Dear Confreres,

Wishing you all a happy feast of Pentecost! The Church world over celebrates this feast, descend of the Holy Spirit. The feast of Pentecost signifies empowerment. We receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which empowers us to totally surrender to God and serve the humanity.

Contrary to the empowerment by the Holy Spirit, today the whole world is powerless in the face of the Covid – 19 Pandemic disease. The nature is powerless. The people are powerless. The mighty governments are powerless. The great doctors, scientists, healers, preachers etc. are as powerless as ordinary people in the onslaught of this pandemic virus. Economy has collapsed. Churches, temples, mosques remain closed. Schools and colleges are shut. Free movement is curtailed. Now we talk of new normal. We talk of change of pattern of life. We talk of living with the virus. Everywhere we find isolation. People are isolated from the public, from the places of worship, from family, from relatives, from friends etc. All that we hear is social distancing, isolation, trace, test and treat.

How did this happen? Who is responsible for this? Is it nature? Is it God? Is it fate? Is it man? Is it science and technology? Is it the greedy commercial interest of the few? Some say it is the act of the nature. Some say it is man-made. Some say it is lab- created. Some say it is bio-weapon. We hear number of hypothesis, theories and conspiracies about this virus. Governments blame each other. People are blamed for the spread of the virus. Ultimately no one is taking the responsibility. There is always the blame the other attitude. There is a kind of fear, powerlessness, isolation and distancing.

At this moment of this unequalled and unparalleled crisis, we celebrate the feast of the Pentecost. The Holy Spirit, as part of the Triune God, has the power to empower us to come out of this crisis victoriously. The Holy Spirit is with us. He permeates the creation. He is present in the world and the humanity. The Holy Spirit empowers us. All that we need is to recognize it, experience it and live in accordance with gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit by his presence and works will heal and protect the world, humanity and every one of us from this uncertain and trying times. Let us surrender to Him and live by the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that the nature, the world and the humanity is empowered to come out this catastrophic situation with renewed life, strength, power and vitality.

1. Extraordinary General Chapter, 2021

As it is notified and as we are aware, the Extraordinary General Chapter of our Congregation is going to be held from 1st to 7th of February, 2021 at MSFS Provincial House, Pune. The preparatory materials, including juridical matters have been already sent to you. The Juridical matters contain important issues for our reflection and deliberations. It has been informed to you to reflect on the issues and matters in each community and submits the reports. Some communities have submitted the reports. Some communities are yet to submit. Those communities, who have not yet submitted the reports, are requested to submit the reports at the earliest.

2. The appointment of New Provincials

Our Superior General, Rev. Fr. Abraham Vettuvelil has appointed new Provincials for the Provinces Brazil, East Africa, Pune and Nagpur. They are the following:

Fr. Jaganathan Gnanadurai Provincial of the Brazil Province (First Term)
Fr. Mathew Thazhathukunnel Provincial of East Africa Province (Second Term)
Fr. Jayaseelan Selvaraj Provincial of Pune Province (Second Term)
Fr. Muthusamy Provincial of Nagpur Province (Second Term)

On behalf of the South-East India Province, we extend hearty congratulations. We assure them of our prayer and support.

3. Change of Province – Common Norm and Procedure

In respect of change of province by a confrere, our Congregation has already formulated a common policy. I would like to bring to your attention regarding the policy in the context of two confreres belonging to other provinces serving in our province – Fr.D.Francis (East Africa Province) and Fr. A. Arockiasamy (Visakhapatnam Province). The Policy is as follows:


The Mission Policy clearly lays down the norm and procedure to be applied when a confrere needs to be affiliated with another Province.

“Change of Province is discouraged in our Congregation. In case of serious reasons, if a confrere desires a change of Province, he approaches his Provincial

The modalities to be followed are:

a. The Provincial tries to help the confrere concerned by giving him a change of ministry or place within or outside the Province for a maximum period of 5 years;
b. If all the efforts of the Provincial administration fail to resolve the issue, the Provincial will refer the matter to the Superior General who will assign the confrere to any Province. The decision of the Superior General is final and binding.”

