Dear Confreres,

Greetings of peace and love! Today we have begun our Lenten season. As all of us are aware, the Church has given us this special time for intense prayer and reflection on the Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a period of examination, re-evaluation, assessment of our life and ministry. It is a period of return, change and conversion. In effect, this Lenten season is a period of interiorizing the Gospel Values as enunciated by our Lord Jesus Christ through his Passion and Death and living good life as Christians.

Dear confreres let us make sure that this Lenten season does not pass away in a casual way. But let us take serious efforts to change our life both at the individual and collective level so that we will be effective missionaries and bear both individual and collective witness by  our exemplary life and ministry.

Wishing you a fruitful Lenten season!

1. Intentions of Fr. Superior General


For our Congregation that we may be deeply rooted in our CHARISM and foundational apostolate of Parish Mission Preaching for the renewal of Christian faith, we pray.


For all the members of the Congregation, through the intercessions of St. Joseph, we may seek ways to promote fairness, justice, the dignity of life, and family spirit, we pray.

2. The Circular of the Superior General

Our Superior General, Rev.Fr.Abraham Vettuvelil has issued a circular dated 17th of February, 2021 in SG AB 2 06. In the said circular, he gives his message regarding Lenten season. He states that Lent is ‘A time to re-think our spiritual life…’, ‘A time to clear the ground of our heart…’, ‘A time to face our…’, ‘wilderness and cry…’, ‘A time to face our personal covids…’, and ‘A time to shape our own cross…’.

In his circular, Fr. General also informs us that Pope Francis has declared the year 2021 -2022 as “Year of St. Joseph” and also that Pope has inaugurated Special Year dedicated to Family, Amoris Laetitia Family from March 19th 2021 to June 26th 2022.

Fr. General also informs us that with the consent of the General Council, he has declared the year 2021 – 2022 as “Year of Mission” in our Congregation starting from Pentecost Sunday, May 23rd 2021 and concluding on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 24th 2022.

In the said circular, he also deals with updates relating to Cause of the Founder, All India MSFS Principals’ Online Meeting, Re-scheduled Extraordinary General Chapter, 2022, re-scheduling of General Curia Animation and Visitations, and other matters.

All the confreres are requested to read the Circular both individually and in communities and reflect on them.

3. New Provincial Curia

The following confreres are elected to the Provincial curia of Nagpur Province

Fr. Benedict De Souza Councillor of Formation and Admonitor
Fr.Lajarus Soreng Councillor of Social and Innovative Ministries
Fr.Domy Vallomkunnel Councillor of Mission
Fr.Ignathi Kshirsagar Councillor of Education
Fr. Selbestar Xalxo Provincial Bursar

Hearty congratulations to the new team. We wish them all the best.

4. Malawi Mission – Financial Support from some Parishes in Tamilnadu

The initiation of Malawi mission in 2018 is sign of missionary dynamism of our province. In this short span of 3 years, we have taken up two parishes and extended our pastoral ministry to thousands of Catholics. The Plans for the expansion of the ministry are in progress. However, the Malawi Mission needs more personnel as well as financial help for its sustenance and growth. As you know, the country Malawi ranks among the worlds least developed and as one of the poorest nations and about 90% of the population are living in rural areas. Even a small help, would mean a greater support for this people.

Fr. Berin and Fr. Nelson, who were on holidays in India from 7th Dec 2020 to 15th Feb 2021, had a plan to visit our own parishes and make a mission appeal to the faithful of our parishes. We had visited and celebrated Mass in 4 parishes and raised Rs. 1, 17, 280 for the mission of Malawi.

1. St. Francis De Sales Parish, Thirukkogarnam Rs.30, 500
2. All Saints Church, R.S. Nagar Rs. 60,000
3. Infant Jesus church, Machuvadi, Pudukkottai Rs. 13,140
4. Sacred Heart Church, Pudukkottai Rs. 14,140

Besides these, one family from our St. Francis De Sales parish has promised to take up all the expenses to build a church. There are other sponsors, who have promised to help us in the coming years.

We would like to place on record and thank from the bottom of our hearts, all the Parish Priests and the fathers, who helped us to achieve this great help. We also would like to thank Fr. Provincial and his Curia for their support and encouragement. Please, continue to pray for Malawi Mission and support it in all the possible ways. Let us continue to build the Kingdom of God and spread the goodness to the ends of the earth.

