My Dear Confreres,

We have celebrated two important festivities on 15.08.2018 – the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary our Mother and the 72 nd Independence Day of our country.

The fest of the Assumption of our Mother Mary is a significant event and has a unique message for us. Mary our Mother accepted God’s call and lived a life worthy of her calling. The feast of the Assumption is an assurance that all those who believe will be rewarded with eternal life. It is also a sign that if we live a life worthy of our calling, we are also assured of same elevated status
and glorified life. The feast calls us to live an exemplary life.

We have also celebrated the 72 nd Independence Day of our country. Independence means liberty, freedom from foreign rule. This day is very important for us citizens, as it is an occasion to salute all those freedom fighters. Freedom did not come by chance. It is the result of a long period of struggles. It is the result of sacrifice of so many freedom fighters. We should not juststop with only celebrating the day. We must work for the progress of the country and preserve the multi-dimensional nature of our country.

As MSFS confreres, we are preparing for the great event of 20 th General Chapter, 2019. As South-east India province, we have also elected our Delegates to the Chapter. Let us continually reflect on the theme of the Chapter “MSFS, Wake up to the Basics” and with firm belief in and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ, live by those principles, values and charism of our venerable founder, under the guidance our heavenly Patron St. Francis De Sales and Patroness, Mother of Compassion.

Congregation Matters

The 20th General Chapter 2019

All of us know that the 20 th General Chapter 2019 is to be held from the 1 st of February, 2019 to the 13 th of February, 2019 at Msfs Provincial house, Guwahati, Assam, India. All the preparations are underway. Let us continue to pray for the success of the 20 th General Chapter 2019.

Superior General’s Circular

In his circular dated 01.08.2018 in SG-AB-22, Fr. Abraham Vettuvelil, MSFS, our Superior General brings out the significance of General Chapter in our congregation. Citing our Constitutions and the message of Pope Paul VI, he says “General Chapter of a Religious Congregation is one of the principal means of RENEWAL”. He emphasizes that this renewal “depends on our fidelity to the spiritual heritage of our Congregation, fidelity to our Founder and his vision, and fidelity to our CHARISM”. This charism according to him is “the SOUL OF THE CONGREGATION” and “is the source of its vitality, inspiration, and motivation”.

Citing the call of the Vatican Council II document ‘Perfectae Caritatis’ for the renewal of each religious institute, he states that our upcoming 20 th General Chapter has the theme “MSFS, Wake up to the Basics”,

In his circular, he also observes that there is “an imbalance between our primordial apostolate and our present apostolates …There is an imbalance between the number of confreres engaged in Parish Mission Preaching, Pioneering Overseas Evangelization, and the number of confreres engaged in Education and other apostolates”. He further states that “We cannot hold on to institutionalized apostolates, without a serious regard for fidelity to the charism of the Founder, while all the time declaring that we want something new to happen in our consecrated life or renewal to take place”

In conclusion, he states that our General Chapter is a time of discerning and various factors “compel us to discern how to renew our apostolates and our life in fidelity to our charism”.

(Superior General’s Circular dated 01.08.2018 in SG-AB-22 is already circulated to all of you. Kindly read and reflect)

Province Matters

Delegates to the 20th General Chapter 2019 – Election Results

In accordance with the Constitutions and the General Directory of our Congregation, we are entitled to send three Delegates to the General Chapter, 2019. Accordingly we had two rounds of election. In the first round, no one secured absolute majority as required. Therefore we had the second round of voting. The following is result:

1 Fr. A. Arul Francis 50
2 Fr. J. Stephen 47
3 Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan 47
4 Fr. S. Joseph Henry 45
5 Fr. A. Luckas 37
6 Fr. M. Rayappan 35
7 Fr. A. Santhiyagu 16
8 Fr. A. Patrick 06

The elected Delegates

1 Fr. A. Arul Francis
2 Fr. J. Stephen
3 Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan

The Substitute Delegates

1 Fr. S. Joseph Henry
2 Fr. A. Luckas
3 Fr. M. Rayappan

Congratulations for the elected Delegates

Congregational Retreat – 2018

Congregational Retreat is going to be held from 19th evening to 24 th afternoon of August, 2018 at Vidivelli Retreat Centre, Sundampatty Krishnagiri. It is animated by Rev. Fr. Edathumparambil Binu, Msfs: & Fr. Austin Joy, Msfs. The following are the participants:

1 Fr. S. Alexander 31 Fr. S. Britto
2 Fr. A. Lawrence 32 Fr. D. Amirtha Rajan
3 Fr. C. Sebastin Raj 33 Fr. A. Christopher
4 Fr. D. Robert 34 Fr. S. Stephen Xavier
5 Fr. S. Antony (Tony) 35 Fr. S. Antony Raj
6 Fr. A. Arockiam 36 Fr. A. Charles
7 Fr. A. Santhiyagu 37 Fr. D. Sheen
8 Fr. K. Ignaci Muthu 38 Fr. M. Benjamin
9 Fr. P. Johnson Jeyabal 39 Fr. S. Prem Kumar
10 Fr. X. Vincent 40 Fr. V. Yesuraja
11 Fr. Jerry Louis 41 Fr. P. Anantha Raj
12 Fr. A. Michael 42 Fr. A. Edmand
13 Fr. J. Stephen 43 Fr. M. Simon Prabhu
14 Fr. S. Amirthanathan 44 Fr. X. George Navin
15 Fr. A. Christu Raj 45 Fr. I. Jone Gragori
16 Fr. S. Antony (Jr) 46 Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan
17 Fr. A. Jeya Kumar 47 Fr. S. Santhanam
18 Fr. I. S. Jesu Raj 48 Fr. A. William Joe Xavier
19 Fr. S. A. Christu Raj 49 Fr. M. Joseph Anish Kumar
20 Fr. A. Jeyaseelan 50 Fr. A. Jerome
21 Fr. P. Felix 51 Fr. D. Jaya Kumar
22 Fr. S. Sahaya Wilson 52 Fr. L. John Peter
23 Fr. A. Selvaraj 53 Fr. S. Ashir Johnson
24 Fr. K. Joseph Xavier 54 Fr. M. John Fernandez
25 Fr. D. Tharcius 55 Fr. J. Packia Sathish Kumar
26 Fr. A. Innaci Muthu 56 Fr. C. Berin
27 Fr. A. Maria Selvan 57 Fr. D. Nelson
28 Fr. D. Johnson 58 Fr. S. Arockia Doss
29 Fr. H. Ebin Christopher 59 Fr. D. Francis
30 Fr. J. Savarimuthu

The Forums for 2018 – 2019

Since there were transfers & appointments, there was a need to re-constitute the Forums. As such, the re-constituted Forums for 2018 – 2019 are as follows:

Mission Forum

Fr. D. Kanikkai Nathan (Councillor in charge) Fr. A. Christopher
Fr. S. Tony Fr. A. Innacimuthu
Fr. D. Robert Fr. S. Stephen Xavier
Fr. C. John Britto Fr. M. Francis Britto
Fr. A. Michael Fr. Antony Raj (Sr)
Fr. A. Arockiam Fr. V. Yesu Raja
Fr. P. Johnson Jeyabal Fr. C. Martin Kumar
Fr. J. Stephen Fr. A. William
Fr. M. Sahaya Raj Fr. S. Arockiam
Fr. M. John De Britto Fr. S. Ashir Johnson
Fr. X. Vincent Fr. L. John Peter
Fr. I. S. Jesu Raj Fr. A. Jerome
Fr. P. Felix Fr. M. Anish Kumar
Fr. S. Sahaya Wilson Fr. M. John Fernandez
Fr. D. Tharcius

Education Forum

Fr. J.B. John Thadews (Councillor in charge) Fr. P. Johnson Jeyabal
Fr. George Kootinal Fr. D. Johnson
Fr. A. Lawrence Fr. D. Amirtharajan
Fr. S. Jerry Louis Fr. C. John Britto
Fr. A. Michael Fr. S. Britto
Fr. J. Stephen Fr. S. Jerald Sahaya Abin
Fr. A. Arul Francis Fr. M. Simon Prabhu
Fr. M. Nicholas Fr. X. George Navin
Fr. J. Savarimuthu

Formation Forum

Fr. A. Santhiyagu (Councillor in charge) Fr. Prem Kumar
Fr. D. Kanikkai Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan
Fr. Maria Selvam Fr. A. Yesu Raj
Fr. Ebin Fr. D. Jaya Kumar
Fr. D. Sheen Fr. S. Antony Raj(Jr)