(Extract from the Mission Policy of the Congregation. Ref: Red Book, P.No.129)

In the light of the abovesaid norm and procedure, Fr.D.Francis and Fr.A. Arockiasamy will only be rendering their services in our province. Fr.D.Francis is rendering his service in our province for the last two years and he will be serving for another three more years. Fr.A. Arockiasamy will serve our province for five years. Once they complete 5 years of service and after due procedure, the Superior General will assign the confreres to any province he decides and his decision is final and binding. Till the Superior General assigns them to any province, these two confreres will have their active and passive voice in their respective provinces of East Africa and Visakhapatnam.

4. Reconstituted Forums for 2020 – 2021

     i. Mission Forum

Fr. C. Sebastin Raj (Councillor in-charge)
Fr. D. Antony Sahaya Tharcius
Fr. A. Arockiasamy Fr. S. Stephen Xavier
Fr. S. Antony (Tony) Fr. S. Antony Raj (Sr)
Fr. D. Robert Fr. I. Jone Gragori
Fr. A. Arockiam Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan
Fr. P. Johnson Jeyabal Fr. L. Jaya Raj
Fr. M. John De Britto Fr. L. John Peter
Fr. M. Nicholas Fr. M. John Fernandez
Fr. P. Felix Fr. D. Britto
Fr. A. Selvaraj Fr. S. Anantha Prabu
Fr. V. Vedharaj Fr. A. Motcha Richard

     ii. Education Forum

Fr. A. Luckas (Councillor in-charge) Fr. A. Innaci Muthu
Fr. D. Johnson Sagayaraj
Fr. A. Lawrence Fr. S. Britto
Fr. S. Jerry Louis Fr. D. Amirtharajan
Fr. J.B. John Thadews Fr. S. Arockia Charles
Fr. A. Edward Fr. M. Maria Francis Britto
Fr. P.S. Joseph Fr. S. Sahaya Jerald Abin
Fr. S. Arockia Christu Raj Fr. A. Charles Michael Raj
Fr. V. Vedharaj Fr. M. Simon Prabhu
Fr. J. Savarimuthu Fr. C. Martin Kumar

     iii. Formation Forum

Fr. P.S. Joseph (Councillor in-charge) Fr. A. Antony Christopher
Fr. D. Sheen Prisal Singh
Fr. George Kootinal Fr. S. Clement Prem Kumar
Fr. C. John Britto Fr. A. ChinnasamyYesuraj
Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan Fr. D. Jaya Kumar
Fr. S. Arul Selvamani Fr. S. Antony Raj (Jr)
Fr.H. Ebin Christopher Fr. S. Arockiam (Jr)

     iv. Stewardship Forum

Fr. S. Sagaya Wilson (Bursar – Convener) Fr. A. Luckas
Fr. X. Vincent
Fr. M. Sahaya Raj
Fr. S. Alexander Fr. S. Amirthanathan
Fr. A. Michael Fr. M. Benjamin Sunder
Fr. S. Antony Fr. S. Santhanam
Fr. P.S. Joseph Fr. K. DomnicSavio
Fr. D. Francis Fr. A. Maria John Franklin
Fr. A. Antony Christopher Fr. S. Ashir Johnson
Fr. M. Maria Francis Britto

     v. Innovative Forum

Fr. K. Joseph Xavier (Councillor in-charge) Fr. A. Jeya Kumar
Fr. A. Jeyaseelan
Fr. S. Alexander Fr. M. Benjamin Sunder
Fr. S. Antony (Tony ) Fr. S. Santhanam
Fr. C. Sebastin Raj Fr. K. DomnicSavio
Fr. A. Santhiyagu Fr. A. Edmund
Fr. A. Christu Raj Fr. A. Jerome

     vi. Superiors Forum

Fr. A. Alexander Fr. X. Vincent
Fr. A. Lawrence Fr. S. Amirthanathan
Fr. C. Sebastin Raj Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan
Fr. S. Antony (Tony) Fr. D. John De Britto
Fr. D. Robert Fr. S. Antony
Fr. A. Arockiam Fr. P. Felix
Fr. A. Santhiyagu Fr. J. Savarimuthu
Fr. A. Luckas Fr. M. Benjamin Sunder
Fr. J.B. John Thadews Fr. K. Dominic Savio