Fr. Berin Msfs, Malawi Mission

Hearty Congratulations to Fr.Berin and Fr.Nelson for their commendable efforts for mobilizing resources during their holidays.

5. Blessing of the new Sub-church at Ammapatti

It was a joy to see that a hundred and fifty years old St. Paul the Hermit church in a hill in Ammapatti was rebuilt. It was blessed by His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Antony Pappusamy D.D., STD, the Archbishop of Madurai on 22nd January 2021 at 6:00 PM and was opened by Rev.Fr.Ignacimuthu Msfs our provincial. After the opening and blessing, Rev. Fr.K. Ignacimuthu MSFS presided over the Holy Mass. There were 40 fathers and religious sisters. Nearly three thousand people were part of the celebration. Fr. John Fernandez MSFS, the Parish Priest and Fr. Packiya Sathish Kumar MSFS, the Assistant Pp organised the event superbly. Fathers Santhiyagu MSFS and Michael MSFS guided and helped for the success of the programme.

Hearty Congratulations to Fr. M. John Fernandez and Fr. Packia Sathish Kumar for the hard work that you have put in to develop this Parish.

6. Blessing of the New Church, Kelambakkam

How lovely is your dwelling place O Lord, Almighty. Ps. 89.1

The long dream and selfless sacrifice and uncompromising hard work of our confreres and the faithful in the Parish of Kelambakkam bloomed to the beautiful reality in the form of a new Divine Mercy Church with all the elegance one can imagine. This mighty church was blessed and consecrated on 13th of February by His Excellency Most Rev.Neethinathan, Bishop of Chenglepet and opened by Rev. Fr. Ignacimuthu, our Provincial, in the presence of Rev. Fr. Bhakia Regis, Vicar General, Rev. Fr. James Karamakuzhyil, the General Councilor for Education, Rev. Fr. Suresh Babu, the General Councilor in charge for Formation, Fr. Muthu Samy, the Provincial of Nagpur, Fr. Jayaseelan, the Provincial of Pune, many Diocesan Priests, Religious, and large number of faithful. Many of our MSFS fathers, including Fr.C.Sebastianraj, Councilor in charge of mission and Fr.A. Luckas, Fr.P.S.Joseph and Fr.K.Joseph Xavier also graced the occasion. It was very much noteworthy that the Collector of Chinglepet district, Mr. John Louis also graced the occasion with his family. Mermier Multipurpose hall was blessed by the Vicar General of Chinglepet Diocese Rev. Fr. Bhakia Regis. The Bishop and the other dignitaries were very much appreciative of the meticulous plan in the construction and the execution of the same by Fr. J. Stephen, the Parish Priest and the team of Fr.S.Amirthanathan, Fr. M. Simon Prabhu, Fr.K. Martin Anand and Fr. Anantha Prabhu. This church of divine mercy remains as the symbol of unity, sacrifice and the expression of unfailing faith of the parishners. It is also a matter of pride, as this church is dedicated in memory of silver jubilee year of the parish and 175th anniversary of first MSFS missionaries landing in India. All praised God for the gift of this beautiful church, which exhibits the tiny spark of God’s infinite glory, which is indescribable in human language. The whole event was live streamed through Madha TV.

MSFS Fathers, Kelambakkam

Hearty congratulations to Fr.J.Stephen, Fr.S. Amirthanathan, Fr. M. Simon Prabu, Fr.K. Martin Anand & Fr. Anantha Prabu for their meticulous planning, hard work and tireless efforts in the construction of the magnificent Church.

7. SFS Parish, Pudukkottai, Feast of our Patron St. Francis De Sales

It was a joyous day for our SFS Parish, Thirugokarnam, Pudukkottai as we celebrated the feast of our Patron Saint Francis De Sales. We had nine days of novena and special Holy Mass. The Novena began with the flag hosting and followed by Holy Mass by Fr. A. Santhiyagu and Fr. A. Michael from Thedal. Our parishners had an ample opportunity every day to know about our Patron St. Francis De Sales from different MSFS Fathers. Each day during Novena, we had common meal, Holy Mass, Novena etc. On the feast of St. Francis De Sales, Fr. A. Lukas, Councilor in charge of Education presided over the Eucharist Celebration and many MSFS fathers participated in the celebration. I wholeheartedly thank God for the great blessing. I do thank all the MSFS Fathers, Donors, and Parishners.
MSFS Fathers, Thirukogarnam

Congratulations to Fr. P. Johnson Jeyabal, Parish Priest and Fr.S. Desas, Assistant Parish Priest for their hard work.

