Dear Confreres,

Greetings of peace and love! Today is a very important day for our Congregation, as we are celebrating our Founder’s Day. Founder’s Day is very special for us as we try to re-live his life and mission.

As we remember our Founder Fr. Peter Marie Mermier, we re-call his inspirational life, ministry, founding the congregation, his missionary endeavors etc. He was not an ordinary priest. He had a profound experience of God and the signs of the time. That awakened him the need for revival of Christian faith among the people in the parishes and he fully committed to the revival of Christian faith. This led to the founding of our Congregation.

This year, we celebrate it as Year of Missions. The mandate of mission is intensely revealed in the

life and ministry of our Founder. His resolute and unshakable desire was “I want Missions”. When he said “I want Missions”, it was not a mere statement. There was a specific context. There were successive desertions of his colleagues and collaborators. Fr. Allard and Fr. Revillon deserted him. Fr. Martin and Fr. Ducroz were disturbed and spoke of going away. That apart, there was insufficient support from the diocese. There was real crisis. He was under severe trial and was all alone. It was at this point of time, he stated with firmness “I want the Missions”.

In the face of difficulties, challenges, discouragements and trials etc, he did not give up. He did not run away like many others. He did not abandon his missionary works. Our Founder was resolute, firm and determined to carry on the mission endeavors. This is the message that he gives us today. In our life and ministry, we may face all sorts of issues, troubles and problems. We may face difficult and crisis moments. Like our founder, we are called upon to be firm and resolute in our commitment to missions. In this Year of Missions, let us continue to focus on our Founder’s missionary life. Let us continue his missionary spirit and proclaim the Good News of Jesus to the world and the humanity by our exemplary life and ministry.

1. Intention of the Superior General for October, 2021

We pray for all our benefactors and collaborators that their witness to Christ’s love by practicing charity and promoting justice, peace, the dignity of human life, and integrity of creation be blessed abundantly.

2. Extraordinary General Chapter, 2022

As mandated by the General Chapter XX, our Superior General Rev.Fr. Abraham Vettuvelil by his communication dated August 21st 2021 in SG AB2 – 07-3 has convoked the Extraordinary General Chapter to be held from 1st to 7th of February, 2022 at Fransalian Seminary, Pune. Let us continue to pray for the success of the Extraordinary General Chapter.

3. The Triennial Mandatory Meeting, 2022

The Triennial Mandatory Meeting that was originally scheduled to take place in LCI, Arusha, Tanzania is re-scheduled. It will take place in Fransalian Seminary, Pune from 10th to 12th of February, 2022.

4. Rosary without Borders

Our Superior General has shared with us this information regarding “Rosary without Borders”. It is started by a movement in Switzerland. MSFS and Fransalian Associates are invited to join this rosary movement approved by the Bishops’ Conference in Switzerland. The detailed information regarding this has been communicated to you. I request all the communities and confreres to read the information and pray the Rosary for the special intentions.

5. Congratulations to the new Bishops

The Holy Father, Pope Francis has appointed Rt. Rev. Arulselvam Rayappan as the Bishop of Salem Diocese and Rt. Rev. Savarimuthu Arockiaraj as the Bishop of Tiruchirapalli Diocese. Rt. Rev.

Arulselvam Rayappan was consecrated as bishop as Salem Diocese on 04th August, 2021. Rt. Rev. Savarimuthu Arockiaraj was consecrated as the Bishop of Tiruchirapalli Diocese on 15th August, 2021.

On behalf of our Province, I congratulate them and wish them all the best.

6. Vizag province – New Team

Visakhapatnam Province has got a new team of Provincial administration.
Fr. Baviri Suresh Babu (Provincial)
Fr Jaddu Joseph Reddy (Admonitor & Councilor)
Fr Vijay Sekhar (Councilor)
Fr Mallela Joji (Councilor)
Fr Manoj Pathupallil (Councilor)
Fr Gade Bhaskar Reddy (Bursar)

On behalf of the province, I congratulate the new team and wish them all the best.






7. Year of Missions

We have already decided and published the Plan of Action for the Year of Missions in our province. The Action Plan has to be followed at individual, community and province level. Once again, I earnestly request the superiors of the communities and individual confreres to meaningfully celebrate the Year of Missions by implementing the Plan of Action at various levels.

8. New Mechanism – Implementation

As we are aware, the New Mechanism for transparency & accountability was introduced in our province and it is being implemented. As part of the implementation, we are required to maintain the documents, records and other information regularly updated without fail. I request all the confreres to cooperate in this regard.

