to be absent, seek prior permission from Fr. Provincial.

Rev. Dr. A. Santhiaygu, msfs


4. Formation Forum Meeting

The meeting of the Formation Forum was held on 19th December at the provincialate, Nagamangalam. The meeting began with a half an hour of adoration. Fr. Santhiyagu, the Councilor (Formation) wholeheartedly welcomed the members of the forum. All the points in the agenda were discussed, including evaluating the Formation programs in our province for the past three years. We discussed and critically evaluated the programs beginning with the vocation promotion through each stage of formation in the minor seminary to on-going formation of priests. We analyzed and evaluated from academic and pastoral point of view the success and failures of the programs that are offered at present in our various seminaries.

We also had objective discussion about how the Forum has executed the action-plan of the last Provincial Congress and what we can do best for the future. The meeting was indeed a time of critical appraisal of the activities and the formation programs in our province. The members made valuable suggestions for the betterment. As it was the last meeting of the present Forum, the members thanked and congratulated Fr. Santhiyagu for his active leadership as the convener of the forum and the Councilor in-charge of formation. Fr. Santhiyagu expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to all the Forum members for their cooperation and support. With a prayer, the meeting came to an end at 12:30 pm.

Fr. D. Jayakumar, msfs

5. On-going Formation for Senior Priests

On-going formation for priests from 11 years and above was organized in Gonzaga animation center at Edayarpaliyam, Pondicherry from 25th to 27th of November, 2019. There were 35 priests present for the programme.

Rev. Dr. Naveen Saldana, OP was the resource person. Having his doctorate in moral theology and specialization on Priests’ Psycho-spiritual Integration, he animated the sessions for both days and highlighted the various aspects of the theme “The Gift of Priesthood – its demands and challenges.” His presentation was lively and very relevant for our life as priests and religious. He talked about various levels of personal identity, crisis in the life of priests, psycho-spiritual integration, psycho-sexual maturity, mid-life integration, authority and priestly ministry, religious commitment and the view of St. Francis de Sales on various types of personality. It was indeed thought-provoking and inspiring session of reinvigorating our religious spirit and passion for a meaningful priestly life.


I express a sincere thanks and appreciation to all our fathers for their cooperation and participation with enthusiasm.

Rev. Dr. A. Santhiyagu, msfs

6. Regent’s Meet

Our annual regents’ meet was organized at MSFS Provincialate Nagamangalam, Trichy from 29th to 30th of November, 2019. All the Regents (six of them) were present. It was meticulously planned and animated by Rev. Fr. Santhiyagu, Msfs, the Councilor in-charge for formation.

During the Holy Eucharist celebration on 30th of November, Rev.Fr.Provincial highlighted “the importance of Religious values and our call to Holiness”. Fr.Santhiyagu addressed us and motivated us on the theme “My community – my blessing”, reminding us that we are gifted and how we are called to be a blessing to the community and to people whom we serve.


As part of the programme, we had a picnic and visited some places. After the final orientation, we met Fr. Provincial and he motivated us about our religious commitment and responsibility. Indeed the meeting was very meaningful and enriching. It was a good opportunity for us to share our experiences. We express our thanks to Provincial Administration for organizing this gathering and the provincialate community for their love and support.

Bro. Renold Regan




7. Silver Jubilee – SFS School, Pudukottai

It was a time of jubilation for SFS School, Pudukottai on 12th of October, 2019, as it celebrated the Silver Jubilee of the school. It was a time to celebrate the 25th year of its establishment. It was planted as a tiny seed in the year 1995. It has grown into a very prestigious institution in the district. This was possible due to untiring effort of our fathers, who worked in the school in various capacities and pioneered and piloted the school to greater heights. The Sliver Jubilee celebration was a grand success with variety of programme with cultural and historical touch. Most Rev. Dr. M. Devadass Ambrose, Bishop of Thanjavur was the Chief Guest. Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu our Provincial presided over the function. Sri Mathi. T. Vijayalakshmi, CEO, Pudukottai was the Guest of Honour. We thank everyone for their participation, co-operation and prayers.




