Dear Confreres,

Greetings of peace and love to all of you! Tomorrow (15.09.2020), we will be commemorating the feast of Mother
of Compassion, the Patroness of our Congregation. That apart, on 30th of this month, we will be also celebrating
the Founder’s Day – our venerable Founder Fr.Peter Mary Mermier. These two are special events for our Congregation and have unique significance for us all.

1. The feast of Mother of Compassion

The feast of Mother of Compassion signifies many things, including suffering, compassion, sympathy etc. I would like to emphasize one important quality of Mother of Compassion. In her entire life, she faced many challenges, sufferings, difficulties on account of accepting God’s Call. She had to endure slander, calumny and seeing her only son being tortured, dragged through the streets, nailed to the Cross and crucified. Any other person would not have been able to bear all these. But Mary, Mother of Compassion withstood all these odds. She did not give up. She did not run away. She did not succumb to the challenges. On the contrary, she was bold. She was fearless. She was courageous. Inspite of all the sufferings, she encountered, she stood firm in her commitment to God. She stood by her son our Lord Jesus Christ. She faced boldly all the sufferings and tribulations courageously and fearlessly. Even when her son our Lord Jesus Christ was dying on the Cross and when many others including the disciples ran away, she stood at the foot of the Cross firmly and bravely. As such, the feast of Mother of Compassion not only denotes her , but it also signifies her as Model of courage, boldness with resoluteness and commitment to God’s Will and His Plan for the humanity.

2. Founder’s Day

In a similar way, our Founder is also a model for all of us. In his priestly life and as religious, he faced many challenges. When he founded the Congregation also, he had to encounter a lot of hurdles. He had to face resistance. He had to face opposition. Many of his promising friends (priests) left him and went their way. At one time, he was feeling all alone. He had to take care of the young Congregation. He had to stabilize the Visakhapatnam mission. Inspite of all the challenges, problems and difficulties, he stood firm in his commitment to God and to His mission. Having unflinching and unwavering faith in God, he faced all challenges boldly and courageously for the sake of God’s mission. As such, our Founder is also a Model of dedication and commitment to God’s mission.

3. Today’s hard Times

Today the world is undergoing a lot of changes in all walks of life due to Covid-19. The world today is not what it was before the onslaught of Covid-19. The hitherto normal has become abnormal with the arrival of Covid-19. There is anomaly in the pattern of life. The world had given up its fight against Covid-19. The world is unable to eradicate it. It is Covd-19 that dictates terms to the world. It has just left the people to fend for themselves. The collapse of economy, loss of jobs, and loss of livelihood and other challenges, fear and anxiety have overtaken the world and the humanity and all of us.


Dear Confreres, at this time of challenges and problems due to Covid-19, Mother of Compassion and our Venerable Founder Fr.Peter Mary Mermier are perfect models of resoluteness and courage. As they faced all the challenges and problems in their life courageously with unwavering faith and commitment to God and his Mission, let us also face these hard times with steadfast faith, courage and determination that we will come out of these hard times through the power of the Almighty God. Let Mother of Compassion and Founder be source of our strength, faith, determination and commitment to God and His Mission.


4. Extra Ordinary General Chapter 2021

As you are aware, the Extra Ordinary General Chapter 2021 is going to be held from February 1st to 9th , 2021 . In our communities, we have reflected and discussed matters relating to Juridical Concerns and a collated report is submitted to the Expert Committee. As it is an important event in the Congregation and for us all, let us continue to pray for the success of the Extra Ordinary General Chapter, 2021.


5. Inauguration and Blessing of DeSIFMA

As you are aware, De Sales International Film and Media Academy (DeSIFMA) is a unique international institution for media studies, established by our Congregation, under the General’s Administration. It is situated in our province at the heart of South India’s most dynamic film city of Madras. The courses offered are specialized in nature and the Institute offers students variety of choices to choose for their learning and career. The courses are structured such a way that the students get both theoretical and practical training in Script Writing, Direction, Cinematography, Editing and Post Production etc.



On the feast day (15.09.2020) of our Patroness, Mother of Compassion, De SIFMA will be inaugurated and blessed. Our Provincial, Fr.K.Ignaci Muthu will inaugurate it. Our Superior General, Rev.Fr.Abraham Vettuvelil will bless De SIFMA.

On behalf of the Province family, Congratulations to General Administration and to all those who are involved, including Fr.J.Stephen and Fr.Shaibu Ezhanikatt.

6. Intention of the Superior General for September and October, 2020

i. September 2020

“That reading the signs of the time, we may be inspired to reach out to our brothers and sisters who are deprived of their human rights and dignity through our social ministries.”

ii. October 2020

“In this month of the Foundation Day of the Congregation, let us pray that the two newly established Provinces of Dibrugarh and Guwahati will take the Congregation to greater heights in pursuing its apostolic and missionary goals as desired by our founder Fr. Peter Mermier, We pray to the Lord! Lord graciously hear us”.

7. Webinar on DSM Spiritual Insights

The General Administration has decided to organize a Webinar once in three weeks or on other important days of MSFS titled: ‘DSM Spiritual Insights’ to enlighten and educate ourselves on matters concerning our life as MSFS as well as to disseminate the Spirituality of St. Francis de Sales beyond the boundaries. It will be organized by the DSM Resource and Animation Center Hyderabad in collaboration with the General Secretaries of Formation and SAIM. The inauguration of the Webinar was on the 21st of August 2020, on the birthday of SFS with the talk of Rev. Fr. Superior General on the topic: “The Influence and Relevance of St. Francis de Sales Today.” The forthcoming Webinar talks in this month are: (1) “Significance of the Feast of Mother of Sorrows for MSFS” by Rev. Fr. Yves Carron MSFS, Asst. General on 15.09.2020 and (2) “Missionary Zeal of Fr. Peter Mermier: I want Missions” by Rev. Fr. Johnson Kallidukil MSFS, General Councillor for Mission on 30.09.2020.