Innovative M. Forum

Fr. D. Amirtharajan (Councillor in charge) Fr. S. David Vincent
Fr. C. Sebastin Raj Fr. X. George Navin
Fr. S. Alexander Fr. S. Santhanam
Fr. A. Christu Raj Fr. K. Dominic Savio
Fr. A. Santhiyagu Fr. K. Joseph Xavier
Fr. A. Jeyaseelan Fr. A. Doss
Fr. A. Jeya Kumar Fr. A. Jeganathan
Fr. S. A. Christu Raj Fr. P. Rex
Fr. A. Selvaraj Fr. I. Jone Gragori
Fr. M. Benjamin

Stewardship Forum

Fr. M. Nicholas (Convener) Fr. X. George Navin
Fr. S. Amirthanathan Fr. K. Martin Anand
Fr. A. Jeyaseelan Fr. A. Franklin
Fr. P. Johnson Jeyabal Fr. A. Nayaga Seelan
Fr. S. Antony (Jr) Fr. S. Santhanam
Fr. A. Maria Selvan Fr. L. Jaya Raj
Fr. A. Charles M Raj Fr. K. Dominic Savio
Fr. M. Benjamin

Superiors Forum

Fr. C. Sebastin Raj (Convener) Fr. A. Arul Francis
Fr. A. Lawrence Fr. J.B. John Thadews
Fr. S. Jerry Louis Fr. D. John De Britto
Fr. S. Tony Fr. D. Amirtha Rajan
Fr. D. Robert Fr. A. Jeya Kumar
Fr. J. Stephen Fr. A. Selvaraj
Fr. M. Nicholas Fr. K. Dominic Savio

Justice & Peace Forum

Fr. C. Sebastin Raj (Convener)
Fr. K. George
Fr. A. Arul Francis
Fr. A. Jeyakumar
Fr. J.B. John Thadews
Fr. S. Abin


Superiors’ Forum Meeting

The meeting of superior’s forum began with invoking of God’s blessings by Fr. A. Arockiam at 9:15 am in MSFS Provincialate at Kunnathur, Trichy. At the outset, Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu the provincial requested the forum to elect a convener and a secretary. Fr. C. Sebastin Raj was elected as convener and Fr. K. Dominic Savio was elected as secretary. The main theme of the discussion was about community life. It was decided that 24 th October 2018 is to be celebrated as Community day. It is to be celebrated in all the local communities of our province. All the fathers who attended the meeting shared about the situations of their own communities and put forward many Suggestions to revitalize and to re-energize the local communities.

The Superiors’ forum unanimously resolved to do the following with utmost sincerity and dedication:

  • To set a time table for the community and to follow it strictly without fail
  • To being faithful to all the spiritual activities of the community
  • To pray every day for all the conferrers
  • To have monthly recollection without fail
  • To visit the family members of every conferrer in the community
  • To read from the life of our Patron and Founder before the meals
  • To pray for the conferrers, who celebrate birthday, ordination day and feast day
  • To read the obituary everyday and pray for the departed confreres without fail
  • To maintain visitors book
  • To maintain Chronicles
  • To have monthly community meeting without fail and send a copy of the minutes to the

Since some confreres are living alone in parishes, it is decided to group them with nearby communities to meaningfully celebrate the community day. The following are the groups:

  1. Kadayal, Nalattinputhur and Othaiyal
  2. Virudhunagar community and Fr. S. Arockiam, Fr. M. Anish and Fr. A. Jerome
  3. Ammapatty and Sendurai communities.
  4. SFS Minor seminary and Thirukogarnam Parish
  5. SFS School Pudukkottai, Kanakanpatty and Ravoosapatty parishes
  6. SFS ITI, Nachiarkoil and Mayoraz children’s Home
  7. Provincialate and Fr. M. Fernandez
  8. SFS School, Alangayam, Friendly Home, Vaniyambadi SFS School and Vaniyambadi Parish
  9. Kolli Hills, Dharmapuri, Mariapuram and Fr. C. Martin Kumar
  10. Perumbakkam, Kodungal, Adanur, and Kanankadu
  11. Kelambakkam, Perungozhi and R.S. Nagar
  12. St.Thomas Mount and Fr. A. William

The forum has decided to set apart a full day to celebrate the community day either on 24th October, 2018 or any other day that is convenient. The meeting was very fruitful and encouraging. The meeting came to an end with a prayer.