8. Silver Jubilee – SFS School, Vaniyambadi

SFS Mat.Hr.Sec School, Vaniyambadi celebrated its 25 glorious years of existence with an innovative and colorful events on Nov 15th, 2019. Rev.Fr. John Thadews, our Principal cordially extended a warm welcome to the chief guests, Most Rev.Dr. P.Soundararaju, Bishop of Vellore, Rev.Fr. Ignacimuthu, our Provincial, Rev.Fr. Jacob Karamakuzhyil, General Councilor (Education) and to all the fathers, sisters, parents and students. The celebration was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. J. Stephen, General Councilor of Innovative Mission by giving cloths to the 25 poor children and with the lighting of the lamp. To mark the Silver Jubilee, the staff and the students of SFS school collected Rs.10 lakhs for the “Silver Jubilee Educational Fund”, and it was handed over Rev. Fr. Ignacimuthu, our Provincial.

Rev.Fr. Ignacimuthu in his presidential address, shared the struggles, the school had undergone to be what it is today and appreciated all the fathers for service. His Excellency in his address appreciated the school for educating the poor children. Rev.Fr. Jacob expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the management and the staff for their selfless service and commitment. The students exhibited their talents with variety of cultural programme. The correspondent, Rev.Fr. Johnson thanked the chief guests, dignitaries and the parents for their participation. He also thanked the teachers, students and all those people who stood behind the success of this jubilee celebration.

Bro. A. Sesu Prabakaran.


9. New Houses for Gaja affected families

All of us are well aware of Gaja cyclone and its devastation. A social work team was constituted to undertake relief and rehabilitation works. With the contributions of our Congregation, provinces, well wishers, fathers and donors, several relief works were undertaken and completed.

As part of the rehabilitation works, constructions of houses and community halls are undertaken. We have completed three houses in Sendurai and Ravusapatty. They were blessed by our provincial in the presence of fathers, people and the affected families. Some other constructions are underway.

We wholeheartedly thank all the people, who have generously supported us in doing the relief and rehabilitation works.

Fr. Selvaraj

10. Newly renovated sanctuary at Nalatinputhur

It was a great joy indeed, as we blessed the newly renovated sanctuary at our Lady of perpetual help church at Nalatinputhur! Wedo thank our then Apostolic Administrator, Most Rev.Antony Pappusamy DD STD, Archbishop of Madurai, for his gracious presenceto bless the renovated Sanctuary. The presence of Rev.Fr.Ignacimuthu, our Provincial Superior and fathers added joy to us and added color to this celebration. We are sincerely thankful to the Provincial Administration. We are also thankful to the Donors of this project and the parishioners of Our Lady of Annunciation parish at Rockwood, Michigan, USA. “All glory, praise and honor to our God present in the Holy Eucharist at the sanctuary”.


Fr. C. John Britto


11. Nalam, De- Addiction Counseling home

The 10th of December, 2019 was indeed a wonderful evening for our MSFS Community at Dharmapuri. The first floor at Nalam, De- Addiction Counseling home was blessed by Most. Rev.D.Lawrence Pious, Bishop of Dharmapuri and was opened by Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, our Provincial Superior. His Excellency congratulated all the Fransalians for their ministry especially for their keen interest on those addicts in the Diocese. Fr. Provincial thanked the Bishop, Vicar General local Parish Priest, and priests and religious. I sincerely thank Provincial and his Council for the support.

Fr. Sebastin Raj


12. Birthdays of our Confreres : December

Fr. Packia Sathish Kumar 02

Fr. S. Stephen Xavier 03
Fr. N. Arokiaselvam 04
Fr. A. Christu Raj 14
Fr. M. Darline 24
Fr. P. Johnson Jeyabal  25
Fr. S. Jose Devasahayam 27
Fr. S. Ashir Johnson 28
Fr. M. Joseph Anish Kumar 31

We wish them Happy Birthday and God’s Abundant Blessings upon them

13. Ordination Anniversary of our Confreres: December


Fr. Ignacimuthu K 10

Fr. John de Britto M  26
Fr. Arockiam S 26
Fr. Arokiaselvam N 27
Fr. Christu Raj A  27
Fr. Kanikkai Nathan D 27
Fr. Joseph Anish Kumar M 27

