My Dear Confreres,

Greetings of peace and joy to all of you!

Come November, the church celebrates the Solemnities of All Saints day and All Souls day on 1st and 2nd of November respectively.

On All Saints day, we commemorate all the saints, who have gone before us and have received God’s reward and are in union with God enjoying heavenly bliss. Some are known to us as they are canonized or Beatified. But still there are so many, who are not known, but having lived a life of holiness, have already received the eternal reward and are really saints. On the occasion of All Souls feast, we commemorate all those faithful departed, who have died marked with our faith. It is our faith that they are yet to receive their reward and we especially pray for them so that cleansed of their stains, they will receive the eternal reward. This feast invites us to pray for all the dead especially those who have no one to pray for.

Both the feasts of All Saints and All Souls give us the message of Hope and reward. The feast of All saints give us the hope that by living a life of holiness, we can receive eternal reward. The feast of All Souls give us the hope that praying for the dead will cleanse them of their sins and that they will receive the eternal reward. Both the feasts invite us to live a life of holiness. Let us lead a life of holiness worthy of our calling! Let us pray for the faithful departed! Let us be united in spirit with All the Saints and All the Souls.


Rev. Fr. Abraham Vettuvelil, the Superior General has issued a Circular in No. SG-AB 16-131 in respect of the Canonical Visitation by the Provincial Superior

Through his Circular, Fr. General has once again touched upon the importance of Canonical Visitation by the Provincial Superior. In the said Circular, Fr. General says “The canonical visitation is a powerful and pressing call to live our Religious life to the full”. He further says “This process should give us the courage to make decisions that will take us to live the present as mystics and prophets of God’s love and embrace the future with hope”. He emphasizes that the provincial has to stay in the community and meet the confreres individually and collectively. He has also stressed the importance of verification of documents/records during the visitation. He has also listed the things to be ensured and the things to be avoided during the visitation.

Let us follow the guidelines of the General. My Canonical Visitation will be based on the guidelines of the Superior General in his Circular No. SG-AB 16-131. (For the full text, Refer Superior General’s Circular in No: SG-AB 16-131, that is already circulated to you)


1. Congregational Retreat at Poondy, Tamilnadu:

The congregational retreat began on 7th October and ended on 12th October, 2017. The retreat was held at Poondy Matha Shrine, Pondy, Tamilnadu. The participants were the General Curia, the Provincials and the members of the retreat team. The theme of the Retreat was “Consecrated life for Mission.” The main focus was on the title “walk the way, live the grace.” The retreat was well preached with lots of depth of spirituality. The retreat team won the hearts of all the participants. The team really received the heartiest congratulations and the appreciations of all the eminent participants of the retreat.

In the name of our Province, I express my deepest gratitude to the General Curia, Provincials of India Forum, Provincial of East Africa, Dibrugarh Regional Superior and all the participants of the retreat for having given us the chance to organize the retreat at Poondy Matha Shine, Poondy, Tamilnadu.

2. PIF – PEA meeting with general curia

A Joint Meeting of General Curia, Provincials of India Forum, Provincial of East Africa, US Vice Provincial, Dibrugarh Regional Superior took place at MSFS Provincial House, Trichy from 14th to 16th October 2017. It was really an experience of collective responsibility and discernment. Such a meeting once again showed the need, the joy and the effectiveness of working and collaborating together. The main concern was seeking and obtaining clarity on different aspects of religious life.

3. The Report of the Regional Indian Mission Forum Meeting – 2017

The Regional Mission Forum Meeting was held on 26th and 27th September at Vinayalaya, Bangalore. The Councilors and the Secretaries of Mission forum of each Indian province attended the meeting along with Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, the General Councilor of Mission and the resource person. The meeting began with the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. At the outset of the meeting, Rev. Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, the General Councilor of the Mission gave an orientation about the important concerns of the mission in our Congregation and introduced Fr. Philip Thomas of North East India Province, the animator and the resource person of the day. Fr. John Peter of Nagpur province was selected to be the secretary. Then the sessions began. On the first day four sessions were held.

Fr. Philip Thomas based his talk on enlightening on the question, “Who Is a Pastor?” and what are the skills and competencies of a pastor. He presented Jesus as the Supreme Pastor of all time. During the various sessions, the mission reports of each province was presented, discussed and evaluated. Fr. Agnelo insisted on the Regional Forum objectives such as the Role of PCIC, Working as unity and as mission collaborators. He also insisted on maintaining the records of the Action Plan of the General Chapter, Provincial Congress, Provincial Chapter, Reports of Superior General, Assistant General, Minutes of the Province Forum Meetings and so on.

