Dear Confreres,

After the onslaught of Covid-19 during the year of 2020, the expected normalcy in the year 2021 did not come through. All over the world, the governments and citizens have adopted a life-style of now what is called ‘new normal’. This new normal life pattern itself is different from country to country, people to people. The hope that the year 2021 will be bringing about a lot improvements from the effects of covid-19 did not materialiese fully, though a good amount of vaccination is done. In the year, 2021, India suffered heavily due to second wave of Covid-19 resulting in the loss of thousands of lives, young and old, strong and week, rich or poor etc. The end of the pandemic does not seem to be in sight.



Like all others, our South-East India province is also caught up with this global pandemic trent. During the year of 2021, Covid-19 has affected our life and ministry in the province. It has disrupted our various apostolates. All our centres went through a difficult period and for much of the time, could hardly have normal functioning. Our productivity in the spheres of our ministry and apostolate is far from normal. In short, though there were some positives in the year of 2021, yet uncertainty, disruptions, doubt etc characterized the year.

In few hours’ time, we are going to welcome the New Year of 2022. There is an earnest hope that this New Year of 2022 will be a year of healing, protection, growth and development. As Catholics, on New Year’s Day, we honor Mary, the Mother of God. The feast is a celebration of Mary’s motherhood. On this day, we are reminded of the role that the Blessed Virgin played in the plan of our salvation.

Through the Holy Spirit, God the Father prepared Mary to be an instrument to bring forth Jesus into the world. Christ’s birth was made possible by Mary’s total faith and surrender to God’s plan with her words, “Be it done to me according to thy word”. Calling Mary “Mother of God” is the highest honour we can give to her. Just as Christmas honours Jesus as the “Prince of Peace”, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God honours Mary as the “Queen of Peace”. New Year’s Day is also designated as the “World Day of Peace”, further acknowledging the role of Mary in our hearts and in the world.

With the guidance and blessings of our mother Mary, Mother of God on our side, let us enter the New Year of 2022 with faith and hope. We open a new chapter and try to bring changes in our lives that can lead to a bright and optimistic future. May this gentle and loving Mother obtain for us the Lord’s blessing upon the entire human family. Let the New Year be a year of healing, protection, peace, harmony, growth and development. Let us be optimistic and positive of good things to happen in the New Year. Let us ourselves become instruments of bringing good tidings to all those whom we meet and whom we serve in our life and ministry. During the year, let us focuss on religious and community life with the virtues of care, concern, commitment, cordiality and communion. Let our life and ministry as Fransalians be rooted on collective process of initiatives, discernment, decision making and implementations.

Wishing you all a fruitful, successful and prosperous New Year of 2022.

1. Postponement of the Extraordinary General Chapter 2022

The Extraordinary General Chapter of our Congregation, which was originally sheduled to take place in February, 2021, was re-scheduled to take place from 1st to 7th of February, 2022 in Fransalian Seminary, Pune. However, Fr.Saji George MSFS, the Secretary General of the Extraordinary General Chapter has officially informed that the Extraordinary General Chapter is postponted due to uncertainties in the wake of new variant (Omicron) of Covid-19.

2. Postponment of the Triennial Mandatory Meeting, 2022

The Triennial Mandatory Meeting comprising of General Curia and the Provincials was originally scheduled to take place in LCI, Arusha, Tanzania. However due to unavoidable reasons, including Covid-19, it was re-scheduled take place in Fransalian Seminary, Pune. Since the uncertainity due to new variant Omicron continues, it is again postponed.

3. Congratulations to the new Provincial, South-west India province

Our Superior General Rev.Fr.Abraham Vettuvelil has appointed Rev.Dr.Thomas Kalariparambill as the new provincial of South-West India province. On behalf of the South-East India Province family, I extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Rev. Dr. Thomas Kalariparambill, the Provincial-Elect of South-west India Province. We wish him all the best and pray for him.

4. The sudden demise of Msgr. Dennis Chitete, Vicar General, Diocese of Karonga, Malawi

Msgr.Dennis Chitete, the Vicar General of the diocese of Karonga, Malawi in Africa expired on 24th of December, 2021. He was a close friend of our congregation. When we visited the diocese of Karonga way back in 2018, in view of taking up Mission in Malawi, we experienced his hospitality and warm company. He accompanied us to all the places introducing and making us comfortable with our stay. From there on, he was very supportive of us and our Mission. He was a man of knowledge and strong conviction of his life as Priest. He was joyful priest and good companion to our fathers in Karonga diocese. Our fathers will surely miss him and his advices and brotherly accompaniment.

May his soul rest in peace. May God grant him eternal rest and reward.

5. Social Welfare Programme

I. Distribution of cloths to the poor and the needy during Christmas

As part of our reaching out to the poor people of our parishes, the province has decided to execute certain essential welfare programmes to the poor and the needy. As such, the province through its MDO has taken up the project of distribution of cloths to the poor and the needy of our parishes during this Christmas. This year, the number of beneficiaries were increased. In all, 2150 sarees, 1100 dhotis and 1100 towels were distributed. The total number of beneficiaries were 3300. The Clothes distribution is done through confreres involved in pastoral ministries of our province. Every year before Christmas this programe is organized. On behalf of the province and MDO, sincere thanks to all the confreres and parish priests for your ardent support to carry out the task on time.

ii. Other Social Welfare Programs

The province has devised a number of social welfare programs to the poor and the marginalized sections of the society. They are – Fransalian School Education Assistance, Fransalian Higher Education Assistance, Mermier Merit Award, Fransalian Destitute Welfare Programe, Fransalian Disability Welfare Programe, Fransalian Catechist Assistance, Fransalian Domestic Staff Assistance and Fransalian poor Housing Scheme. As such, this year, so far, it has executed the above projects in many of our parishes.
The total number of beneficiaries:

S. No Categories Beneficiaries
1 School Educational Assistance 285
2 Higher Education Assistance 114
3 Destitute Assistance 152
4 Disability Assistance 190
5 Merimer Merit Award 50
6 Catechist Assistance 17
7 Domestic Staff Assistance 17
8 Housing for the poor 2

The province has already sent the amount to the beneficiaries, as per the recommendations made by the parish priests. The details of sanctioned amounts are the following:

S. No Name of The Parish Amount
1 Kanakanpatty 67000
2 Sendurai 76000
3 Thirugokarnam 75000
4 Othayal 50000
5 Ammapatty 62000
6 Nallatinputhur 72000
7 Kanankadu 73000
8 R.S. Nagar 67000
9 Mariapuram 66000
10 Adhanur 74000
11 Pochampalli 31000
12 Vaniyanbadi 57000
13 Nachiyarkoil 60000
14 Kadayal 51000
15 Ravusapatty 65000
16 Catechist Assistance 51000
17 Domestic Staff Assistance 51000
18 Virudhunagar 68000

6. Appointments and Transfers

Fr. A. Arockiam Principal, SFS School, Virudhunagar
Fr. C. Martin Kumar Procurator, SFS School, Virudhunagar

7. Framing Guidelines for Friendly Home

In order to frame a document with comprehensive guidelines for Friendly Home (both units of Alangayam and Vaniyambadi), a committee is constituted.The members of the Committee are the following:

1. Fr. C. Sebastian raj (Convener)
2. Fr. K. Joseph Xavier
3. Fr. P.S.Joseph
4. Fr. J.B. John Thadews
5. Fr. S. Antony (Jr)
6. Fr. D. Johnson Sagayaraj
7. Fr. S. Santhanam
8. Fr. D. Amirtharajan
8. Month of January

I. Birthdays of Our Confreres

2 Fr. J. B. Thadews
3 Fr. M. Nicholas
3 Fr. S. Anantha Prabu
4 Fr.S.Rajesh
6 Fr. G. Jegannathan
8 Fr. A. John Peter(Jr)
16 Fr. L. Arul Sundaram
17 Fr. P. Anantha Raj
18 Fr. D. Kanikai Nathan
25 Fr. M. Raj Kumar
26 Fr. S. John Wilson
26 Fr. C. Martin Kumar
27 Fr. P.S. Joseph
28 Fr. S. Simon Raja
29 Fr. D. Tharcius
30 Fr. S. Arockia Doss

We wish them Happy Birthday and God’s Abundant Blessings

II. Ordination Anniversary of Our Confreres

21 Fr. Merry Benzer. G
26 Fr. Darline Joseph M
27 Fr. Arulanantham Y
28 Fr. Packia Sathish Kumar. J
29 Fr. Britto. D
30 Fr. Emmanuel F

We congratulate and pray for them

9. Remember and Pray for the Dead

I. Msfs Obituary – January

1 Fr. Antoine BESSON
Fr. Jean Marie BERGER
2 Fr. Joseph FAVRAT
3 Fr. Francois AVRILLON
Fr. Adolphe SOUCHON
Fr. Bernard RUFFIEUX
Fr. Antony Mookenthottam
4 Fr. Louis COLLOMB
Fr. Elanjipuram VARGHESE
8 Fr. André KIEFFER
Fr. Joseph Kunnapilly
9 Fr. Kenneth FRANKS
Fr. Aloysius MORET
11 Fr. Constant BOUVARD
12 Fr. Devasia KUZHUPPIL
13 Bro. Antoine GAVET
Fr. Antony Mary NAZARETH
14 Fr. Bernard SCHNECK
15 Fr. Camille DUBASSAT
Fr. Henri WIDER
16 Fr. Alphonse LARRIVAZ
17 Fr. Marius REY
Fr. Simon Rodrigues
18 Fr. Joseph MABBOUX
19 Fr. Jean Marie CROCHET
20 Fr. Francois CONUS
23 Fr. Eugene GOUX
Fr. Camille MEYNET
25 Bro. Anthony NEDUNGATT
26 Fr. Hyppolite GAYDON
Fr. Alphonse FAVRAT
Fr. Nellikunnel GEORGE
Fr. Mannukuzumpil ZACHARIAS
27 Bro. Joseph PUTTUR
Bro. Madanu JOJI
Fr. François COFFY
28 Bro. Maurice COSTER
29 Bro. Philip MONZEL
Fr. VelamparableEPHREM
30 Fr. Francois ROSNOBLET
31 Mgr. Peter Joseph REY

May I request those who have not fulfilled the suffrages to do the same at the earliest.

(Const. No.118; General Directory No.98)

May their souls rest in peace.

II. Let Us Pray for the Departed

1. Mrs. Arulmani, aged 84, the Maternal Grandmother of Fr.D. Britto, expired on 6th December, 2021.

2. Bro. Fr. Augustine Olickal, (Vizag Province), aged 80, expired on 27th November, 2021.

3. Bro. Michael Olickal, (Vizag Province), aged 86, expired on 12th December, 2021.

Eternal rest, grant unto them o Lord!

Let perpetual light shine upon them!

May they rest in Peace!

Yours Fraternally in Christ,

Fr.K.Ignacimuthu, Msfs
Provincial Superior
South-East India Province
Missionaries of Saint Francis De Sales