Christ the King Farm, Vayalogam is almost 16 kmfrom Pudukkottai. The land was bought by the then procurator of the S.F.S Minor Seminary namely Fr. Peter Chakkulickal in 1989. This land consists of both cultivable and non-cultivable areas.
In December 1990, a farm house was built. Then with the help of the workers various crops were cultivated. Predominantly paddy and sugarcane are cultivated. Several other crops like mangoes, guavas and coconuts were also experimented with. However there was no remarkable outcome except in the initial years. Procurators of the Minor Seminary, Pudukkottai looked after the farm for almost 15 years. For some time the Parish Priest of Thirukogarnam was appointed as the in-charge too. In 2007 the Region took it over and it was looked after by the Bursars namely Fr. A. Patrick and later by the Provincial Bursar Fr. S.Wilson Fernando. From 2010 onwardspriests were specifically appointed as Directors of the farm.
On 2July 2012, a new community was formed. Fr.Selvaraj and Fr.Britto Francis were the members of this community.
In-charges of the Farm:
Fr.Peter Chakkulickal, Fr.M. Victor, Fr.S. Arockia Samy, Fr. S. Joseph Xavier, Fr. P. Maria Pushpam, Fr.A. Patrick, Fr. S. Alexander, Fr. S. Wilson Fernando,Fr.S. John Milton and Fr.S. Vanathaiyan

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