On 27th September, the resource person was Fr. Benny Kootanal, the provincial of South West Province. Fr. Agnelo welcomed and introduced the resource person Fr. Benny. In his address, Fr. Benny emphasized the aspect of “Missionaries being ‘in the zone.’ He beautifully presented the challenges and the joyful result of being in the zone. Fr. Kanikkai Nathan, the councilor in-charge of the Mission of South East India Province thanked Fr. Benny Kootanal on behalf of the Regional Mission Forum.

During the sessions, Fr. Agnelo displayed the action plan of the General Chapter 2013, and an evaluation was done as to how far the plans are actualized in the respective provinces. Some concrete proposals of General chapter of 2019 and other proposals of the forum such as Pastoral leadership, Inter-Religious Dialogue, Moral issues, Liturgy, Counseling, Ecology, Health Care, Human Rights, Bible Sunday, Church Teachings and instructions of Pope, etc. were discussed and evaluated. Finally Rev. Fr. Agnelo thanked everybody for the active participation and for the inputs shared. The meeting came to an end with the lunch, where Fr. Stephen Xavier thanked the provincial of South West and the Provincial House Community, on behalf of the Regional Mission Forum for the hospitality, care and accommodation.

Fr. Stephen Xavier


The perpetual profession of eight of our Brothers was held at M.S.F.S. Study House, Shillong at 6.00 p.m. on Saturday, on 30th September, 2017. Among them, two brothers, namely, Bros. S. Anantha Prabu and A. Richard belong to our South-East India Province and four belong to North-East India Province and the other two belong to Nagpur province.

The holy sacrifice of Calvary was presided over and their vows were received by Rev. Fr. Philip Thomas the Councilor in-charge of mission of the NE Province. The heart-touching message was: one should have the spirit to love and to serve the lord, accompanied by our Founder, Fr. Mermier and Patron, St. Francis de Sales. A good number of priests and religious were present to make this spiritual event more solemn. After the Holy Eucharist, there was a felicitation programme for the newly professed members, which was followed by a delicious dinner.

In the name of the province, I wish them hearty congrats!

Dn. D. Nelson


The members of the Education Forum of our Province came together on 9thSeptember 2017 at MSFS Provincialate in Trichy for crystallizing and actualizing the mission and vision of our educational ministry during this Year of Education. We began the day’s programme in the presence of Eucharistic Lord and the praise and worship conducted by Fr. Amirthanathan. The sessions were animated by Rev. Fr. George Parampukattil, the General Councilor for Education. The Opening prayer was said by Fr. Soosai, and Fr. Thadews, the Councilor in charge of Education extended a warm welcome to all, especially to Fr. George Parampukattil and Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, the Provincial of Southeast India Province honoured him with a Shawl. The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Fr. Simon Prabu and they were passed.

Message by Rev. Fr. George Parampukattil

In his introductory talk, Fr. George brought about an awareness of the existing and upcoming “Common Education Policy in India” for the Fransalian Schools. He said, the three “A”s – Apostolic, Administrative and Academic Leadership, create the holistic mode of Leadership.” We need to realize the great responsibility of having received a divine vocation and consecrated life. We ought to be transparent and accountable in our duties and responsibilities. He also emphasized the need to think differently and do the work with total commitment and dedication. The Three Trusts to be cultivated are, namely: Spiritual Trust, which means to remember that we are all primarily spiritual leaders, which should keep us away from materialistic attitude and outlook. Community Trust, which refers to transparency in giving correct information and in handling money. MSFSness Trust, which points to our role in practicing the characteristics of Fransalian Education. The suggested ways and means to bring about uniformity in our schools were as follows: Installing the Statue of SFS at the school premise (preferably at the Entrance) publishing SFS Quotes, and cultivating virtues such as Simplicity, Obedience, Gentleness, Humility, and Charity.

Fransalian Education Policy

A book on Fransalian Education Policy is being readied and edited for all the SFS Educational Institutes and Units. The Topics that are covered in this booklet are RTE, Fransalian Pedagogy, Profile of Fransalian Education/Teacher, Administrative Management, Vision and Mission, up gradation and Infrastructure etc. It also includes general guidelines for PTA, PTM, Alumni Association, Evaluation and Child Protection (Justice for the victim).