8. MSFS Seminary, Pudukkottai, Feast of our Patron St. Francis De Sales

It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values. Soaking in the spirit of St. Francis de Sales, we, the young Fransalians of South East India Province celebrated the Feast of our heavenly patron St. Francis de Sales on 24th January 2021 at SFS minor seminary with joy and enthusiasm. It was a jubilant day for the house as the house was beautifully decorated with the presence of our confreres from the John de Britto apostolic community, Provincialate community, Fathers from the Pudukkottai Vicariate, Sisters from Pudukkottai, as well as our well-wishers and friends. The celebration began at 6.30 pm by invoking God’s blessings through the Eucharistic celebration, officiated by Fr. Amal Raj, Msfs (Germany). The significance of celebration and the spirituality of SFS were well highlighted in the homily given by Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan, the Rector of the SFS Minor Seminary, Pudukkottai. A classical dance, performed by one of our parishioners, added more colour to the celebration. The celebration culminated with the delicious moon light dinner in the Seminary
Garden. It was a day of boundless joy for the house of young Fransalians.

Live Jesus
Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan

Congratulations to Fr.D.Kanikkai Nathan and the Staff for the well-organized event.

9. Contribution to CRI Encyclopedia

As a Project of Conference of Religious India, under the leadership of Fr. George Panthanmackel, National CRI came out with a mega book entitled as ‘CRI Encyclopedia’. This compiled two volume encyclopedia consists of the address, history, charism, mission and vision of all the religious congregations both men and women in India. The great work, which is very rich in content, brings to the limelight the enormous and immense contributions made by the religious in India in various fields. Fr. A. Jeyaseelanmsfs has made contributions to it under two themes i.e., Dance and Music. The two topics delve in the eminent musicians and dancers – religious, who have specialized in the fine art as the medium of evangelization. This contribution highlights the communication centers that have become the channels of Good news through dance and music.

Hearty congratulations to Fr.A. Jayaseelan for his contribution.


10. Drawing Competition

In view of feast of our beloved Patron St. Francis de Sales, the DSM organized an online drawing competition. It was an excellent opportunity for all to have a closer look at the person of St. Francis de Sales through this drawing competition. From our Province many had participated. Fr. S. Simon Prabu secured a prize in the competition.

Hearty congratulations to Fr. S. Simon Prabu for his success.


11. Essay competition

On the occasion of the 175th anniversary celebrations the arrival of the first MSFS missionaries to India, De Sales and Mermier Resource center organized an Essay competition for all the MSFS Scholastics around the world in different languages. From the philosophy section, many participated and Bro. Joseph Manikca Raj belonging to our province won the first prize.

Hearty congratulations to Bro. Joseph Manikca Raj for his success.

12. Completion of Licentiate

Fr. S. Johnson, who is doing his pastoral ministry in Italy, has completed his licentiate in Spiritual Theology and his thesis is on “ Laspiritualità familiare come la spiritualità dell’amore in Amoris Laetitia”.

Hearty congratulations to Fr.S.Johnson for his achievements.




13. New Way of the Cross books

My brothers, this is to inform you that I have prepared two new books on the Way of the Cross both in Tamil and English to honor our brother priests, who celebrate the Silver Jubilee of their priestly ordination from the batch of 1995-1996. These books are in print and they will be published this week. The Tamil edition is called “Thaagamayirukkiren” and the English edition is called “Thirst.” If you want to distribute the books to the people and use them in this Lent, let me know how many copies you need and I will send you. I express my sincere thanks to all of our brother priests and the people for their support and encouragement. God in his mercy bless all of us and our ministries.

With love and prayers
Fr. A. Santhiyagu, msfs


Congratulation dear Fr. A. Santhiyagu for your accomplishment and success in bring out a
valuable book.