5. Promotions of Scholastics

     i. Promoted to 3rd year theology and for the Perpetual Profession

C. Britto Clinton (Vijnananilayam, Eluru) F. Eugene Ernest Raj (Tejas, Bangalore)
S. Maria Arockiam (Vijnananilayam, Eluru) A. Mahimai Arockia Raj (Tejas, Bangalore)
R. Anbu Stalin (Tejas, Bangalore) D. Emmanuvel Sathish (JDV, Pune)

     ii. Promoted to 3rd year theology, Acolyte and for the Renewal of Vows

M. Level Winner Raj (Morogoro) Michael Raja (Oriens, Shillong)
S. Jerald (Morogoro) T. Anto Prabin (Oriens, Shillong)

     iii. Promoted to 2nd Year Theology, Lector and for the Renewal of Vows

S. Vimal Raj (Morogoro)
C. Arun Raj (Morogoro) P. Arockia Marshal (Morogoro)
A. John Britto (Morogoro) P. Aspel Kishok (Vijnananilayam, Eluru)
M. Adaikala Arul Raj (Morogoro) A. David Amalanathan (Te jas, Bangalore)

     iv. Promoted for the Renewal of Vows and 1st Year M.Ph

D. Carmel Raj (JDV, Pune)

     v. Promoted to First Year Theology and for the Renewal of Vows

Arockia Renold Anand (Vijnananilayam,Eluru) D. Mathew Jutto(Tejas, Bangalore)
A. Sesu Prabhakaran (JDV, Pune) R. Renold Regan (Tejas, Bangalore)
S. Pradeep Jerald (JDV, Pune) V. Ajin (Oriens, Shillong)

     vi. Promoted to Regency and for the Renewal of Vows

A. Dony Diamond Raj
A. Peter Clement M. Arockia Charles Benny
I. Joseph Manicka Raj F. Mathew Devoda

     vii. Promoted to 3rd year Philosophy and for the Renewal of Vows

A. Selva Prakash J. Thomas Ambrose
J. Justine Richard M. Antony Vinodh

     viii. Promoted to 2nd year Philosophy and for the Renewal of Vows

P. Ashok Kumar
S. Augustus L. James Raja
Bachan Bach Sing Dilu Bach Sing

     ix. Promoted to First Profession and 1st year Philosophy

A. Suresh Kumar
Abhinadan Singh R. Edwin Prashanth
JibanthaMajhi J. DelingtonDenish
B. Sounder Raj M. Abish
Mahesh Pradhan DabidaUthan Singh
M. Sebastin Robin B. Marshal Joseph

     x. Promoted for Admission into Novitiate

S. Balsamy
F. Milton Antony J. Vincent Raj
A. Sagahya Sudharsan A. Stephan Raj
Dennis D’Sepsa A. Jeralden Raj
George Fernandes J. Arman Baliar Singh
Mouli Wilson Baban Nayak
P. Nelson Joseph Raj AnandSual Singh
J. Felix Salamon Harmikanth Balian Singh
G. Tamilarasu Silan Singh Prathan
J. Joy VinnyPresanna Prakash Sual

6. Transfers & Appointments: 2020 – 2021

The Provincial Council, in its meeting held on 22.05.2020 at Provincialate has made the following transfers & appointments:

Name Designation Name of the place
Fr. A. Innaci Muthu Principal SFS – Virudhunagar
Fr. A. Charles Michael Raj Principal SFS – Perumbakkam
Fr. X. Vincent Procurator & Superior SFS – Virudhunagar
Fr. M. Sahaya Raj Procurator SFS – Pudukkottai
Fr.M. Maria Francis Britto Procurator &Correspondent SFS –Sendurai
Fr.D.Francis Procurator SFS –Vaniyambadi
Fr.A.Luckas Procurator & Superior SFS – Kelambakkam
Fr.S. Amirthanathan Superior & Procurator Provincialate & CBSE School
Fr. S. Christu Raj On the Staff CBSE – Trichy
Fr.S. Jerry Louis Correspondent SFS – Virudhunagar
Fr.A.Edward Correspondent SFS – Pudukkottai
Fr.J. Savarimuthu Superior (Additional) Nalatinpudhur
Fr.D.AmirthaRajan Correspondent (Additional) SFS – Alangayam
Fr.V.Vedaraj Parish Priest & Correspondent Nalatinpudur
Fr. L. Jaya Raj Parish Priest Othayal
Fr. S. Stephen Xavier Parish Priest Virudhunagar
Fr.A. Arockiasamy Parish Priest Nachiyarkoil
Fr.L.John Peter Parish Priest Kanakkanpatty
Fr. P. Johnson Jeyabal Parish Priest Thirukogarnam
Fr.M. John Fernandes Parish Priest Ammapatti
Fr. P. Felix Parish Priest Kodungal
Fr.M.Nicholas Parish Priest Adanur
Fr. A. Selvaraj Parish Priest R.S.Nagar
Fr. A. NayagaSeelan Parish priest Sultanpet diocese –Kullarayanpalayam
Fr. Kootinal George On the staff Seminary –Vadakkancherry
Fr. A.Antony Christopher Procurator SFS Minor Seminary
Fr. A. Santhiyagu Director & Superior Spirituality Centre
Fr.A.Michael Procurator Spirituality Centre
Fr. M. Benjamin Sunder Superior (Additional) ITI/Press
Fr.S. Alexander Procurator (Additional) Mount community
Fr.A.Edmund On the Staff Children’s Home, Vayalogam
Fr.S. Santhanam Director-in charge (Interim) Friendly Home, Alangayam
Fr.C.JohnBritto Formators course
Fr.S. Arockia Charles B.Ed
Fr. V. Yesuraja Language course
Fr. C. Sebastin Robert On the staff LCI, Arusha – Tanzania
Fr. A. Arul Francis Pastoral Ministry US
Fr. I. S. Jesu Raj Pastoral Ministry US
Fr.K.Martin Anand Pastoral Ministry Germany
Fr.S.Santhanam Pastoral Ministry Germany
Fr. A. Maria Selvan Pastoral Ministry England
Fr.D. Arockia Raj Pastoral Ministry England

7. Final Profession

Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will hardship, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? (Rom 8: 35). It was again another display of God’s love to MSFS family. It was a blissful and gracious occasion for Tejas community as eight of the brothers professed their final vows to God with the theme “To Live Jesus as Fransalian Forever” on 28th of April, 2020 in the presence of limited faithful due to covid-19. Rev.Fr.Benny Kootanal, the provincial superior of South-west India province presided over the holy Eucharist and received their vows in the presence of Fr. Riju and Fr. Jacob Parapally as official witnesses. We the family of South-east India province have more joy, as three of our brothers namely, Bro. Anbu Stalin, Bro. Eugene Earnest Raj and Bro. Mahimai Arokia Raj made their Final Commitment. Along with them, some of our brothers also renewed their vows on the same day. We congratulate all of them for their bold step to be a witness to God’s love and pray for them.



8. First Profession

Eleven Novices belonging to our province will make their First Profession on 1st of June. 2020 (Tomorrow) in Salesianum Novitiate, Vizag. The following are the novices, who will make their First Profession:

A. Suresh Kumar
Abhinadan Singh R. Edwin Prashanth
JibanthaMajhi J. DelingtonDenish
B. Sounder Raj M. Abish
Mahesh Pradhan DabidaUthan Singh
M. Sebastin Robin B. Marshal Joseph

As they make their First Profession, let us congratulate them and pray for them.