Common Functioning /Policy of our Schools in the Province

Suggestions were made to start a Whatsapp group of the members of the Education Forum at the province level as well as at the congregation level and to conduct at the schools, SFS Motivational Seminar. The aim is to promote commonalities and to avoid divergences. In the upcoming issue of Edu Times, one would find 12 points of the Action Plan, which are to be adhered to, in the coming days. Common Policy would mean common way of Functioning of SFS Schools.

Plan for the Year of Education

The team comprising Fr. Savarimuthu, Fr. Benjamin, Fr. Charles, and Fr. Jayaraj was asked to prepare and to schedule the programme for the year of Education, in view of commemorating the 450th Birth Anniversary of our Patron, St. Francis de Sales. The Venue for the literary and the sports events was decided to be SFS School, Vaniyambadi. After the tea, all went back to their ministry places.

Fr. M. Simon Prabu


The Second Mission Forum Meeting of South East India Province was held on 13th September 2017 in the MSFS Provincialate, Nagamangalam, in the presence of Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, the General Councilor for Mission. The meeting was attended by 25 members. The meeting commenced at 9 a.m. with half an hour Eucharistic Adoration led by Frs. Arockiam and D. Jaya Kumar. Then at 9.45 a.m. we gathered together at the conference hall and the meeting began with an opening prayer led by Fr. Edmund. Fr. Kanikkai Nathan, the Convener of the Mission Forum extended a cordial welcome to Fr. Agnelo, the General Councilor of Mission, to Fr. Ignacimuthu, the Provincial and to all the members with a special mention of Fr. C. John Britto, who recently returned from USA and was attending his first meeting with us. After the welcome, the minutes of the previous meeting were read out by Fr. Stephen Xavier, the secretary and they were passed without any correction.

Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, the General Councilor of Mission with his vast knowledge, deep spirituality and varied mission experience, oriented the members with his insightful thoughts on the theme, “The Theology of Religious Leadership.” He began his address stating that ‘people at the grass root level are the yardstick of our mission progresses. He appreciated the Fransalian contribution and the Fransalian mission dynamism in the Dioceses. Fr. Agnelo beautifully presented the theology of a religious – missionary leader in depth.

After the Tea-break, Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, the Provincial Superior briefed the members about a few pressing challenges in the area of mission in our province and sought the ways to combat them. The members expressed their opinions and suggestions on the prevailing challenges of the mission. After the sharing session, the actions plans of the previous congresses (2011, 2014, and 2017) were read out and evaluated, as to how far we have achieved and what steps were necessary for further improvement.

In the Afternoon session, certain areas of concern such as; Friends of Fransalians and Fransalian Associates, Introducing the Parish Management Software, Coordination of the Youth Ministry, Parish Mission Preaching Team and the Parish Renewal, Fransalian Sunday and Transmitting Salesian Spirituality, Mission Sangamam and its Follow– Up, were discussed. Fr. Nicholas, the bursar instructed the members on the account keeping and the new rules that were to be adhered to, after the introduction of GST. Fr. Kanikkai Nathan, the convener of the mission forum thanked Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, the General Councilor of Mission for his presence and message and he also thanked Fr. Provincial and all the members of the forum. And with a final prayer led by Fr. Jerome, the meeting came to an end at 5.00. p.m.

Fr. Stephen Xavier


The second meeting of the social and innovative ministry forum of SE India Province with Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, the General Councilor in charge of Mission and of the social and innovative ministry took place on the 15th of September, 2017 at the Provincialate, in the presence of our Provincial Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu. The meeting was attended by all the members of the forum except, a few who could not make it, due to personal reasons. The daylong meeting was an enriching one for all us and sincere thanks to the input session by Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, the resource person and to all the members, who were present, for their active participation.

In the morning, we had the input session by Fr. Agnelo, who stressed on the importance of rejuvenating the thirst for the social and innovative ministry. The foundation for such ministry is to be seen in the social teachings of the church. To carry out the social ministry effectively, he presented the Pastoral Spiral. With the inspiration from the resource person, all the members actively shared their experiences, activities and challenges in their respective ministry places. In the process, many innovative ideas came out. At the same time, we could understand the new challenges that were emerging and the ways to address them. A serious discussion was made on, how to mark the year of education and social and innovative ministry meaningful. Few interesting proposals were made in this regard. After the sharing session, Fr. Agnelo shared information from the side of the General Curia. At the end Fr. Amirtharajan, the Councilor in charge of innovative ministry thanked everyone present.