9. Appointments in Malawi Mission

Fr. S. Soosairaj Mission Superior
Fr. P. Anantha Raj Mission Bursar
Fr. D. Nelson Arockiasamy Project Coordinator
Fr. P. Anantha Raj Designated as Parish Priest of St. Francis De Sales Church, Livingstonia.
Fr. D. Nelson Arockiasamy Designated as Parish Priest of St. Martin De Porres Church, Ngerenge.
Fr. C. Berin Superior of the Community, St. Augustine of Hippo Parish, Kameme

10. Year of Missions and Installing the Photos of the Founding Fathers – Minor Seminary

As this year is set apart as the “Year of Missions” by our Superior General, our SFS Minor Seminary Community, Pudukkottai has officially began the Year of Missions with a solemn Eucharistic celebration on 4th August, 2021. On that day, Fr. Joseph Puthiyaparambil, the first Rector of our Minor Seminary, was the main Celebrant for the Holy Mass and Fr. C. Sebastian Raj, the Councilor in-charge of Missions, preached the Word of God together with Fr. Mathias, representing the first batch of our Minor Seminary.

After the Eucharistic Celebration, Fr. P. S. Joseph, the Councilor in-charge of Formation blessed and installed the photos of the Founding Fathers of our SFS Minor Seminary, namely, Fr. Joseph Puthiyaparambil, the first Rector, Fr. Peter Chakkulickal, the first Vocation Promoter and the Procurator and Fr. Xavier Michael the first Regent in the refectory. Fr. Joseph Puthiyaparambil was appreciated and honored for his dedicated service for forming the students and for the growth of our Seminary. All our confreres from John De Britto Apostolic community were present for the celebration. The day has entered the special page of our SFS Minor Seminary.

Dn. Emmanuvel Sathish

11. New Priest Day and Praying for Malawi Missions

The New Priest Day and praying for Malawi Missions were organized on 12th August, 2021 in SFS minor Seminary, Pudukkottai. The new priests Fr. Nirmal Kumar MSFS celebrated the Holy Mass and Fr. Infant Jesus MSFS, preached the homily, in which he focused on the significant guidelines for a missionary journey. Bro. Mathew Devoda was also invited together with his parents (who were visiting) for this celebration, as he prepares himself to go to Morogoro, Tanzania for his theological studies. The Holy Mass was offered for those of our priests working in Malawi mission and those who are getting ready to go in this year of Missions. After the Holy Mass, the new priests were felicitated as they prepare to go to Malawi for their ministry and Bro. Mathew for his studies.

Dn. Emmanuvel Sathish

12. Inauguration of the Academic Year 2021 -2022

On the occasion of the beginning of the New Academic Year 2021- 2022 in the SFS Seminary Pudukkottai, we the staff and the students had the privilege of the presence of Fr. Ignacimuthu, the Provincial and Fr. P. S. Joseph the Councilor in charge of Formation. The day began with the Eucharist invoking the Power and Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, presided over by Fr. Provincial. Fr. P. S. Joseph broke the Word of God, reflecting on the missionary spirit of Fr. Peter Marie Mermier, facing the challenges with single mindedness. After the Breakfast, we had the Inaugural ceremony in the Auditorium. Fr. Provincial, Fr. P.S. Joseph and Fr. C. John Britto on the dais sparked the start of the academic year. Fr. Ignacimuthu the Provincial, in his key note address, encouraged our brothers to march forward to be successful, with the spiritual and academic wisdom and knowledge.

Fr. Kanikkai Nathan, the Former Rector, Fr. John Peter the former staff graced the occasion along with Fr. Jerry, Fr. Jayakumar, Dn. Emmanuel Sathish and our two Masters Mr. Chinna Durai and Mr. Karthik, who are associated with us.

Fr. S. Arul Selvamani. The Dean.

13. Theological studies to Africa

It is a moment of joy that Bro. Mathew Devoda has reached Africa safe for his theological studies in Tanzania. We congratulate him and pray for his theological studies.

14. Pochampalli Mission

The village of Pochampalli comes under the diocese of Dharmapuri in Krishnagiri District. This mission station was raised as a Parish and given to MSFS by Most. Rev. Dr. Lawrence Pius, the Bishop of Dharmapuri. The parish was handed over to MSFS and the Parish Priest was installed on 7th July 2021 in the presence of our Provincial Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu MSFS and Rev. Fr. Benjamin, the VF of Dharmapuri and good number of our Priests, Nuns and local faithful. A rented house was blessed on the same day for the Parish Priest. Fr. S. Christu Raj, the first Parish Priest arranged the programe with the cooperation of Sisters and Local faithful.

Fr. S. A. Christraj

15. Change of Address and phone Number

1. Rev. Fr. Maria Selvan
25 Norman Crescent,
MK10 9JN,
Milton Keynes,
England, UK Phone: +447747355990

2. Rev. Fr. V. Berdinand Sahaya Selvan
Via del Mascherino, 46/2,
I – 00193 Roma, Italia. +393343812823

3. Rev. Fr. M. Joseph Anish Kumar MSFS
Maison Provinciale MSFS,
8 Chemin De Proupeine, 74000 Annecy.

16. Month of October – Birthdays of our Confreres

12 Fr. X. Vincent
13 Fr. A. Jeyaseelan
18 Fr. A. Selva Raj
19 Fr. H. Ebin Christopher
20 Fr. A.J.R. Benedict
22 Fr. D. Amirtharajan
23 Fr. S. ArockiaChristu Raj
27 Fr. A. Lawrence
28 Fr. S. Amirthanathan

We wish them Happy Birthday and God’s Abundant Blessings upon them.