9. Eventful days of the Month Of June


Fr. A. John Peter (Sr) 01
Fr. S. John Milton 02
Fr. G. David 02
Fr. S. Antony Raj (Sr) 06
Fr. S. Deivasakayaraj 07
Fr. A. Arul Francis 08
Fr. A. Luckas 09
 Fr. G. Merry Benzer 11
Fr. S. David Vincent 13
Fr. V. Ferdinand Selvan 13
Fr. L. Basker 18
Fr. A. Santhiyagu 21
Fr. G. Viswasam 23
Fr. S. Arul Selvamani 24
Fr. A. Edmund 25
Fr. A. William Xavier 25
Fr. A. Jaya Raj 30

We wish them Happy Birthday and God’s Abundant Blessings upon them


Fr. S. Alexander – 21st of June, 2020

We congratulate him and pray for him


01 Fr. Eugene Plantaz
02 Fr. Maurice Domenge
Fr. FirminDafflon
03 Fr. Joseph Rey
04 Fr. Marie Lucien Baltassat
Bro. Joseph Eluppakkatt
05 Bro. Joseph Thabuis
Fr. Joseph Degeneve
Fr. Jean Marie Favre
06 Mgr. Jean Marie Crochet
Fr. Jean Francois Foulex
Fr. Joseph Marie Favre
Fr. Joseph Puthenkulam
08 Bro. Joseph Vulliez
Bro. Francois Dufresne
Fr. Victor Vermont
09 Fr. Francois Neyroud
Fr. Joseph Bouvard
Fr. John D’costa
11 Fr. Alphonse Voisin
Fr. Charles Buck
13 Bro. Alphonse Roustan
Fr. Anton Gabriel Lobo
14 Fr. Alphonse Voisin
Fr. Joseph Quibler
15 Fr. Francois Briffod
16 Fr. Pierre Vittoz
Fr. Georges Daviet
17 Fr. Jean Marie Dupont
Fr. Louis Duperrier
18 Bro. Francis Baussand
Bro. Francis Baussand
21 Fr. Bro. Sulpice Fontanel
Fr. Joseph Augert
22 Fr. Joseph Augert
Fr. Joseph Augert
23 Fr. Joseph Augert
25 Fr. Joseph Augert
Fr. Joseph Augert
Fr. Joseph Augert
26 Fr. Joseph Augert
Fr. Joseph Augert
27 Fr. Joseph Augert
Fr. Joseph Augert
Fr. Joseph Augert
Fr. Joseph Augert
29 Fr. Albert Tissot
30 Fr. Albert Tissot
Fr. Albert Tissot

Let Us Continue to Pray for the Deceased Members of Our Congregation


Mr. Vedhamuthu, aged 78, father of Fr. V. Vedharaj, expired on 14th May, 2020.

May his soul rest in peace!

May I request those who have not fulfilled the suffrages to do the same at the earliest. (Const. No.118; General Directory No.98)

Yours Sincerely in Christ,

Fr.K.Ignaci Muthu, Msfs
Provincial Superior
South-East India Province
Missionaries of Saint Francis De Sales (MSFS)


தினைத்துணை நன்றி செயினும் பனைத்துணையாக்
கொள்வர் பயன் தெரிவார்


ஒருவன்தினையளவாகிய உதவியைச்செய்த போதிலும் அதன்பயனை ஆராய்கின்றவர். அதனையே பனையளவாகக் கொண்டு போற்றுவர்.


Each benefit to those of actions’ fruit who rightly deem,
Though small as millet-seed, as palm-tree vast will seem

English Explanation:

Though the benefit conferred be as small as a millet seed, those who know its
advantage will consider it as large as a palmyra fruit


Thinaiththunai Nandri Seyinum Panaiththunaiyaak
Kolvar Payandheri Vaar