Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision

SFS School, Janathapuram, has a non-Christian ambience surrounding it. Christian presence is neither felt nor acknowledged. Having been placed in the midst of such a social set-up, our VISION is to make the Christian presence real and tangible through our imparting of an integrated, qualitative, service oriented and Fransalian education, whereby, we become catalyst of change of social awareness and consciousness.

Our Mission

To transform this vision into a living reality, our mission is first of all, to make ourselves beacons of Christ’s light by our conduct and being, and then going further, to embark upon the task of rendering selfless and dedicated service in the school environment, guiding the teachers in their work and making the children participate in this transformation process. To facilitate this being and becoming, we familiarize both of them with Christian values, the teachings of St. Francis de Sales, our patron and Fr. Peter Mary Mermier our founder.

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