Dear Confreres,

We are in the month of November. In the catholic tradition, this month is dedicated to our departed brethren. During this month, we remember all those departed from this world and pray for them so that God will grant them eternal rest and reward.

Usually, when we think of the departed, we just remember them as individuals. But actually that is not so. Be it an individual, a family, a religious congregation, an organization etc, when a person dies, he/she does not die simply as an individual. He/she dies with a history of his/her life, with success or failures, with joys and sorrows, with ups and downs, with acceptance or rejection. In short, when a person dies, he/she dies along with a history of all that happened in his/her life. When a person dies, that person leaves a tradition, a history, and a legacy. That tradition or history or legacy inspires all those, who are related or associated with that person.

As far as our congregation is concerned, there are hundreds of confreres, who dedicatedly served God and our congregation. Our venerable Founder, Fr. Peter Mary Mermier founded the Congregation with a clear vision to serve God and the humanity and placed it under the patronage of our Patron St.Francis De Sales and Patroness Mother of Compassion. All our departed confreres had one vision. That is to carry out the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ in and through the Congregation in the spirituality of our Patron St.Francis De Sales and in the footsteps of our Founder Fr. Peter Mary Mermier.

All that we have today as congregation is their contribution. In the absence of technological developments that we have today, they toiled, they struggled, they starved, they went without sleep, they walked hundreds of kilometers, they had no proper shelter, they did not have access to medicine, they were left alone, they were cut off from their families etc. They underwent all these because they committed themselves to God and to the mandate of spreading the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ through a consecrated life in our Congregation.

They sacrificed their life for God in the Congregation. It is the bounden duty of each one of us to remember them always. This we do on many occasions, including individually on their death anniversary days and collectively on All Souls Day and in the month of November etc. Apart from all these, in order to dedicate a particular day for our departed confreres and family members, our Superior General, Rev.Fr.Abraham Vettuvelil by his letter dated 4th November, 2020 has instituted November 19th as a common day to remember and pray for them. By this, on 19th of November every year, all the members of the Congregation, both individually and collective are called upon to remember and pray for the departed confreres and the family members.

As such, apart from other days of remembrance, every year on November 19th, there will be special spiritual activities conducted in all our communities for our departed confreres and the departed family members.

Dear confreres, our departed confreres have passed on to us the charism, the vision, the mission, the spirituality, the legacy of the Congregation. It is not enough that we remember and pray for them. We need to do more. We have to carry on the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ and carry on the vision, mission and legacy of our departed confreres, as inspired by our Patron and as envisaged by our Founder.

1. Extraordinary General Chapter

With the approval from the Congregation for the Institute of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life and with the consent of the General Council, Fr. Saji George MSFS, the secretary General to Extra Ordinary General Chapter, by his communication dated 17th of November, 2020, has informed us that the Extra Ordinary General Chapter, 2021 is re-scheduled due to pandemic situation. As such, the re-scheduled Extra Ordinary General Chapter will be held from 1st to 7th February, 2022. However we are asked to continue to pray for the Extra Ordinary General Chapter.

2. A day dedicated to our departed confreres

Our Superior General Rev. Fr. Abraham Vettuvelil by his letter dated 4th of November 2020 has set apart a day in the month of November especially to remember and pray for our departed confreres and the family members. This year it falls on 19th of this Month. As such, every year, 3rd Thursday of November is dedicated to our departed confreres and the family members, who are no more with us. You are requested to take note of this important event to remember our departed confreres and departed members of our family.

3. Intention of the Superior General for November and December, 2020

i. November 2020

That all our departed confreres enjoy eternal peace in heaven and that Fr. Peter Mermier be raised to the saintly status, We pray to the Lord, Lord graciously hear us.

ii. December 2020

That those children, who are abused, underprivileged, discriminated and abandoned, and the unborn babies are well protected and nurtured with utmost love and care, we pray to the Lord! Lord graciously hear us.

4. Foundation Day

It was a day of joy on 24th of October 2020 to celebrate the 182nd Foundation day of our congregation and the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the first 6 missionaries in India. Due to Covid-19, it was celebrated in subdued manner in the provincial house. Six trees were planted to honour the arrival of first 6 missionaries to India. Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu the Provincial Superior presided over the Eucharistic celebration and Fr.S.Soosai Raj gave the day’s message. After the homily, we consecrated ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and we entrusted our Province into her care. Similarly, all our communities had their celebration, Consecration and planting of trees.

5. New Provincial Curia

The following confreres are elected to the Provincial curia of East Africa Province

1. Fr. SheejanKallarackal Councilor and Admonitor
2. Fr. Zachariah Burefero Councilor
3. Fr. Soosai Raj Robert Councilor
4. Fr. JaphetKirimi Councilor
5. Fr. RejiPendanath Bursar

The following confreres are elected to the Provincial curia of Pune Province

1. Fr. Tony PremAnand Councilor and Admonitor
2. Fr. Santow John Councilor
3. Fr. JerardSahayaraj Councilor
4. Fr. JuzeFernandes Councilor
5. Fr. Nelson A. Bursar

Hearty congratulations to the new teams. We wish them all the best.