8. Teacher’s Day

Annually on 5th of September, we celebrate Teachers’ Day to express our gratitude to the teachers, who have influenced us and taught us about everything the world has to offer. On this day, we rememeber one of the greatest teachers of our country, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. His birthday serves as a day for celebration for all the teachers. This year, due to Covid – 19, all our schools celebrated teacher‘s day in a samll way with all the safegurds, including the social distance.

On behalf of our Province family, We thank all the fathers, teachers for their dedication and commitment for the cause of education.

9. Month of September and October

i. Birthdays of our Confreres: September

05 Fr. F. Xavier Daniel Raj
05 Fr. S. Abin
06 Fr. P. Maria Pushpam
08 Fr. A. Arockiam
17 Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan
18 Fr. D. Arockia Raj
18 Fr. A. Jerome
20 Fr. K. Ignaci Muthu
28 Fr. A. Patrick
28 Fr. S. Arockiam

ii. Birthdays of our Confreres: October

12 Fr. X. Vincent
13 Fr. A. Jeyaseelan
18 Fr. A. Selva Raj
19 Fr. H. Ebin Christopher
20 Fr. A.J.R. Benedict
22 Fr. D. Amirtharajan
23 Fr. S. Arockia Christu Raj
27 Fr. A. Lawrence
28 Fr. S. Amirthanathan

We wish them Happy Birthday and God’s Abundant Blessings upon them

iii. Ordination Anniversaries of our Confreres: September

08 Fr. S. Jerry Louis
16 Fr. P. Johnson Jeyabal
19 Fr. A. Luckas
27 Fr. A. Joseph Amalraj
27 Fr. M. John Fernandez

We Congratulate and Pray For Them

10. Remember and Pray for the Dead

i. MSFS Obituary – Septembe

01 Fr. Mathew Naduvilekoot
Fr. Kevin O’Neill
04 Fr. Lucien Favrat
06 Bro. Justin Amoudry
07 Fr. Abraham Puthenkulam
Fr. Joseph Parapally
08 Mgr. Alexis Rccaz
Andre Degrave
10 Bro. Guerin Vanaeften
Fr. Marius Vignoud
11 Fr. Henri Petitjean
Fr. Joseph Chamot
12 Fr. Francois Sermet
Bro. Joseph Marie Buinoud
Bro. Joseph Hyvert
Fr. Pierre Vermot
13 Fr. Jean Baptiste Benistrand
16 Fr. Eugine Coutin
Fr. Patrick Kinoulty
Fr. Francois Meynet
17 Fr. Marc Muffat-Joly
Fr. Joseph Horace Moret
Fr. Francis Moget
18 Fr. Thomas Malapravanal
20 Bro. Alfred Demanelli
21 Bro. Ambrose Xavier
Bro. Jean Charles
23 Fr. Etienne Blanc
24 Fr. RaymonStern
25 Bro. James Stott
26 Bro. Islari Lucas
27 Mgr. Jean marie Tissot
Fr. Victor Gangloff
Fr. Kenneth W. Bayer
29 Fr. Felix Gonsalves
Fr. Martin Clerc
Fr. Georgekutty Puthiyidom
30 Fr. Peirre Marie Mermier

ii. MSFS Obituary – October

01 Bro. Joseph Cheradickal
02 Bro. Raymond Boccard
03 Fr. Georges Vodoz
Fr. Louis Latthuille
06 Fr. Theophile Mugnier
Fr. Gilbert Volery
08 Bro. John Arokium
Fr. Gilbert Curty
09 Fr. Bro. Jean Baptiste Dalle
Fr. William Power
11 Fr. AnselmeChelvum
12 Fr. Karl Freitag
Fr. Howard Francis Ford
13 Fr. A. Antony Savai Raj
Fr. Francis Berard
14 Fr. Raymond Chrvalho
15 Fr. Alexandre Boccard
16 Bro. Henry A Cruz
Fr. FernardAnthonioz
17 Fr. Jean Marie Girard
18 Fr. Ambroise Muffat-Meridol
20 Bro. Manikya Rao Tinga
21 Fr. Francois Favrat
Fr. Joseph Dostert
23 Fr. Xavier Dias
Fr. Andre Duperthuy
Bro. Georges Bosson
24 Bro. Antoine Crochet
Fr. Daian Fernandes
25 Fr. Eugene Gojon
27 Fr. Joseph Ulliel
Fr. Eugene Decisier
Bro. Theotonio Mascarenhas
Fr. Thomas Pieters
28 Fr. Alphonse Barril
29 Fr. Eugene Chevallet
Bro. Marius Avrillon
30 Fr. Antony Mc Cabe
Fr. Denis Frontin
Fr. Denis Breen
31 Fr. Alexis Maniglier
Fr. George D’Souza

May I request those who have not fulfilled the suffrages to do the same at the earliest. (Const. No.118; General Directory No.98)

May their souls rest in Peace

11. My Programme

September: 2020

12.09.2020 CRI Meeting, Trichy
14.09.2020 Holy Cross Feast, Holy Cross Provincialate, Trichy
15.09.2020 Inauguration and Blessing of DeSIFMA, Chennai
17.09.2020 Meeting with the Bishop of Dharmapuri, Dharmapuri