Fr. K. Dominic Savio

The Core Committees’ Meeting

The core committees’ members of the respective forum were gathered at 11:30 am on 28th July 2018 for the meeting at MSFS Provincialate at Kunnathur, Trichy. The meeting began with the prayer of invocation of God’s blessings and graces. At the beginning of the meeting, Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, the Provincial addressed the gathering, initiated the discussion and highlighted the purpose of the gathering. The main purpose of the gathering was to discuss the bifurcation of the existing society.

The following were the points that were discussed:

  • Why is the division?
  • Is there a possibility for the division?
  • What are the pros and cons of the division?
  • If at all we decide for the division of the society, how many more societies are we going to create?
  • What are the modes of the operating system?

After having spent sufficient time for the discussion and reflection, the gathering recommended for the division of the existing society. The meeting came to an end with the prayer of thanksgiving.

Canonical Visitation – SFS School and the Community, Nalattinputhur

On 9th August, 2018, Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu the provincial made his canonical visitation in Nalattinputhur community. He arrived here about 8 ‘O’ clock in the morning. After spending some time with the community, he came to S.F.S school, and there he was given a warm welcome by the fathers, school staff and students. Fr. Provincial addressed the students and staff with his valuable message. He also gave a few tips to have and grow in the quality of life as students and as teachers. He spent some time in the school visiting and interacting with conferrers. Later Fr. Provincial met the fathers and had a community meeting at the presbytery. In the meeting, all shared their experiences, thoughts, views and suggestions. The provincial emphasized the importance of having a time table, regular common spiritual activities, common meals and community living. We had lunch together. After spending some time, we had tea at 4 pm. Fr. D. Amirtharajan the superior of the house thanked Fr. Provincial for his visit.

Fr. A. Maria John Franklin

Canonical Visitation of Community at Virudhunagar

On 09.08.2018 evening Fr. Provincial came to Virudhunagar for the canonical visit. We welcomed him with immense joy. As one Fransalian family, we sat together for the community meeting and talked about growth and development of our ministry over here. On the following day for about an hour, we had adoration in the church. Around 9.30 am, our SFS School welcomed Fr. Provincial with a parade and traditional dance. During the assembly, Fr. Provincial encouraged the children and insisted upon four valuable things: 1. Prayer. 2. Discipline 3. Respect for the elders and 4. Study. And thereafter, he also met teaching faculty and in the
meeting teachers shared their experiences and in return Fr. Provincial encouraged the teachers. It was a great experience.

Fr. L. Jaya Raj

Flood in Kerala

All of us are well aware of the devastating flood in Kerala. It has resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives. It has also destroyed livestock and inundated properties. Houses are destroyed. Roads are washed way. Landslide is adding to the misery. Lakhs of people are affected. The situation is a catastrophic and continues to remain worsened.

We cannot remain as a mute spectator. Along with our prayers, we need to come to aid of the flood victims – brothers and sisters. I appeal to all our institutions and centres to help the floodvictims in Kerala. Kindly contact South-West India province and our fathers working in Kerala for details.

New Addresses

  • Fr. Anthony Dharmaraj
    St John the Baptist Catholic Church
    P.O. Box 7, 1024 Hwy 1207
    Deville, LA 71328-0007
    Phone: 318.466.5587
    Mobile: 318.319.7321
  • Fr. N. Arokiaselvam,
    198 James Blvd
    Signal Mountain
    Tennessee 37377. USA
    Cell no: 001-423-244-5275
  • Fr. G. Sebastin
    Rangeerstraat 1
    7331 AH Apeldoorn

Month of August

Birthdays of Our Confreres

Fr. Kootinal George 02
Fr. D. Nelson Arockia Samy 02
Fr. M. Simon Prabhu 06
Fr. K. Dominic Savio 07
Fr. A. Jeyakumar 14
Fr. B. Francis Xavier 14
Fr. G. Sebastin 17
Fr. G. Arockia Samy 18
Fr. A. Antony Christopher 20
Fr. S. Sahaya Wilson 23
Fr. A. Chinnasamy Yesuraj 24
Fr. L. Jaya Raj 24
Fr. S. Joseph Xavier 27