6. Perpetual Profession, Shillong

The 30th of September was a day of blessing and grace, as two of our brothers made their Perpetual Profession in the presence of Rev. Fr. Manasrayil Sabu Francis and Fr. Athnas Kerketta. It was indeed joyous occasion for our Province, as two of our brothers, namely A. Michael Raja & T. Anto Prabin had made their Perpetual Profession. We thank God almighty for the blessings and we remain grateful to our provincial Rev. Fr. K. IgnaciMuthu and his curia, Confreres, Brothers for their valuable prayers.

Hearty congratulation to our Brothers and we wish them all the best.

7. Church Blessing – Ponkinkalai, Kadayal Parish

Ponkinkalai had the greatest joy on 30th of October, as it had the opening and blessing of its new church. The happiest occasion started at 4.30 pm by welcoming Rev Bishop Jerome Dhass and Fr.K.Ignancimuthu the provincial. More than 30 priests and many religious were present to grace the occasion. First the flag post was blessed and the flag was hoisted in front of thousands gathered there. Then the bishop blessed the church, while the provincial opened it. Then the Holy Eucharist was celebrated in which, the alter, the tabernacle, the statues and all other holy things were blessed. At the end of the celebration, the parish priest thanked everyone present, including all the sponsors and the builders. It was followed by church feast on following days.

– Fr. D. Britto

Hearty congratulations to Fr. M. John De Britto & Fr. D. Britto and the parishioners for their contribution and hard work.

8. Diaconate in Tejas Vidya Peetha, Bengaluru

November 9th, 2020 was the day of blessing for Tejas Vidya Peetha, Bengaluru and to the South-East India Province, as two of our brothers namely, Bro. Mahimai Arokia Raj and Bro. Anbu Stalin were ordained to the ministry of diaconate. Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, the Archbishop of Bengaluru conferred the diaconate during the solemn Eucharistic celebration. We were indeed very glad to see Fr. P S Joseph, the Councilor in charge of formation, for joining with us for the celebration.

As one family together with the newly ordained deacons let us thank God and congratulate the new deacons for their commitment to God. And wish them all the best for their ministry as deacons.


9. New Mission

With a view to take up a new mission in the Diocese of Dharmapuri, with the permission of His Excellency Rev. Dr. Lawrence Pious, the Bishop of Dharmapuri, a team consisting of all Curia members and the members of the community of Nalam visited a mission called Pochampally Mission on 17th of November, 2020. The Parish Priest Fr. Albert under whose jurisdiction, this mission station comes, accompanied the team and familiarized the team with all the detail. Further step are awaited.

10. Fr. A. Patrick Jayaraj’s appointment

On the advice of PIF (Provincials of India Forum) and with the approval of Rev. Fr. Abraham Vettuvelil Superior General, His Excellency Most. Rev. Dr. Vincent Aind, Chairman of the Governing Body of Morning Star Regional Seminary and Bishop of Bagdogra by his letter dated 19th of October, 2020, has appointed Rev. Fr. A. Patrick Jayaraj MSFS, belonging to Our Province, as Treasurer in the Morning Star Regional Seminary with the effect from 1st of January 2021. In addition to this, he will also offer classes for the students.

Congratulations to Rev. Fr. A. Patrick Jayaraj. We wish him all the best.

11. Appointment of Regents

The Provincial Council, which met at our Provincialate on 26th of October, 2020, has made the following appointments

1. Bro. A. Dony Diamond Raj Christ the King Farm, Vayalogam
2. Bro. C. Peter Clement MSFS Minor Seminary
3. Bro. I. Joseph Manicka Raj Kolli Hills
4. Bro. F. Mathew Divoda MSFS Provincialate
5. Bro. A. Charles Benny SFS ITI and Press

12. Bon voyage: Fr. Sebastin Robert

It is a great joy indeed that Fr. C. Sebastian Robert is flying to Tanzania, Africa on 2oth November, 2020 for his teaching ministry in our major seminary at Arusha. Dear father, as you move overseas for God’s Ministry, we pray for you. That apart, Fr. S. Soosai Raj, who was held up in India due to Pandemic situation is also going back to Malawi, Africa. Let us wish both of them a safe and pleasent journey.




05 Fr. C. John Britto
Fr. J. Stephen Dass
Fr. L. John Peter
07 Fr. K. Martin Anand
10 Fr. A. Vincent Sahaya Raj
13 Fr. C. Sebastin Robert
15 Fr. S. Antony (Jr)
18 Fr. D. Jayakumar
20 Fr. I. JoneGragori
24 Fr. S. Britto
26 Fr. A. Michael
27 Fr. V. Yesuraja


02 Fr. J. PackiaSathish Kumar
03 Fr. S. Stephen Xavier
04 Fr. N. Arokiaselvam
14 Fr. A. Christu Raj
24 Fr. M. Darline
25 Fr. P. Johnson Jeyabal
27 Fr. S. Jose Devasahayam
28 Fr. S. Ashir Johnson
31 Fr. M. Joseph Anish Kumar