We congratulate and pray for them

14. Let us Remember and Pray for the Dead


02 Bro. Joseph Rannard 18 Fr. Louis Orsier
  Fr. Albert Dangelmaier   Bro. Francis
03 Bro. Jean Pierre Piccot   Fr. Francois Guenard
  Fr. Blaise Deleaval   Bro. Nicholas Appao
  Fr. Mathew Nadackal   Bro. Paul Chauffat
05 Fr. Joseph Lavorel 19 Bro. John Cosgrove
  Fr. Jules Rey 20 Fr. Ernest Thevenet
  Bro. Maxime Gendre 21 Bro. Lawrence Botha
06 Fr. Francois Decompoix   Fr. Maria John Bosco
  Fr. Jean Grosfort   Fr. Paul Samy
07 Bro. Anton Betz 23 Fr. Jacques Fulpin
  Bro. Laurentius Hein   Fr. Jean Exartier
08 Fr. Antoine Guillermin 24 Bro. Joseph D’santos
  Bro. Anthony Monicum   Fr. Jean Baptiste Salomon
12 Fr. Vincent Coffy 26 Bro. Augustine Vas
  Fr. Charles Polamarachetty 29 Fr. Jules Contat
13 Fr. Henri Grandjacques   Fr. Johnn Paul Utz
14 Fr. Sebastian Puthutundiyil 30 Fr. Alphonse Grorod
16 Fr. Jerome Ribeira 31 Fr. Antoine Mordasini
17 Fr. Francois Granjux   Fr.ElieMeynet

Let Us Continue to Pray for the Deceased Members of Our Congregation

15. Let us Pray for the Departed

1. Fr. Wilson Kottam, South – West Province, expired on 8th of November, 2019.

2. Mrs. Stella Rani, Sister of Fr. Williams, East – Africa Province, aged 51, expired on 13th of November, 2019.

3. Mr. Savarimuthu, Paternal uncle of Fr. I.S. Jesu Raj, expired on 17th of November, 2019.

4. Mr. M. Amala Doss, Brother -in- Law of Fr. C. John Britto, aged 61, expired on 19th of November, 2019.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
And let the perpetual light shine upon them.

May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.


5. Fr. Mathew Kalathungal, South-West Province, expired on 22nd of November, 2019.

6. Mr. Vincent Raj, Maternal uncle of Fr.Emmanuel, aged 62, expired on 25th of November, 2019.

7. Mr. Arockiam, Father of Fr. Antony Christopher, aged 73, expired on 11th of December, 2019.

8. Mr. Arulanandam, Father of Fr. A. John Peter (Jr), aged 85, expired on 19th of December, 2019.

May I request those who have not fulfilled the suffrages to do the same at the earliest. (Const. No.118; General Directory No.98)

16. My Programme

December, 2019
25th Christmas Mass, St. Antony’s Church, Ammapatti
26th Legal Cell Team meeting, Trichy
January, 2020
1st New Year Mass, Christ the Redeemer Church, Kelambakkam
11th  Decennial Celebration, SFS School, Sendurai
20th Decennial Celebration, SFS School, Nalatinpudur
24th Installation of Provincial, Trichy
28th – 31st  Training Programme for Formators, MSFS Provincialate, Trichy

“Someday we will thank God not only for what He gave us, but also for that which He refused”.

-Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen…

17.Thoughts for Reflection and Meditation

Bible Quote

“In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there”.

Mark: 1:35

“Advent, a time of grace, tells us that it is not enough to believe in God: it is necessary to purify our faith every day…

May the Virgin Mary help us as we approach Christmas, not to allow ourselves to be distracted by external things, but make space in our heart for Him who has already come and wants to come again to heal our illnesses and give us his joy,”.

Pope Francisa

A joyless Catholic is the devil’s best tool. A joyful Catholic is God’s greatest instrument.

Scott Hahn

“A Good Conscience is a continual Christmas”.