17. Remember and Pray for the Dead – MSFS Obituary – October

1 Bro. Joseph Cheradickal
2 Bro. Raymond Boccard
3 Fr. Georges Vodoz
Fr. Louis Latthuille
6 Fr. TheophileMugnier
Fr. Gilbert Volery
8 Bro. John Arokium
Fr. Gilbert Curty
9 Bro. Jean Baptiste Dalle
Fr. William Power
11 Fr. Anselme Chelvum
12 Fr. Karl Freitag
Fr. Howard Francis Ford
13 Fr. A. Antony Savai Raj
Fr. Francis Berard
14 Fr. Raymond Chrvalho
15 Fr. Alexandre Boccard
16 Bro. Henry A Cruz
Fr. FernardAnthonioz
17 Fr. Jean Marie Girard
18 Fr. AmbroiseMuffat-Meridol
20 Bro. Manikya Rao Tinga
21 Fr. Francois Favrat
Fr. Joseph Dostert
23 Fr. Xavier Dias
Fr. Andre Duperthuy
Bro. Georges Bosson
24 Bro. Antoine Crochet
Fr. DaianFernandes
25 Fr. Eugene Gojon
27 Fr. Joseph Ulliel
Fr. Eugene Decisier
Bro. TheotonioMascarenhas
Fr. Thomas Pieters
28 Fr. Alphonse Barril
29 Fr. Eugene Chevallet
Bro. Marius Avrillon
30 Fr. Antony McCabe
Fr. Denis Frontin
Fr. Denis Breen
31 Fr. Alexis Maniglier
Fr. George D’Souza

May their souls rest in Peace.

Let Us Continue to Pray for the Deceased Members of Our Congregation

18. Let Us Pray for The Departed

  • Mr. Vijay Servin, aged 6, the nephew of Bro. M. Level Winner Raj, expired on 2nd July, 2021.
  • Mr. Dhanasamy, aged 82, the father of Fr. D. Johnson Sahayaraj, expired on 9th July, 2021.
  • Mrs. Savariyammal. Aged 68, the mother of Fr. M. Rayyappan John Britto, expired on 11th August, 2021.
  • Mr. D. David, aged 66, the elder brother of Fr. D. Robert, expired on 27th August, 2021.
  • Fr. Ayilukunnel Devasia, aged 70, from Vizag Province, expired on 30th August, 2021.
  • Fr. Varghese Puthuparambil, aged 73, from South West Province, expired on 6th September, 2021.
  • Fr. Andrew Francis SJ, aged 60, the elder brother of Fr. F. Emmanuel and maternal uncle of Fr. M. John Fernandez, expired on 10th September, 2021.
  • Mr. T. Sirumani, aged 82, the father of Fr. S. John Paul (Pune Province), expired on 12th September, 2021.
  • Mrs. Sammanasu, aged 84, the mother of Fr. S. Deivasagayaraj (Austria), expired on 17th September, 2021.

May I request those who have not fulfilled the suffrages to do the same at the earliest. (Const. No.118; General Directory No.98)

May their souls rest in peace!

Yours Sincerely in Christ,

Fr.K.Ignacimuthu, Msfs
Provincial Superior
South-East India Province
Missionaries of Saint Francis De Sales (MSFS)



“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away.”

– Revelation 21:4


“By turning your eyes on God in meditation, your whole soul will be filled with God. Begin all your prayers in the presence of God”.


“Not all crosses are wooden ones. … I shall conclude with the saying of an old priest I knew : Crosses are to be kissed, not bitten. And I add, ‘Kissing them brings healing; they become soft and one learns to love them.” [to Fr. Francis Decompoix, India, April, 1855, (Duval, Mermier, p. 268)]



தினைத்துணை நன்றி செயினும் பனைத்துணையாக்
கொள்வர் பயன்தெரி வார்


ஒருவன் தினையளவாகிய உதவியைச் செய்த போதிலும் அதன் பயனை ஆராய்கின்றவர் அதனையே பனையளவாகக் கொண்டு போற்றுவர்.


Each benefit to those of actions’ fruit who rightly deem,
Though small as millet-seed, as palm-tree vast will seem

English Explanation:

Though the benefit conferred be as small as a millet seed, those who know its advantage will consider it as large as a palmyra fruit


Thinaiththunai Nandri Seyinum Panaiththunaiyaak
Kolvar Payandheri Vaar