We wish them Happy Birthday and God’s Abundant Blessings upon them


10 Fr. Ignacimuthu K
26 Fr. John de Britto M
26 Fr. Arockiam S
27 Fr. Arokiaselvam N
27 Fr. Christu Raj A
27 Fr. Kanikkai Nathan D
27 Fr. Joseph Anish Kumar M


Fr. Andre Genoud
02 Fr. Henri Arnaud
Bro. S. M. Thomas
05 Mgr. TheophilusSebastinNeyret
06 Fr. Martin Kopchik
Fr. Francis Murphy
07 Fr. Joseph Panjakil
08 Fr. Louis Dufresne
Fr. Alphonse Baeriswyl
Fr. Auguste Dietrich
09 Bro. Jacob Chembakassery
Fr. Bernard Moret
10 Fr. Michael Perissin Faber
Fr. Pierre Sallansonnet
11 Fr. James Gebert
Fr. Philip Aguiar
Fr. Edouard Paravy
12 Fr. Francois Marullaz
Fr. Jules Roux
Fr. Philip Kudakachira
Fr. Marcel Gaydon
Fr. Francis Xavier Birraux
Fr. Joseph Thevenet
13 Fr. Zacharias Karothupara
14 Fr. Mathew Katchira
Fr. Xavier Schmaderer
15 Fr. Maurice Breches
16 Bro. Emile Depollier
19 Bro. Alphonse Rouiller
Fr. MariadasMidathala
20 Fr. Mani Tharappel
21 Fr. Joseph Decompoix
Fr. Francois Longerey
22 Fr. Joseph Brand
23 Bro. Peter Paul Fernandes
Fr. Louis Chirackal
24 Bro. Harold D’silva
Fr. Frank Rosario
28 Fr. Pierre Chevaier
29 Fr. Francois Fleury
Fr. Otto Reitmayer
30 Bro. Siegfried Fraitzl
Bro. John Sudarsanam


2 Bro. Joseph Rannard
Fr. Albert Dangelmaier
3 Bro. Jean Pierre Piccot
Fr. Blaise Deleaval
Fr. Mathew Nadackal
5 Fr. Joseph Lavorel
Fr. Jules Rey
Bro. Maxime Gendre
6 Fr. Francois Decompoix
Fr. Jean Grosfort
7 Bro. Anton Betz
Bro. Laurentius Hein
8 Fr. Antoine Guillermin
Bro. Anthony Monicum
12 Fr. Vincent Coffy
Fr. Charles Polamarachetty
13 Fr. Henri Grandjacques
14 Fr. Sebastian Puthutundiyil
16 Fr. Jerome Ribeira
17 Fr. Francois Granjux
18 Fr. Louis Orsier
Bro. Francis
Fr. Francois Guenard
Bro. Nicholas Appao
Bro. Paul Chauffat
19 Bro. John Cosgrove
20 Fr. Ernest Thevenet
21 Bro. Lawrence Botha
Fr. Maria John Bosco
Fr. Paul Samy
23 Fr. Jacques Fulpin
Fr. Jean Exartier
24 Bro. Joseph D’santos
Fr. Jean Baptiste Salomon
26 Bro. Augustine Vas
29 Fr. Jules Contat
30 Fr. Alphonse Grorod
31 Fr. Antoine Mordasini
Fr. Johnn Paul Utz

May their souls rest in peace.


  1. Mr. Antonysamy, aged 70, the father of Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan, expired on 16th September, 2020.
  2. Mr.Savari Nathan, aged 35, the nephew of Fr. Y. Arulanantham, expired on 24th September, 2020.
  3. Mr.Kannadhasan, aged 31, the cousin of Fr. A. Doss, expired on 26th September, 2020.
  4. Fr. Kodigandala Julian, aged 57, belonging to Visakhapatnam Province, expired on 9th October,
  5. Mrs.Chinnamma Mathew, aged 74, the mother of Fr. Shaibu Ezhanikkattu, expired on 9th October,
  6. Mrs.Lourdu Mary, aged 52, the sister in Law of Fr. A. Christu Raj, expired on 13th October, 2020.
  7. Mrs. S. Mangala Mary, aged 80, the mother of Fr. S. Amirthanathan, expired on 16th October,
  8. Mr. Joseph, aged 70, the Maternal uncle of Fr. D. Arockiaraj, expired on 17th October, 2020.
  9. Fr. Pakki Das, aged 62, belonging to Visakhapatnam Province expired on 17th October, 2020.
  10. Mrs.Almee Carron, the mother of Fr. Yves Carron, expired on 30th October, 2020.
  11. Fr. Paul – Ernest Vullioud, aged 95, belonging to Franco – Swiss Province, expired on 4th
    November, 2020.
  12. Mrs.Santhana Mary, aged 62, the mother of Fr. M. Nicholas, expired on 13th November, 2030.

May I request those who have not fulfilled the suffrages to do the same at the earliest. (Const. No.118; General Directory No.98)

May their souls rest in peace.