14. Change of Address : Fr. A. Patrick Jayaraj Msfs

Fr. A. Patrick Jayaraj Msfs
Morning Star Regional Seminary
Barrackpore – Barasat Road
Sewli Telinipara P.O
Kolkata- 700 121
West Bengal

Mobile: +91 8344283393

15. Month of March

Birthdays of Our Confreres

03 Fr. M. Maria Francis Britto
06 Fr. F. Emmanuel
06 Fr. I. S. Jesuraj
11 Fr. A. Doss
12 Fr. X. George Navin
14 Fr. S. Edward Xavier
06 Fr. B. Philomin Raj
17 Fr. C. Sebastin Raj
17 Fr. A. Innaci Muthu
21 Fr. S. Prem Kumar
24 Fr. A. Charles Michael Raj
29 Fr. A. Edward
31 Fr. M. Benjamin

We wish them Happy Birthday and God’s Abundant Blessings upon them

16. Remember and Pray for the Dead

1. Msfs Obituary – March

1 Fr. AmedeeMermier
2 Bro. Louis Levet
Fr. Camille Curzillat
3 Fr. John Cowman
4 Fr. Ronald Besant
5 Bro. Claude Cusin
Fr. Ernest Vidonne
6 Bro. Michael Allard
7 Fr. Arthur Williams
Fr. Chacko Mulanjananiyil
9 Bro. Joseph Schumacher
10 Fr. Peter Chakkulickal
11 Bro. Nicholas page
Bro. Fortune Corboud
Fr. PolycarpeVivot
12 Mgr. Etienne Bonaventure
13 Mgr. Joseph Baud
Fr. Sean Mason
14 Bro. Alexis Voisin
Fr. Louis Dayer
15 Bro. James Gatti
Fr. Marius Perret
16 Bro. Andre Echernier
Mgr. Francois Coppel
Fr. Francois Pallud
Fr. AlexandreChevallier
Fr. Joseph Monnard
17 Fr. CyrilleArind-Berod
30 Fr. Francois ROSNOBLET
31 Mgr. Peter Joseph REY
Fr. Albino Fernandes
18 Fr. Jean Prunier
Fr. ScariaThengumkudiyil
Fr. Paul Rime
Archbishop Eugene D’Souza
19 Fr. Joseph Bouchet
20 Bro. Antoine Pernoud
21 Bro. Ernest Paccard
Bro. Mathew Kuzhupillil
22 Bro. Clement Cottet
Fr. Joseph Dunoyer
Mgr. Pierre Rossillon
23 Bro. FranciosMinoletti
24 Fr. Maurice Chamonin
Fr. Mathew Pazhedam
25 Bro. John Mary Panisset
26 Fr. Thomas Morrin
Bro.Anthony D’Souza
Fr. Camille Savoy
27 Bro.AlickRigley
Fr. AugusteAboulin
28 Fr. Jean Marie Debornes
Fr. Mathew Kudakacherry
29 Fr. Jacques Vuichard
Fr. Basil Luyet
30 Fr. Felix Sallansonet
Fr. Anil Francis Topno

May I request those who have not fulfilled the suffrages to do the same at the earliest. (Const. No.118; General Directory No.98)

May their souls rest in peace.

II. Let Us Pray for the Departed

1. Mr.S. Packiam, the Father of Fr. Wilson Packiam (East Africa Province), aged 73, expired on 29th December, 2020.

2. Mr.Ranjith, the paternal Uncle of Fr. A. Jeganathan (Austria), aged 62, expired on 31st December, 2020.

3. Mr.A. Prabu, the Cousin of Fr. K. Joseph Xavier (MsfsProvincialate, Trichy), aged 33, expired on 4th January, 2021.

4. Mr.Ranjith, the paternal Uncle of Fr. A. Jeganathan (Austria), aged 62, expired on 31st December, 2020.

5. Fr. Alwyn Zothanzanga, of Guwahati Province, aged 38, expired on 22nd January, 2021.

6. Mr.SoosaiKannu, the Maternal Uncle of Fr. C. Martin Kumar (Study, Pondicherry), aged 74, expired on 6th February, 2021.

7. Mr.M. Wilson Amul, the Nephew of Fr. A. John Peter Sr (USA), aged 35, expired on 9th February, 2021.

May their soul rest in peace!