We wish them Happy Birthday and God’s Abundant Blessings upon them

Ordination Anniversary of Our Confreres

Fr. A. Lawrence 12
Fr. C. Sebastin Raj 25

We congratulate and pray for them

Let Us Remember and Pray For the Dead

Msfs Obituary – August

01 Fr. Cecil Cutlack
Fr. Alphonse Bosson
Fr. Adrien Duval
Fr. Patrick Waldron
02 Bro. Louis Evraz
Fr. Joseph Tissot
Mgr. Ignatius Gopu
04 Fr. Henri Mudry
Fr. Bernard Carron
Fr. Marius Vagnat
Fr. James Gamble
Fr. Joseph Vulliz
07 Fr. Santana Pereira
09 Fr. Thomas Marian
10 Fr. Carlo C. Fernandes
11 Fr. Basil Harrison
12 Fr. Chacko Varapadavil
13 Fr. Maurice Monnard
15 Bro. Corbinian Neumaier
16 Bro. Jean Marie Raphoz
Fr. Laurent Mugnier
Bro. Bernard Vaz
17 Fr. Oliver Moix
18 Fr. Ambroise Allard
Fr. Paul Kizhakeparambil
20 Fr. Alphonse Menthon
21 Fr. John Charles Lord
Fr. George Vayalil
22 Fr. Aime Trosset
Fr. Petrus Descombes
23 Bro. Joseph Depollier
25 Fr. Joseph Bansode
Fr. Henri Rime
Fr. Joseph Oravanamthadam
26 Mgr. Louis Francis Gayet
27 Bro. Joseph Leduc
28 Fr. Pierre Mollier
29 Bro. Hubert Guebey
30 Fr. Michel Ticon
Fr. Henri Bourquin
31 Bro. Francois Ruffier

Let Us Continue to Pray for the Deceased Members of Our Congregation

My Programme

August 2018

19 th – 24 th Congregational Retreat, Vidivelli, Krishnagiri.
25 th – 28 th Peace & Justice Training Seminar, Msfs Provincialate, Trichy.
27th Farewell Mass to all those who are going to Malawi mission.

September 2018

2 nd Canonical visitation, Mary Help of Christians Church, Vaniyambadi
3 rd Canonical visitation, SFS School, Vaniyambadi
4th Canonical visitation, SFS School, Alangayam
9 th – 14 th PIF, Provincial of East Africa, USA Vice Province & General Curia -Meeting, Hyderabad
15 th Canonical visitation, St. Thomas Mount, Chennai
16 th Canonical visitation, St. Joseph’s church, Perungozhi
23 rd Canonical visitation, Our Lady of Fathima Church, Kodungal.
30 th Canonical visitation, Christ the Redeemer Church, Kelambakkam

Yours Fraternally in Christ,
Rev. Fr. K. Ignacimuthu, Msfs
Provincial Superior


1.Bible Quote

“ For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me
with all your heart”.

– Jeremiah 29:11-13

2. Salesian Thought

“Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections”.

-Saint Francis de Sales

3. Straight from the heart of fr. Peter Marie Mermier

“Instead of being awaited and longed for, the newcomers are to be received with a kind of embarrassment and, as we say, for what they are worth.”

-Letter from Monsieur Mermier to Bishop Rendu, 15 th August 1854, Notebooks. AMM.

4. A Thought From Great Poet Thiruvalluvar

Thirukkural :

தானம் தவமிரண்டும் தங்கா வியனுலகம்
வானம் வழங்கா தெனின்

விளக்கம் :  இப்பேருலகில் மழை பொய்த்து விடுமானால் அது, பிறர் பொருட்டுச் செய்யும் தானத்திற்கும், தன்பொருட்டு மேற்கொள்ளும் நோன்புக்கும் தடங்கலாகும்.

Couplet : If heaven its watery treasures ceases to dispense,Through the wide world cease gifts, and deeds of ‘penitence’

Explanation : If rain fall not, penance and alms-deeds will not dwell within this spacious world

Transliteration :
Thaanam Thavamirantum Thangaa Viyanulakam
Vaanam Vazhangaa Thenin