Fr. X. George Navin


We had the second meeting of the Formation Forum with Rev. Fr. Noel, the General Councilor for formation on 11th September, 2017 at MSFS Minor Seminary, Pudukkottai. We started the meeting with half an hour of adoration, at 9:15 am. At the very outset of the meeting, Rev. Fr. A. Santhiyagu, the Councilor for formation welcomed everyone, especially, Rev. Fr. Noel, the General Councilor for formation and Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, the Provincial of South East India Province. A bouquet to each was given by Rev. Fr. George Kootinal, the Rector of the Minor Seminary and Rev. Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan, the Councilor In-charge for Mission.

Rev. Fr. Noel and Rev. Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan enlightened the assembly about the Graded Formation, which would be implemented from the coming academic year onwards. This will start from the minor seminary itself.

We discussed also on the school-going students and studied the possibility of sending our students for their higher secondary studies to one of our schools. Finally, it was decided that our students, who join the seminary in Pudukkottai after the completion of class 10, would be enrolled as students in S.F.S. School in Vaniyambadi, for their +1 and +2 studies from the coming academic year onwards. A review was done on the Postulancy programme, about its nature and success and suggestions were given for the future improvement. It was also felt that we need to have concrete plans for the students from North India (Odisha).

Rev.Fr. A. Santhiyagu, the Councilor for formation thanked all the participants of the meeting, especially Rev. Fr. Noel, the General Councilor in-charge for formation and Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, the Provincial of South East India Province. We concluded the programme praising the name of the Trinity at 1.00. p.m.

Fr. D. Sheen


The southeast India province conducted a special seminar on sobriety

Theme Progressive Emotional Sobriety
Animator Dr. Francis Xavier Nelson
Date Tuesday 24th October, 2017
Time 9 am to 4 pm
Venue Nalam De-Addiction Counseling Center, Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu, South India
Experience Insightful, Healing and Strengthening of the Sobriety of the Participants

Gratitude: First of all, I thank God for his providence and blessings. I thank Fr. Ignacimuthu, the Provincial Superior of our Province for his prayers, guidance and financial assistance. I do appreciate his Zeal and earnestness that he has for the De-Addiction Ministry. I also thank all the councilors of our province for their prayerful support. I also sincerely thank all the confreres for their good wishes and prayers.

Fellowship: Participating in the fellowship meal, Fr. Soosai, the Vicar General of the Dharmapuri Diocese expressed his sincere appreciation. He also shared his insights and willingness to join the noble ministry. Fr. Arockiasamy, the parish priest of the Dharmapuri expressed good wishes with his presence and participation in the fellowship meal.

Fr. C. Sebastin Raj


  1. Fr Jacob Thekkekara (Councilor cum Admonitor),
  2. Fr Thomas Kochuparampil (Councilor),
  3. Fr Kurian Kollapallil (Councilor),
  4. Fr Thomas Kochalumchuvatttil (Councilor) and
  5. Fr Jose Eriyanickal (Provincial Bursar).
  1. Fr George Kurickal (Councilor cum Admonitor),
  2. Fr Patras Tirkey (Councilor),
  3. Fr Anthony Amaladoss (Councilor),
  4. Fr Lalit Tigga (Councilor) and
  5. Fr William Anthony (Provincial Bursar).
  1. Fr Johnson Gonsalves (Councilor cum Admonitor),
  2. Fr Santosh Salve (Councilor),
  3. Fr Tony Prem Anand (Councilor),
  4. Fr Valerian Carvalho (Councilor) and
  5. Fr A. Nelson (Provincial Bursar).

In the name of South-East India Province, I wish the newly appointed Provincials and the Provincial Curia all the best and invoke on each of them God’s abundant blessings.


Fr. A. Edward +44 7459005183
Fr. V. Vetharaj 0043 2612 4223 213
  1. Rev. Fr. V. Vetharaj
    Hauptstraße 66
    A-7350 Oberpullendorf
  2. Rev. Fr. Vincent Sagayaraj
    St. Benedict parish mf 7142
    Morne fortune
    Castries, St. Lucia, Lc06101

Fr. A. Edward has left for his pastoral ministry in England on 26th October.

Fr. V. Vetharaj has left for his pastoral ministry in Austria on 04th October.

Fr. S. John Wilson Fernando has left for his pastoral ministry in West Indies on 24th October.

We wish them all the best and assure them of our prayerful support for the success of their ministry in abroad.



