St. James´ Church, Ravusapatti is located in the Taluk of Gandarvakkottai in Pudukkottai District. The presence of Catholics here is more than 100 years old. The church was built here in the year 1914. It was renovated on 15 April1996. In the same year a bell tower was built. Ravusapatty was established as a quasi-parish in 1997, after its bifurcation from Killukottai parish. The presbytery was constructed in 1997. In 1999, Ravusapatti became a parish. Fr.Martin svd was appointed as the first parish priest.The primary school belonging to this parish was upgraded to a middle school in 1999. A new building was constructed in the same year. There are about 3500 people living in this parish territory. But the catholic population is about 1500.There are nearly 500 families in this parish. Almost all of them are farmers. In June 2012, this parish was entrusted to the MSFS. On 10 June 2012, Fr.V. Vedharaj was appointed as the parish priest.

Vision and Mission Statement

The Fransalian at Ravusappatti strives hard in radiating the love of Jesus to the people of this parish. He strives hard in radiating the love of Jesus to the people of this parish. He strives hard to lead an authentic self-disciplined and simple life. He tries to build up fraternal communion and brotherhood among the people. He tries to the best of his ability to instil in the minds of the people the Christian values through his teaching, preaching and living. He makes an earnest appeal to improve and develop the socio-economic status of the life of those people through our congregation.

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