05 Fr. C. John Britto
Fr. J. Stephen Dass
Fr. L. John Peter
07 Fr. K. Martin Anand
10 Fr. A. Vincent Sahaya Raj
13 Fr. C. Sebastin Robert
15 Fr. S. Antony (Jr)
18 Fr. D. Jayakumar
20 Fr. I. Jone Gragori
24 Fr. S. Britto
26 Fr. A. Michael
27 Fr. V. Yesuraja

We wish them Happy Birthday and God’s Abundant Blessings upon them



02 Fr. Henri Arnaud
Bro. S. M. Thomas
05 Mgr. Theophilus Sebastin Neyret
06 Fr. Martin Kopchik
Fr. Francis Murphy
07 Fr. Joseph Panjakil
08 Fr. Louis Dufresne
Fr. Alphonse Baeriswyl
Fr. Auguste Dietrich
09 Bro. Jacob Chembakassery
Fr. Bernard Moret
10 Fr. Michael Perissin Faber
Fr. Pierre Sallansonnet
11 Fr. James Gebert
Fr. Philip Aguiar
Fr. Edouard Paravy
12 Fr. Francois Marullaz
Fr. Jules Roux
Fr. Philip Kudakachira
Fr. Marcel Gaydon
Fr. Francis Xavier Birraux
Fr. Andre Genoud
Fr. Joseph Thevenet
13 Fr. Zacharias Karothupara
14 Fr. Mathew Katchira
Fr. Xavier Schmaderer
15 Fr. Maurice Breches
16 Bro. Emile Depollier
19 Bro. Alphonse Rouiller
Fr. Mariadas Midathala
20 Fr. Mani Tharappel
21 Fr. Joseph Decompoix
Fr. Francois Longerey
22 Fr. Joseph Brand
23 Bro. Peter Paul Fernandes
Fr. Louis Chirackal
24 Bro. Harold D’silva
Fr. Frank Rosario
28 Fr. Pierre Chevaier
29 Fr. Francois Fleury
Fr. Otto Reitmayer
30 Bro. Siegfried Fraitzl
Bro. John Sudarsanam

Let Us Continue to Pray for the Deceased Members of Our Congregation


  • Mrs. Mariammal, the Aunty of Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, aged 68, expired on 04th September, 2017.
  • Mr. Christin, the Uncle of Dn. Benzer, aged 57, expired on 10th October, 2017.
  • Mr. Amirthasamy, the Eldest brother of Fr. S. Johnson (Italy), aged 62, expired on 12th October, 2017.
  • Mr. Chinnadurai, the father of bro. Britto Clindon, aged 65, expired on 16th October, 2017.
  • Mrs. Chinnamani (65), the Aunty of Fr. F. Justin (Brazil), aged 65, expired on 16th October, 2017.

May I request those who have not fulfilled the suffrages to do the same at the earliest. (Const. No.118; General Directory No.98)

May their souls rest in peace!


               2nd Mass, SFS Seminary, Pudukottai
               4th and 5th Parish Feat, R. S. Nagar Parish, Chennai
              11th and 12th Council Meeting
              17th Sports Day, SFS School, Vaniyambadi
              20th Seminar, St. Peter’s Seminary, Bangalore
              24th Flag Hoisting at St. Xavier’s Church, Virudhunagar
               1st FIF Meeting, Suvidya College, Bangalore
               2nd Governing Body Meeting, Suvidya College, Bangalore
               8th Fr. Gabriel’s Memorial Lecture, Suvidya College, Bangalore

Yours Fraternally in Christ,
Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, Msfs
Provincial Superior


    Mark 7: 21 “For it is from within, from the human heart, that evil intentions come.”

    “Religious life is not the place to look for a position of honour and esteem as one does when one chooses to follow a profession at the courts. To hanker after dignity and distinction in religious life is a sign that we have not yet arrived at a state of detachment that is required.”

    “Missionary service is rendered in response to the call of God, not of man.”
    கற்றதனால் ஆய பயனென்கொல் வாலறிவன்
    நற்றாள் தொழாஅர் எனின்.
    karradhanal Aya payanenkol valarivan
    natrarral thozaar enin.

    What is the use of all your learning, if you can’t surrender yourself at the feet of God.

    தூய அறிவு வடிவாக விளங்கும் இறவனுடைய நல்ல துருவடிகளை தொழாமல்
    இருப்பாரானால் அவர் கற்ற கல்வியினால் ஆகிய பயன் என்ன?